Fishing Reports

7-18-19 No fishing today or tomorrow due to rough ocean conditions.

7-17-19 For once the weatherman was wrong and it worked in our favor. It was bumpy and breezy on the way out to the salmon grounds but as the day progressed the weather just kept getting nicer until it was t-shirt weather. While we enjoyed the calm conditions the salmon were not in much of a biting mood. We stuck it out and released some shorts and silvers and ended up with a little better than a fish a rod. The bright spot was a young lady from Ireland that figured things out quickly and went on to land her limit of keepers.

7-16-19 It was a somewhat arduous day on the salmon grounds for us. We spent most of the morning prospecting and by noon we did not have a keeper size fish to show for it. We finally got located and began to catch some fish. We ended the day only one fish shy of limits.

7-15-19 We made the run to the Lost Coast again for Ling Cod and rockfish. The rockfish were biting all day but it took the Lings a while to warm up to our lures. Once they did the gang boated limits in short order. Most of the Lings were nice, big ones.

7-14-19 What began as a salmon trip ended up as a trip to the Lost Coast for Ling Cod and rockfish. The salmon bite was dead slow this morning . It has been weird this year the way that there is excellent salmon fishing one day and slow fishing the next. The decision to go for rockfish turned out to be the right one. The ocean conditions were a little bumpy but the fishing was good with some big Ling Cod coming over the rail. By the end of the day everyone had limits of rockfish and Ling Cod.

7-13-19 The salmon showed up today. We had a nice family on the boat that got to reel in some nice, big King Salmon. We had some come unbuttoned early on but then we got into the rhythm and began to put some fish in the box. By the end of the day they had a pretty good haul of fillets to take home.

7-12-19 We had the same group today that caught "the skunk" yesterday. After giving it some thought we decided to start right where we started yesterday. (dumb, huh?) We had our first halibut on the line almost immediately. Bingo! Our hunch was right, the fish were here, they just weren't hungry yesterday. After that it was a slow, steady pick all day with a halibut every now and then with some big Petrale Sole in between. These were good fishermen and it showed. By the end of the day we had four halibut for five anglers. We lost three halibut, two came unbuttoned on the way up and the third was a Captains error with an overzealous drag setting. All in all it was much better than yesterday.

7-11-19 It was a long, slow day on the Halibut grounds. We caught some misc. fish but only one "possible" Halibut bite. Conditions were right but the halibut weren't in a biting mood.

7-10-19 It was foggy and the ocean was greasy calm when we arrived at our first fishing spot on the Lost Coast. As soon as baits hit the bottom it was "game on!" First fish was a 20# Ling Cod. The fish kept biting all morning and we only hit three spots to get limits of rockfish. It was a great crew with a couple of fun-loving youngsters that held their own at the rail and caught some really nice fish. They caught 12 different kinds of fish today.

7-9-19 It was very nice on the ocean today with low seas and not much wind. It tried to sprinkle once but that was the extent of it. The salmon fishing was not red hot but good enough with little flurries of action and dry spells in between. We almost had limits at the end of the day when the last fish we needed slipped out of the net and spit the hook. We hooked what we think was a Thresher Shark that caused pandemonium as it ripped from one side of the boat to the other before breaking the line. We never saw it. The fish were the best grade that we have had in two years. Lots of nice big ones.

7-8-19 The Bar was a little bumpy for our crossing this morning and the ocean was choppy and breezy at first but calmed down nicely after a bit. The salmon fishing was steady if not spectacular. We had plenty of opportunities but a lot of fish just refused to join us in the boat and managed to win their freedom. In spite of that we finished up just two fish short of our limits.

7-7-19 We stayed in the Bay today to fish for California Halibut. Whether it's the big tides or just a lack of fish we did not do much with only one short to show for our efforts. We still had some bait that lasted longer than our patience so we used it to catch some Ling Cod and rockfish.

7-6-19 We started off the morning trying for salmon but decided to run to the Rocks to catch some rockfish to at least get some meat on the boat. After getting some rockfish we went back on the hunt for salmon. We moved around a lot while we looked but only had one fish to show for our efforts. Then we stumbled onto a spot that was holding some fish and put a few more nice salmon in the box. We ended up with a fish per rod plus the rockfish so it wasn't too bad of a day at all.

7-5-19 It was a tough day out on the fishing grounds. We started off trying for Pacific Halibut offshore but after about an hour the wind and current were too strong to keep fishing. We pulled in the gear and switched over to salmon. We trolled in from the Halibut grounds and landed a nice King on a current break. We worked that area for a while with no more action other than a couple of Coho and shaker Kings. We ran into where the fleet was fishing and dropped in. We hooked and landed a nice big King. Then it got real slow. We hooked another nice fish that came unbuttoned and then landed one more keeper and called it quits for the day.

7-4-19 !!!HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! It was another great day on the Big Pond. The ocean was nice all day with pleasant temperatures and little wind. The fish were biting a little when we first dropped in but it took us a while to put anything in the fish box. We had three fish in the box when we hit a serious dry spell. We decided to look around some and eventually found some biters. Then it was only a matter of time before everyone had their limit of salmon and we were headed for home.

7-3-19 This morning was pretty much a repeat of yesterday morning. We dropped in on a red-hot salmon bite and started landing fish, singles, doubles.... lost a bunch but who cares? "It's wide open". Then the bite died. We were halfway to limits by then and everyone had lost a fish or two. We worked and worked and picked up a fish here and there but we also continued to lose some as well. We finally pulled the plug and ran in just one fish short of limits for everyone. The ocean was nicer than expected so it was a good day to be on the water.

7-2-19 We started off with a pretty good bite first thing in the morning. The problem was that the fish were just not sticking for us. We lost several fish right at the back of the boat and missed numerous bites. We were going through a tray of bait per fish landed. Then things quieted down and we began to land the fish we hooked. The fish were mostly pretty nice size. We stayed at it and eventually everyone got their limit of beautiful, bright salmon.

7-1-19 We had a small group on the boat today. The fishing started off a little on the slow side but everyone stuck with it and we had salmon limits before noon.

6-30-19 It was another nice day to be out on the ocean. The seas were flat calm and there was very little wind. The salmon fishing was just like the "good old days". We had steady action with a bite every 10 minutes or so. Lonnie caught his limit in five minutes after missing a couple of bites earlier. By 8:30 we were done with limits for everyone. The gang decided that the Captain needed a Birthday fish so after 10 more minutes of trolling they put the last fish in the box and we made our way back to the dock in time for breakfast.

6-29-19 The grade of salmon just keeps getting better and better. Today's catch was the best size that I have seen in the last two years. Beautiful, bright fish with brilliant red flesh. Great for a Fourth of July BBQ.

6-28-19 We were blessed with another flat calm ocean today. It was very foggy in the morning but the fog even