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Boy oh Boy...there's lots of crab out there. Here's Mike and his son Justin. Justin's first time on the ocean. He did GREAT!

Crab aren't totally filled out yet but there's sure a lot of them and they really are a tasty treat. 11-6-17

Now there's some nice crab..good crew, too. Lonnie, Captain Tim, Bobbie, Griz and Alice. 11-26-14

Here's the picture of the turtle today. It's not the best picture but what a great thing to see out there. The gang today really enjoyed this special treat. 8-1-14

Here's another picture of that huge sunfish. 8-30-14

Here's one of those jellyfish that gave us so much trouble salmon fishing. Not today as it was a great day on the rockfish grounds. 8-27-14

We were on a fish survey trip. They measure and release. Here's a shot showing that those release devises do really work. 8-28-14

Nature at it's best. Sometimes catching fish is the bonus. 9-16-14

Beautiful start to a great day of fishing at Cape Mendocino on 6-21-08

Humboldt Squid "You just can't stop with one"! 9-28-08

Sure is a pretty color on this Starfish 7-28-10

What does your Captain do in the off season? Go catch some bait...great for those nice Pacific Halibut. 2-19-12