Fishing Reports

2-2-19 Good news from the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Our area will get a substantial increase in quota for this season. If there are no major changes in stock abundance then we should get the same quota for the next three years as well. This should mean that we get some opportunity in September and October which is when the big ones usually show up.

1-30-19 Well, it's the middle of winter and there is not much going on. Today is the first day of the Pacific Halibut meetings so we should know soon what the quota will be this season. We already know that we will have better rockfish fishing this year with a 30 fathom depth. The Ling Cod limit will still be two fish for us but the rest of the state only gets one per angler so if you like Ling Cod this will be the place to be. We get two Canary Rockfish in the bag limit also. The salmon numbers were looking pretty good at times but we won't have much real info until March. Reel Steel will be at the Anderson Sport Show March 1 to 3 and the Redding Sport Show April 4 and 6. Stay tuned here as we try to make things interesting during the off season.

1-23-19 Not a whole lot to report this time of year. We have been making a few tweaks on the boat as well as tackle that should make everyone's fishing experience a little bit better this season. Our next show will be the Anderson Show March 1st. The Chico Show that was scheduled for February 22nd has been cancelled because the Fairgrounds are still being used for victims of the Paradise fire.

1-14-19 The boat went back in the water today. The deck looks fantastic! It should make the boat an even better platform to fish from.

1-4-19 Well, it's the start of another exciting year. There is a lot going on with the Reel Steel this off season. We completely stripped off the old deck and replaced it with new supports and a new deck. It has been a lot of work but this will raise the deck to keep things nice and dry. The workmanship by Cloudburst Boats is fantastic. Sherry is worried that I won't let anyone on the boat now that it looks so good. Every year around this time we reflect back on all of the great folks we have met and the good times that we had on the Reel Steel. I expect it to be another good year for fishing and making new friends. Thank you to all of our friends for your business and we hope that you have a GREAT 2019!

12-23-18 We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

12-1-18 I can't believe that December is here already. We're already looking forward to next season. We will be doing a few Sport Shows again this year.We'll update the site here with a schedule for those shows. Don't forget that a gift certificate for a fishing trip is a great Christmas gift. They'll thank you twice. Once when they get it and again when they use it!

11-21-18 We bagged today's trip due to an incoming storm. We plan on pulling in our gear and doing some boat work. With the new engine and five years of "fine tuning" the boat has been great this year. There are still a few tweaks that we want to do this offseason to make your fishing experience the best it can be. Stay tuned.

11-18-18 The crabbing continues to be good with limits.

11-16-18 We went crabbing again today. The first couple of pots had very few crabs. I don't know what the problem was there but we still managed to get everyone limits. The crab continue to be a mixed grade without many "jumbos" in the mix. Almost all of the crabs are near commercial size and are starting to fill out.

11-15-18 Limits of crab again for everyone. With nice ocean conditions predicted for the next five days or so NOW is the time to go.

11-13-18 The ocean conditions were great again today and we had no problem getting nice limits of crab for everyone onboard. Looks like good weather for a while coming up.

11-12-18 The ocean continues to be very nice with low swells and not much wind. It has been fun pulling up full crab pots. Lots of good eating.

11-11-18 The docks were a little icy this morning but the sun came out and warmed things up in a hurry. The ocean was nicer than yesterday and the crabbing is still very good. We made two trips and had easy limits for everyone on both trips. It looks like real nice weather for a few more days so it is a good time to head out and get some (really) fresh crab.

11-10-18 The ocean was a little bumpy this morning and we had already decided to scrub the rockfish portion of our crab/rockfish combo trip. The crab traps had plenty of nice crabs and the puller worked perfect so it did not take long to get limits for everyone. We had an alternate plan for the fishing part of the day and we made a quick stop back at the Marina to put on the bait tank and load it with live anchovies. Then we went looking for some California halibut in the Bay. It took a while before we started catching but eventually we got into a little action. We only got a couple of keepers in the boat but there were plenty of shorts plus a big Leopard shark to keep rods bent.

11-9-18 This was an interesting morning. When we tried the crab puller first thing this morning we discovered that it was taking the day off. Since no one wants to pull those big crab pots by hand we went to work on repairs. Long story short, we didn't get it fixed before everyone showed up at the boat so off we went anyway. The bad news was that we had to pull the pots by hand, the good news was that we had some willing volunteers. A special thanks to Kevin for doing the heavy lifting. We only had to pull four pots to get limits for everyone but we had to cancel the second trip. When we got to the dock we tried the puller one more time and lo and behold, it worked. We still went through everything and replaced the wiring and connectors. So now it's back to business as usual.

11-5-18 Sorry for the lapse in fishing reports but we are having trouble
with our internet provider. We have been crabbing since Saturday. The
testing that the State does on crabs came back with two thumbs up for
the Humboldt Bay area. We cooked and cleaned a limit of crabs and found
them to be about 75% full. Much better than last year at this time. The
crabs were delicious as well. You just can't beat the seasons first
crab dinner. The pots are soaking as I write this so we should have good
crabbing. Until our internet provider gets their act together our
reports may be sporadic. We are crabbing and even doing a little
fishing when conditions allow. If you want to go it is best to just call
Sherry at 707-499-4925

10-29-18 Ever wonder where your seafood comes from? Whether it's fresh? You don't have to wonder when you catch your own. We start crab trips Sunday November 4th. 10 crabs per person. All you need is your California sport fishing license and a bucket to put your crabs in. Only $70 per person!

10-27-18 The ocean conditions were nice on the rockfish grounds today with a little swell but almost no wind. The fishing started off slow and we bounced around different spots before we found some good action. With a little effort we were able to get everyone's limit of colorful rockfish plus some Ling Cod.

10-25-18 We haven't been fishing for a few days. We will be fishing this weekend though with a rockfish trip(full) on Saturday and a possible halibut trip in the Bay on Sunday. There is room on the halibut trip as of today. There has also been some confusion about the crab opener next Saturday(the 3rd). The Ca Fish and Wildlife Dept. has delayed the opener from Patricks Point (Trinidad area) north to the Oregon border. Eureka will open on schedule and we will be running crab trips starting Sunday November 4th.

10-21-18 It was another nice day on the ocean with some fog, no wind and just a little swell. We tried some nearshore spots early and put limits of Black rockfish on the boat in pretty short order. Then we went looking for some Ling Cod and some colorful rockfish. We got on a good area of fish and were soon bringing in Lings and Vermilions and Cabezon and more over the rail. When we got our last Ling for limits we headed home on a nice calm ocean. It looks like the seas are going to come up by the middle of the week so we may be off of the water or in the Bay for a little while. Don't forget that CRAB season opens November third and we are currently taking reservations for crab trips. Same price as last year $70, for a 10 crab limit. You will need a California fishing license.

10-20-18 The rockfish and Ling Cod bit pretty good for us this morning. We had more big Blue rockfish than usual but we also had some nice Coppers and Vermilions to go with the ever-present Blacks. The Ling Cod stole the show though and we had some real dandies. Most came on jigs but there were a few hitchhikers as well. The ocean was lumpy but there was no wind on it.

10-17-18 The weather was nice on the rockfish grounds and we made the most of our time there. The fish were biting pretty good and we had limits of Ling Cod plus some big Cabezon and Vermilions.

10-15-18 After all of my whining about the weather prognosticators I have to give them credit for today. They have been predicting calm seas and they got it spot on. We left the dock at 5:30 with a 45 mile run to the tuna grounds ahead of us. When we got there conditions looked right but we were having trouble finding any concentration of fish. There were some fish around though. We were getting mostly singles on the troll and then maybe one or two on live bait. Thanks go out to our friend Tim Petrusha for calling us in after he found a nice spot of feeding fish. We saw tuna chasing Sauries out of the water but we were just a little late to the party there and we only picked up three fish in that spot. As I'm writing this I see that the warm water is pushing back in so we may still get another crack at the tuna this season.

10-14-18 Once again the forecast did not match conditions as we were met with seven foot seas and a stiff South wind. We waited in the dense fog for the tide to get right before we crossed "The Bar". The fishing was good but not great. We are missing the extra depth that we were allowed to fish earlier in the season. In spite of the crummy conditions we ended up with limits of Ling Cod and 2/3 limits of rockfish including some jumbo Coppers and Vermilions.

10-13-18 We could hear the surf pounding when we woke up this morning so we knew our trip to the Lost Coast for rockfish could be in jeopardy. A check on ocean conditions at the offshore buoys confirmed that we wouldn't be fishing in the ocean today. Not to be deterred, half of the group elected to fish in the Bay for California Halibut. We did not see a lot of halibut on our last attempt but they were there today and ready to bite. Even with a later start we had limits before noon. The Bay this time of year is beautiful in the mornings and we all enjoyed a great time on the water.

10-12-18 We have been off of the water for a few days plus I had to get a new computer. We are back on line and we will be fishing starting tomorrow.

10-7-18 With rough ocean conditions offshore we elected to stay in the Bay and try for California halibut. We haven't fished the Bay in a while so we had to search out the fish. We had a couple of good fish on the line early on but a bent hook and a broken leader kept them from our fish box. It was pretty slow fishing though and we only landed a handful of fish before the wind came up and we had to pack it in for the day.

10-5-18 We were treated to a majestic sunrise this morning as we made our way out towards the tuna grounds. Our expectations were not too high since the last report we got was not too promising. The ocean was great and while never wide open, the fishing was steady all day. The grade of albacore was better than we have been seeing so far this year. The fish bit on the troll and on bait. We ended up with between twenty and twenty five fish( we lost count at some point during the day). We could have had more but we pulled the hooks and broke off some of the bait fish and we discovered way too late that one of the troll lures was missing it's hook. All in all it was a great day of tuna fishing.

10-1-18 We started October off with some good fishing. The ocean was as nice as it could get as we made our way to the rockfish grounds. We moved around from spot to spot and pretty much caught fish wherever we went. The grade was good with some big Coppers and Vermilion coming over the rail. We managed to get everyone's limit of Ling Cod as well. The wind came up a little towards the end of the day but the ocean was so flat that it didn't matter. It rained as we filleted fish on the way in but it didn't dampen our spirits at all.

9-28-18 The forecast was for more wind on the rockfish grounds than we had been experiencing the last couple of days. It wasn't what we wanted to hear but with not much swell we felt it should be fishable. So we headed down into the wind with hopes that it wouldn't get any worse. Not only did it not get worse, it got much better. It wound up being a very nice day. The fish were biting pretty good and we got limits of Ling Cod up to 23# plus a bunch of rockfish.

9-27-18 Today was supposed to be a tuna trip. The weather looked OK but the reports from yesterday were discouraging. The SST (sea surface temperature) charts showed that the water we have been catching tuna in had dissipated. The gang had the option to bag it for the day or go rockfish and Ling Cod fishing.
All but one decided that as long as they were up early they might as well go fishing. There was still a stiff South wind on the rockfish grounds but with a little extra effort we managed limits of Ling Cod plus a nice assortment of rockfish.

9-26-18 The trip to the Lost Coast started out foggy with glassy seas and a moderate swell. We made good time and soon had lines in the water. The drift was nice and slow and the fish were biting. We had limits of Black rockfish and we were releasing legal size Ling Cod in the hopes of bagging some big ones. We put a couple of big Cabezon in the box and then the South wind came up. The drift picked up as well and we could hardly get anything but more Black rockfish to bite. We had our Ling Cod limits by then and so we headed back to the dock in foggy and bumpy seas. We listened to some boats fishing for tuna out of Shelter Cove and it sounded pretty slow with only a few fish being caught while we were fishing.

9-25-18 We've taken a few days off while the ocean acts up but will be back at it again tomorrow.

9-22-18 It was a tough decision this morning whether to take a chance on an iffy forecast and run offshore for tuna or play it safe and head down for some rockfish/Ling Cod action. We decided to play it safe and ran down to the Lost Coast looking for big rockfish. It turned out to be a good decision as the Ling Cod bite was insane. We had lots of big Lings on all morning with lots of multiple hookups. We even had multiple hitchhikers at the same time. The rockfish bite was good too but the big Lings really stole the show today.

9-21-18 Today was the last day of Pacific Halibut fishing for 2018. We finished on a high note with just one fish short of limits. The fish were a nice grade with one over 50# and another over 45#. The ocean started off a little cranky but got better as the day wore on. Skates gave us a little trouble until the tide started to run. It was a great day to be out on the ocean. It looks like if anything, the tuna water is moving in CLOSER. It looks like there may be some good weather coming up next week. If you want to go live bait albacore fishing then give Sherry a call and get on the tuna fishing list.

9-20-18 No fishing today but we hope to get back on the water tomorrow.

9-17-18 Looks like the wind is coming up offshore so we may be off of the water few days.

9-16-18 We made the long haul back out to the tuna grounds today. The water was choppy when we put out the trolling spread. Before we got all of the rods in line began to peel from one of the reels. Fish On! From that point on it was lights out fishing for the next two hours. We had a couple of ripping bait stops with everyone hooking fish on light tackle live bait rigs. It started to rain but we hardly noticed with all the excitement. Then after a couple of hours the fishing died off and we went looking for more fish. We had a few more stops and then it was time to head back to the dock. We had 40 fish for five anglers that were mostly caught in the first two hours.

9-14-18 We enjoyed a glass flat ocean while fishing the Lost Coast for rockfish and Ling Cod. The fish were in a biting mood, especially the big Ling Cod. We Had some big Vermilion and Coppers but the Lings stole the show today.

9-13-18 We had a great day out on the tuna grounds. It's a bit of a haul to get there but once there we were greeted with warm, sunny skies and hungry tuna. The gang got to experience the screaming reels of a troll bite and the thrill of seeing a tuna shoot up from the depths to grab their live anchovy. There is a big area of fish and we had plenty of action the whole time we were fishing. Everyone took home a couple of big bags of fresh albacore fillets.

9-12-18 The ocean was a much friendlier place today. We were able to look around more than yesterday and we put the added opportunity to good use. The fishing started out fairly slow but as we moved around it got better and better. We finally ended up on a spot with some nice Ling Cod and Vermilion. We were able to put limits of everything on the boat.

9-11-18 We expected for the seas to be a little rough on the rock fish grounds and we weren't disappointed. There was a pretty good swell with some wind on top. The guys had to work for their fish as the fish were not in much of a biting mood. We had a good variety though with Canary's, Blacks, Blues, Vermilions and Ling Cod in the mix.

9-10-18 It was a beautiful ocean this morning with no wind and a slow, lazy swell. We were entertained by birds and whales all around the boat. The first bite came about 15 minutes after we put the lines in. The fish worked for its freedom but eventually a fat 40# Pacific Halibut went into the fish box. Then it was a steady pick until we had halibut limits just before noon. The whales continued to entertain us by breaching and blowing as we made our way back to Humboldt Bay.

9-9-18 It was a fun and rewarding (but confusing) day today. We were drifting along when Brandi hooked the first halibut. It was a textbook bite and Brandi did everything right and we put the fish in the fish box. Then there was a long lull in the fishing. Brandi asked Lonnie to watch her rod for just a minute while she went inside. (here's where it starts to get confusing) As soon as she was inside the rod bent double and line was screaming off of the reel. Lonnie grabbed the rod and the fight was on. He eventually got it to the surface where we put the gaff in a fat 67# Pacific Halibut. So Lonnie caught the fish on Brandi's pole. Then Lonnie's rod went off. Since he caught a fish he gave his rod to Bob and Bob pulled in a nice Halibut. Then Bobs rod went off so he gave it to Nick. Nick started reeling and Brandi's rod went off. Double hookup! Nick got his fish to the surface only to discover that he and Brandi were hooked up to the same fish. The fish had swallowed both baits and had both hooks in its mouth. So Brandi caught her fish and half of Nicks, Lonnie caught Brandi's second hookup, Bob caught Lonnie's fish and Brandi and Nick both brought up the same fish. Confused? I was. Everyone split the fish evenly and went home with plenty of fresh halibut.

9-8-18 We put in a full day looking for Pacific Halibut. We bounced around for a while before we got located. We put three fish in the box and missed a couple more. The weather was nice for most of the day before the wind and fog came in.

9-7-18 No fishing for us today.

9-6-18 We finished up on our research trips today. The ocean was very nice and we had no problems accomplishing our goals. Thank you to all that helped out.

9-5-18 We did not fish yesterday but we fished today on a research trip. We caught what we needed even though the ocean was not too nice for most of the day.

9-3-18 No fishing today. Too rough out there. Hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day.

9-2-18 The ocean was forecast to be rough today so we stayed close to home and fished for California Halibut. The fishing was great and the gang had no trouble getting their limits of tasty halibut.

9-1-18 The Bar was a little chunky when we crossed this morning but the ocean was pretty nice. We zipped on down to where we got salmon a couple of days ago and put in the lines. In no time at all we had a sea lion as company. He hung around for quite a while but we only caught one fish so he moved on. Only to be replaced by a bait stealing seagull. Eventually he moved on but not before he devoured some of our baits. By this time we got located on the fish and managed to put some nice salmon in the box. We only needed one more for limits but the wind was starting to come up so we decided to make our way back to the dock. We felt like we stole this day since the forecast was not very nice.

8-31-18 We snuck down to the rockfish grounds and managed to put a good trip in before the wind came up. The fishing started out kind of slow and we bounced around for a while before we found some eager biters. When we were finished, the fishbox was full of big Ling Cod, Coppers, Vermilion, Cabezon, Quillbacks, Blacks, Blues and more.

8-30-18 What a difference a day can make. After struggling to catch fish yesterday we knew that we needed to modify our approach. We started in a whole different area but unlike yesterday we only fished a spot for a little while before moving on. We tried four or five different spots without a bite. We were cruising to our next spot(we were over 10 miles from where we started) when we ran over a big patch of bait. We slammed on the brakes and threw in the lines. It took a little while but we put our first fish of the day in the box. It took some more time before we got our second fish. Then we started to get the zone "defined" so we knew where the fish were and which way they were moving. Then the fish started to bite pretty good for us. We had some silvers that we released and then a small Pacific halibut that was also released. Then we hooked what we thought was a big salmon but turned out to be a Thresher Shark. The angler knew Thresher is good eating so we carefully bled the shark and got it on ice. We finished the day with eight salmon to 15# and one Thresher Shark for five anglers.

8-29-18 It was a tough scratch for us on the salmon grounds today. We Landed three small fish for four anglers. We lost one nice fish to a sea lion (again) and had some other fish action. With only a few days of salmon season left we want to give it our best effort.

8-28-18 No fishing for us today but we'll be back on the water tomorrow. Only a few days of salmon fishing left this season so we hope to get a few more before the season ends on September third.

8-27-18 We ran a Bay trip with a short load today. It gave us the chance to scout around for some bigger halibut as well as look for bait. We found some of both but the bait was being somewhat elusive. It's a good thing that we still have a supply in the receiver. We ended the day with limits of California Halibut.

8-26-18 We had another great day fishing for California Halibut. Ocean conditions continue to be rough so we stayed in the Bay where it was nice and flat. The halibut were in a biting mood again and we had limits for everyone by noon. Back at the dock we celebrated the Birthday of our good friend Nick Johnson with some of Sherry's pudding filled chocolate cupcakes. Nick had caught his birthday limit of halibut earlier. Happy Birthday Nick!

8-25-18 We did not fish yesterday but we got out on the Bay for some California Halibut today. Our bait supply was a little low so we had to make bait first thing in the morning. We caught enough bait to get us through the day and went on the hunt for halibut. We picked up a few early and then the bite slowed down. We hit a few of the old regular spots but we were not having much luck. Then we hit on a spot with some fish and we put some more fish in the box and released a few shorts. We had one last spot to try and that spot kicked out a few real nice ones. We lost a few in that zone so we finished just short of getting limits for everyone.

8-23-18 The ocean stayed nice for us all day. We left the dock with rockfish in mind but then a friend caught a couple of salmon right off the bat so we changed plans and put out the salmon gear. The fish were biting but we had a hard time holding on to them. We put a couple in the box and then the bite slowed down a little. Then a sea lion got one of our fish. After that the silvers started to chew us up. We tried getting away from the silvers and sea lions but it was no use. We ended the day with five fish for five anglers.

8-22-18 The ocean conditions settled down enough for us to get back out on the water. We ran down to the Lost Coast looking for rockfish and Ling Cod. The rockfish were biting pretty good and we got limits with plenty of variety. The Lings not so much and we ended up with a fish per rod there.

8-21-18 No fishing again today while we wait for the weather to come down.

8-20-18 We did not fish today.

8-19-18 The ocean was still a little rough this morning so we stayed in the Bay again. It was breezy and drizzly but that didn't dampen our spirits. We had a group of regulars and a young man 12 years old that had not been on the boat before. Everyone seemed to get along fine and the fish were in a biting mood right from the start. Most of the fish were keeper size and the box was filling up quickly. We had a surprise catch when we pulled a five foot green sturgeon up to the boat. We took a few pictures and with the fish still in the water popped the hook out and it swam away none the worse for wear. Then the bite slowed a little so we moved around some and found some more biters and had limits of California Halibut before heading in.

8-18-18 With a forecast calling for rough seas we decided to take a day off today. But that's not how things worked out. We got a late call from another charter that was having a minor mechanical issue and would not be able to take his group out. Unfortunately, the group was already on the road. We agreed to help out but it would have to be fishing in the Bay. In the morning the buoys were showing that it was indeed rough and the Bay was the only option. The morning in the Bay was beautiful as we headed to our spot. The halibut bite was not as wide open as earlier in the summer but we stuck with it and got limits for everyone so it worked out OK.

8-17-18 No fishing for us today.

8-16-18 We spent another day on the rockfish grounds looking for rockfish and ling cod. While the bite may not have been "wide open" it was good enough to put limits of a nice grade of rockfish plus ling cod up to 25# in the box.

8-15-18 We took advantage of a beautiful flat calm ocean to fish some remote spots the we usually can't get to. The goal was Pacific Halibut and rockfish. We got a bunch of rockfish, Coppers, Quillbacks, Vermilions and Ling Cod. We also got a couple of jumbo halibut a 50# and a 60#. We had three anglers.

8-14-18 The ocean was pretty nice all day. We put a couple of halibut on the boat fairly early but t