Fishing Reports

6-16-19 The weather offshore is not too good right now. We put together a Bay trip to fish for California Halibut. We managed to scrounge up enough bait for a day and off we went. The fishing started off slow but once we were located things began to come together. The grade of fish was pretty good and we ended just after noon with limits of Halibut for all. It looks like we won't get back offshore for a few days due to weather. Hopefully, once it blows itself out we will have some good conditions for a while. It is not unusual to have wind in June but it can be a little frustrating.

6-13-19 They say that change is good. That's OK for people but fish usually don't like it when conditions change quickly. Like they did last night. The weather was about 20 degrees cooler and the ocean conditions were choppy this morning. The water color had turned a dark brown and there was no sign of bait where we caught fish the day before. So things started off slow for us until a spot with fish was located. The fishing was steady if not lights out and we put our last fish in for limits just before it was time to go in. The fish were a little better grade than what we have been seeing so everything is shaping up nicely for a good season.

6-12-19 After a somewhat slow day of fishing for us yesterday we were welcomed by an excellent salmon bite this morning. We had the crew's limits by 9:30 am. The ocean was very pleasant and the air was warm so we stayed out and got the Captain a couple of salmon as well. It was good to see that these fish were feeding on krill and their meat was bright red.

6-11-19 The ocean was very nice today and it was a little cooler on the water than it was in town. The salmon fishing was spotty. The fish are there and if you hit it just right you can do quite well. We managed to get a few fish and we missed some bites as well. It wasn't great fishing for us so the gang decided to pull the plug a little early and head for the beach.

6-10-19 We made it across the Bar this morning and slogged our way down to the Rockfish grounds. The wind was blowing when we got there plus there was a pretty good swell. We had a little bit of action early on offshore and then we ran inshore looking for some calmer waters. The bite inside wasn't too great but we already had a mix of fish in the box. We ended up just short of rockfish limits and a Ling apiece for the gang. We had a good variety with some big Coppers and Vermilion in the mix.

6-9-19 We had high hopes that we would get out and do some salmon fishing this morning. There are some big tides right now and with the swell the Humboldt Bay entrance "the Bar" has been pretty unsettled in the morning. This morning it was downright ugly. Two commercial boats were ahead of us for the crossing and they both advised us not to cross. So we did the right thing and bagged today's trip. It looks much better for tomorrow and the rest of the week so we expect to get some good fishing in.

6-8-19 No fishing again today. Too rough but it starts to come down tomorrow.

6-7-19 We did not fish today.

6-6-19 We had a repeat of yesterday with the same great gang, early morning salmon bite and nice weather. It looks like there are more salmon moving in each day. We saw lots of bait offshore. There are quite a few Mackerel around as well.

6-5-19 We finally got a good weather day today. On top of that, the fish were in a biting mood. We started off with a pretty good pick of fish and then it slowed down around 9am. We had a good gang and they kept at it until they had their limits(plus one for the skipper).

6-4-19 The ocean was a little lumpy this morning but got nicer as the day progressed. The fishing was a bit on the slow side but we ended up with about one and a half fish per person. A couple of the fish were descent size. There was not much sign around so it was mostly just blind strikes except for a couple of fish that came under birds.

6-3-19 No fishing today but we'll be back at it tomorrow.

6-2-19 It was a weird day today. The bite has been early so a couple of the other boats left ahead of us. One of the boats had a mechanical issue and we ended up taking them in tow for a while. We passed the tow off and headed out to the salmon grounds,late. The ocean was a little bumpy at first but got pretty grumpy later. We managed to put some fish in the box before it was decided that we should put the last hour of time in calmer inshore waters. We trolled around inshore for quite a while before we got a good takedown. Then another rod went off but both fish spit the hook. By then it was time to go in.

6-1-19 The ocean was a little bumpy and the fish were a little picky but we still managed over a fish per angler. Two of the salmon were the biggest that we've seen on the boat this season. We came in a little early just to make sure that the tide was right for a good bar crossing. We did not see a lot of bait around until the last hour of fishing but by then the fish were biting so light that we wouldn't even see the bite but the bait would be shredded. I think that with a little nicer conditions we could have put together a pretty good day.

5-30-19 It was much nicer out on the ocean today. For some reason, the fish that were hesitant to bite yesterday went wild over our baits today. We had easy salmon limits for everyone on board before 11am. We made the decision to give halibut a try and boated two of them as well. All in all it was great day to be fishing (not so great if you were a fish though).

5-29-19 The weather changed today and so did the fishing. Unfortunately, they both went in the wrong direction. We worked at it all day and managed six salmon. The wind blew and roughed up the ocean some but it never got too bad.

5-28-19 The weather today was fine for salmon fishing with a little swell and a modest breeze most of the morning. The fishing was good and right off the bat we had a double hookup and both fish went right into the net at the same time. Then it was a nice steady pick until we had limits for everyone including the Captain by 10 am. The fish are deep so we are only using two rods but that is working out just fine.

5-27-19 Finally!! We were able to get out on the water to try for some salmon. We had an idea of where the fish would be so after a quick look around the Bay entrance we made our way offshore and dropped in lines at the first sign of fish. The fish were biting but unfortunately they were the wrong kind and we spent a bunch of effort hooking and releasing Silvers (Coho). Eventually we found the Chinook deep down and we started to put some in the box. They weren't all big fish but they were bigger than the fish we were catching last year. It was never wide open but it was steady and we had limits for everyone including the Captain by noon.

5-22-19 We have not been out on the water for a while. We are having some typical May weather with some very nice days and then some horrible days. Yesterday the seas were nearly 20 feet. It's still going to be a few more days before the weather is conducive to fishing. Salmon season starts this coming Saturday but the forecast is bouncing around so we may or may not get out then.

5-14-19 The weather forecast was for rain today but we only got a little drizzle while we were rockfishing. The bite was a little slow starting but we eventually found enough hungry fish to get limits of rockfish and Ling Cod for everyone. The ocean conditions have been changing daily as far as water temperature, clarity and current. I'm sure that has something to do with the fact that the fishing has been a little slower than usual. It looks like rain and South wind through the weekend so we will take a few days off until things settle down.

5-13-19 We made another run for rockfish and Ling Cod today. The ocean was real nice and the fishing was good. We ended up with limits of rockfish and Ling Cod for everyone.

5-12-19 With the prospect of somewhat slow halibut fishing we decided to make a run to the Lost Coast for Ling Cod and rockfish. The wind was blowing pretty good and there were a few times when you had to pull your hat down tight to keep it from blowing off. The drift was not too bad though and we were able to get some fishing done. The fishing was not red hot but it was good enough to put a nice box of fish together with some big Ling Cod. We had a good assortment of rockfish that included some nice Coppers and Vermilion. All in all it was a good day and worth battling the wind.

5-11-19 Today was the kind of day you would just rather forget. The ocean was very nice but we could not get the halibut to cooperate for us. The saving grace was a great group that kept a positive attitude for the entire trip. Hopefully, we can make it up to them with an epic trip someday.

5-10-19 We made our first rockfish trip of the season today. The wind came up later in the morning but until then we had foggy but calm conditions. The bite did not start off red hot so we spent some time looking from spot to spot. Eventually we found an area where the fish wanted to bite. We had some beautiful big Vermilions as well as Ling Cod limits. We had great variety and caught eleven different types of fish. The fish box had plenty of color. It was a great start to our rockfish season.

5-8 and 5-9-19 We did not fish due to rough ocean conditions. We will be back on the water tomorrow.

5-7-19 The halibut refused to bite for us today. There was a seven foot swell plus virtually no current which conspired to spoil our day. With no current we were plagued by big skates. The gang hooked seven skates with some around 100#. We also caught a few Petrale Sole but none of the halibut that we were after. Heck, we even released a nice Ling Cod. The water was clear blue and there were birds everywhere. If it was salmon season now we would have tried there for salmon. On the way in we had a whale cross in front of us right at the Bay entrance.

5-5-=19 It's always amazing how much ocean conditions can change overnight. All of the feed we saw on the fishfinder yesterday was gone this morning and the water temp had dropped a full degree. A cold wind was blowing out of the South all morning which made sitting outside uncomfortable. We managed to put two halibut in the boat before calling it quits a little earlier than usual.

5-4-19 This was a day where anything that could happen did happen. We were a little late getting on the halibut grounds but once there we set up in the area where we got two fish yesterday. It wasn't long before our first time halibut fisherman Ben, hooked up. Everything went smoothly and a fat 50#er went in the box. After a little bit we had another takedown and that's went things started to go a little wonky. As that fish was being reeled in the line got tangled with two other rigs. We got the fish to the surface(with all kinds of other gear in the tangle) when one of the other tangled rigs got bit and started to peel line. There was no time to untangle things so we sunk the gaff in the fish at the surface. When we pulled it over the rail the other line in the tangle with the fish on snapped. Oh well, we got one. So now we had two fish in the box. After getting everything untangled and straightened out we ran up to the start of our drift and dropped lines back in. I should note that a couple of the guys brought their own electric reels to use. WAM!! One of the electric reel rigs got hammered but the reel came flying off of the rod. It was caught just before it went in the drink but now we had a fish on and a reel that was separated from the rod. So one guy held the rod while another held the reel and they worked together to bring the fish in. As they were bringing the fish up we noticed that another line was tangled with theirs. I grabbed the loose line and started to bring it in when I noticed some weight on the line. It took a while to pull in that line hand over hand and in the meantime we were able to gaff the fish with the separated reel and put it in the boat. Eventually the handline fish was boatside and it had the rig that had broken off earlier in its mouth. We sunk the gaff into that one and so we got all of our tackle back plus the fish. We made one more drift and picked up two more fish and were headed back to the dock with six nice halibut before noon.

5-3-19 This was the kind of day that we all hope for when we make plans to go fishing. There was a little swell on the water but no wind. It was a mixed group on the boat but everyone was really nice and got along great. The halibut fishing was fair even though conditions were almost perfect. We picked up two real nice fish then we had a lull in the action. We had a takedown that looked connected but didn't stick. Then we hooked up a fish that didn't fight like a halibut that turned out to be a Ling Cod that we had to release because of the depth restriction for rock fish. Then we hooked up again and it turned out to be a small skate. We had a few other scratched baits but we weren't able to close the deal so we were a little short of limits.

5-2-19 Today started off much better than yesterday when we put two nice halibut in the box. Then the wind came up and made it difficult to fish. The bigger fish was 50#