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The New Deck!!
Here's the new deck Captain Tim has been working on. Turned out REALLY nice!

A lot of work but he's really happy with the results! Just remember there's not a step into the cabin now.

Here's your Captain catching bait for those tasty Pacific Halibut! 2-8-19

Here's the picture of the turtle today. It's not the best picture but what a great thing to see out there. The gang today really enjoyed this special treat. 8-1-14

Here's another picture of that huge sunfish. 8-30-14

Here's one of those jellyfish that gave us so much trouble salmon fishing. Not today as it was a great day on the rockfish grounds. 8-27-14

We were on a fish survey trip. They measure and release. Here's a shot showing that those release devises do really work. 8-28-14

Nature at it's best. Sometimes catching fish is the bonus. 9-16-14

Beautiful start to a great day of fishing at Cape Mendocino on 6-21-08

Humboldt Squid "You just can't stop with one"! 9-28-08

Sure is a pretty color on this Starfish 7-28-10

What does your Captain do in the off season? Go catch some bait...great for those nice Pacific Halibut. 2-19-12