Fishing Reports

10-30-2020 We left the dock this morning in dense fog that stayed with us all of the way down to the rockfish grounds. It was about two miles to our first spot when the wind started to blow. We didn't realize just how cold the wind was until we stepped out on deck. Everyone bundled up as best they could and started fishing. I should mention that it was an all girl trip and they were a lot tougher than the Captain (who spent as much time as possible in the cabin keeping an eye on the fishfinder). The fish were biting good right away and they started to fill the fish box with Blacks, Canarys and a couple of Ling Cod. After we had our fill of that we went offshore looking for other varieties. The sun had come out and it had warmed up some but the wind was still making fishing difficult. We ended the day just a couple of fish short of limits and headed back towards home. The weather was nice for the foggy ride home.

10-29-2020 It was a beautiful day to be fishing for rockfish on the Lost Coast. The fishing was excellent as usual and we got limits of colorful rockfish and some real nice Ling Cod. The sun shone all day and the water was calm.

10-23-2020 Rough ocean conditions have kept us off of the water for the last couple of weeks. Seems like it has been longer than that. There is some better weather on the horizon for possibly the middle of next week. Sherry is now booking for crab season which starts on November 7th. So far we have no idea how the crab season will be. Hopefully it will be a good one and the weather will cooperate.

10-9-2020 The ocean was nice again today with a little more breeze than yesterday. The fishing started off good but then slowed a bit for a while. Eventually they started biting good again and the guys got limits of a good grade of rockfish.

10-8-2020 Today we had the kind of Lost Coast fishing adventure that we all dream about. The ocean was glass flat with no wind all day. The water was so clear that you could see your fish coming up 20 feet down. Our very first spot had biting fish. The only downer was a marauding Sea Lion that stole one of our Ling Cod and made it clear that if anyone was leaving it wouldn't be him. So we made about a four mile move and the fish were biting there too. We caught about as big of a variety of fish that you could hope for. Fifteen different types. From the common like Blacks and Vermilion to the unusual like a Wolf Eel. It was truly an amazing day. To top it all off we had a small bird land on the boat just as we were leaving the fishing grounds. The bird was very relaxed and spent the whole trip home meandering about the boat. It landed on almost everyone and seemed comfortable inside as well as outside. When we got even with the Eureka Marina it just took off. I think it appreciated the lift.

10-6-2020 The ocean and the fish both cooperated today. The drift was just about perfect with very little wind down on the Lost Coast. The fish were biting. There were some huge Coppers coming over the rail as well as Canary, China and Black rockfish. There were some Ling Cod too. In fact, a lot of the small fish that were hooked ended up being a Ling Cod meal before we could get them to the boat.

9-30-2020 What a difference a day can make. Instead of fighting a windy, rough ocean and reluctant fish we enjoyed calm seas and hungry fish. The fishing was not wide open until the end but it was pretty good most of the day. We got some real nice Ling Cod and a good mix of colorful rockfish. We even got a Tiger rockfish. It was a good day to be out on the water.

9-29-2020 The weather caught us off guard a little today. The forecast was for light winds but by the time we bailed out of the rockfish grounds it was blowing 20 knots. That was on top of an 8 foot swell. We knew that the swell would probably put the shallow water fish off of the bite and it did that. The offshore bite wasn't that good either. So with all of that (plus the smoke AND fog) it was an easy decision to pull the plug early. Everyone went home with some tasty rockfish fillets but it wasn't the trip we all had hoped for.

9-28-2020 We had a couple of good friends on the boat today. We stayed in the Bay and it was very smoky from the wildfires inland. It was also muggy (for Humboldt). The California Halibut bit a little better than they have lately and the guys took home a couple of big bags of fillets.

9-23-2020 The plan for today was a trip to the Lost Coast for rockfish. Once again, mother nature foiled our plans. As an alternative we fished the Bay. We started off getting limits of fat Black Rockfish (live bait made the catching easy). There was plenty of time left to look for some California Halibut. We had plenty of takedowns but the fish did not want to "commit" to our baits and we only landed about one out of three bites. The South wind eventually caught up to us and it was time to call it a day.

9-22-2020 It was a slow day of tuna fishing. The ocean was beautiful with calm seas and warm blue water. It was a good group of seasoned fisherpeople that kept a positive attitude the entire day. It was nice not having to battle the elements and just sit back and enjoy the fresh air. It looks like a little weather on the horizon beginning tomorrow evening so we may take a couple of days off to let the fish get hungry again.

9-21-2020 We had a nice day on the Lost Coast fishing for rockfish. The fishing was pretty good and we put limits of rockfish in the box fairly easily. The Lings were another story but the gang had a lot of colorful fish to take home.

9-20-2020 We had a real good customer and his two grandkids on the boat to try to catch their first halibut in the Bay. The fishing was fairly slow(especially for 10 year olds) but by the end of the day the score was two keeper halibut, two lost halibut, two short halibut and what we suspect was a Leopard Shark that bit through the leader after a lengthy battle.

9-17-2020 Today we had a group of seasoned anglers who have fished with us before. They brought their A game to chase Albacore. The tuna fishing has been pretty good lately so we all had high hopes. The morning saw us catch a few fish but not much was happening with the live bait. Then the fish went dormant and we did not have any action for a long time. We could see the fish and bait on the fish finder but they would not come up for our trolled lures. At one point we stopped the boat on a meter mark and dropped down some bait and jigs. We managed to get a fish that way. Eventually it was time to start trolling towards home. Right at the end we had a double on the troll and managed to get the school to stick with us long enough to pick off a few bait and jig fish. Not red hot fishing today but everyone got a few fish to take home.

9-16-2020 The tuna fishing today was good but not great for us. Everyone got a couple of fish but we couldn't get them to go on bait. The fish we caught were a real nice grade and should make for some fine eating. The ocean had a little South breeze and it sprinkled on us a couple of times but overall it was nice out there.

9-14-2020 We enjoyed a nice day on the rockfish grounds with a great group. Other than an hour or so of South wind the ocean was very nice. The rockfish were biting real good and the gang filled the fish box with plenty of Coppers, Quillbacks, Vermilions and Blacks. Yep, there were some Ling Cod too. We sure get some great folks on the Reel Steel. Oh!, and we saw the sun today. Yay!

9-13-2020 It was an epic day of tuna fishing. The ocean was pretty calm all day and the fog even lifted a little (still no sunshine though). We started off with a couple of singles on the troll and then the fish started to bite the live bite. We would troll for maybe five minutes before the familiar yell of "HOOKUP!". Then we would toss a little chum and the guys would toss in a lightweight rig with a fresh anchovy and it wouldn't be long before more rods would bend. Then the old familiar "tuna dance" would begin. Over, under, "follow your fish". There would be the occasional breakoff but it didn't matter because there were more hungry fish waiting. By the end of the day the tote and the fish hold were full of big albacore sitting in ice.

9-12-2020 The tuna fishing started off a little slow for us. After an hour we only had a couple of fish. So we made a slight move and then the fish really started to chew. We could not get all of the troll rods in before we would have another hookup. Then we would toss some live bait over the side and the tuna would eat it up. We would have three or four fish on at once and it was pretty wild. These are big albacore and they don't come right to the boat without some time and persuasion. Everybody will have some sore muscles tomorrow.

9-11-2020 It was a totally different experience on the tuna grounds today. The air was much more clear and the ocean was calm with no wind. The tuna were biting good and there were some real dandies in the mix. We had several really good bait stops and the guys fought their fish like old pros. It was a fun day.

9-9-2020 It was a scene out of the Twilight Zone. After crossing the Bar in the dark we were greeted by fog on the water and smoke above from the wildfires inland. The yellowish pall gave a surreal feel to the entire day. It always felt like it was 8pm. The dark yellow air made it hard to see the lines and anything on the water. While not wide open the tuna were biting pretty good. And they were big ones. We started off with singles and then had a few doubles and a triple plus some live bait fish. By the time the fish were biting good the wind had come up. Eventually the wind was blowing hats off and sending walls of water over the rail. This did not slow our anglers down one bit. Eventually though, common sense prevailed and after one good last hit on the fish we pulled the lines in and headed for home. By then the wind was blowing 20 knots and the ride home wasn't the best. The fish on ice in the fish box made it a little more tolerable though. Thanks to the gang today for sticking it out for one of the strangest tuna fishing trips ever.

9-7-2020 We could hear the ocean when we got up this morning which usually means rough seas. The swell was up to seven feet from three feet so we made the decision to stay clos to home and fish for California Halibut. We managed to catch some halibut plus make a quick trip out for some rockfish. All in all a pretty good day.

9-6-2020 We had a fun day fishing the Lost Coast. It was a great group of guys and the fish were cooperating. There was no drama just a bunch of quality rockfish and Ling Cod coming over the rail. The weather was good and the sun was out and we could see the smoky haze onshore.

9-5-2020 The weather forecast was for wind along the Lost Coast but the trip down from Humboldt Bay was so nice that we didn't really believe it. Once we got there we were convinced. It was blowing pretty good. We started inshore and put a bunch of nice Black Rockfish in the box. Then we went looking for bigger prey. We picked up a fish now and then but it was slow for a while. Eventually, we found a nice grade of biting fish with big Lings, Coppers and Vermilion coming over the rail at a good clip. That was when we heard a distress call on the radio. We picked up and ran to see if we could be of any help. It turned out that a small boat couldn't buck the waves without shipping a bunch of water. They managed to get it bailed out some and we helped break the waves ahead of them so they could start back. We stayed with them until the Coast Guard took over. By then it was too late to go back to fishing so we headed back home. Plenty of good folks showed up when the boat was in trouble. It's good to know that so many fishermen are willing to drop everything and help someone in trouble.

9-4-2020 We had some great fishing with some great people today. The rockfish were really biting good and the grade of fish was excellent. The ocean was flat calm again and the sun was out. It just doesn't get any better.

9-3-2020 It was another nice day on the rockfish grounds with virtually no wind all day. The fish bit a little different today with lots of Canarys and Quillbacks in the box.

9-2-2020 We finally made it out on the ocean today. The target was rockfish and Ling Cod and the sea conditions were good. We started putting fish in the box on our very first stop. The grade of fish was very good with huge Vermilion and above average Lings. The guys did a good job of hauling in fish and by the end of the day everyone had plenty of fresh fillets.

9-1-2020 The ocean was still up so we stayed in the Bay and fished for California Halibut. We had a great group of very special people and they enjoyed themselves while waiting for the fish to bite. It wasn't wide open but the fish bit pretty steady until they stopped at the turn of the tide. We only needed a couple more for limits for everyone but one had a long drive so we came in. They all left the dock with a big bags of fillets and smiles on their faces.

8-30-2020 We had three energetic youngsters and their Grandfather plus Lonnie (it's his birthday today) on the boat for Bay halibut fishing. The morning was clear without a breath of wind. The halibut were biting but they were kind of tentative and we missed a lot of bites. The kids had more fun with the bait so Grandpa took over and started to bring in some nice fish. Lonnie got on the board with a nice 15#er. We called it quits when the wind started to blow plus the adults were sort of worn out.

8-29-2020 We decided to fish in the Bay for California Halibut today. It turned out to be a good decision. It was never a wide open bite but the fish were all nice size and by a little after noon we had limits for everyone. The air was a little chilly in the morning but then it got nice