Fishing Reports

8-14-18 The ocean was pretty nice all day. We put a couple of halibut on the boat fairly early but then we were snakebit the rest of the day. We had a couple more on including a real peeler that somehow came unhooked before it got to the boat.

8-13-18 The forecast for today was not that great so we took the day off. Tomorrows forecast looks better.

8-12-18 It was a tough scratch salmon fishing today. After waiting to cross the "Bar" this morning we headed out on a slightly lumpy ocean. We started to salmon fish but the ocean conditions were improving enough to try for Halibut. The current was screaming out on the halibut grounds so halibut was a no-go. We tried several different areas for salmon and picked up a fish in each area but no more. The fish were nice and fat so that was some consolation for the low numbers.

8-11-18 Today started out foggy and drizzly. There was a lot of current and it was making halibut fishing difficult. But then the skies cleared, the current backed off and the halibut decided to bite. The first fish was caught by Lonnie(no big surprise there). Then we missed a couple of bites. Then the fish really went on the chew. The gang put five more fish on the boat in 45 minutes. That's about as good as halibut fishing gets around here. These kind of days with sunny skies, flat calm ocean and hungry halibut don't come too often so we really enjoy them when they do. The last fish was close to 50#. It was another great group of folks and I got to see an old High School friend that I haven't seen in decades and his grandson that caught his first PACIFIC halibut. What a GREAT day.

8-10-18 We had some super nice people on the boat today. The ocean was very nice except for some breeze on the rockfish grounds. The breeze and current made the drift wonky but the fish still bit pretty good with limits of Canary,Vermilion,Copper and other colorful rockfish.

8-9-18 The day started out pretty good with flat calm seas and some biting fish. The bite wasn't wide open but was enough to keep us interested, especially since they were a very nice grade of fish. Then we got a call about a wide open bite a few miles away. We got there and put a couple of fish in the boat and then the fish got smaller and smaller until we were only catching short fish. Eventually we lowered our standards and put a couple of small fish in the net. We ended a long day a couple of fish short of limits.

8-8-18 The ocean was flat calm today for our Pacific Halibut trip. Right off the bat, the fish were in a biting mood. We put three in the box early. Then we went a while without a bite. Then we had a hard take down that somehow didn't stay hooked. Then.... nothing. The bite was over. We put a couple of Petrale Sole in the box and had some torn up baits but the halibut shut their mouths for the rest of our time out there.

8-7-18 Eureka salmon are lighting it up (finally). Our day started off very slow. We did some prospecting without a lot of results. At around 11am we only had two fish in the boat and the mood was somewhat somber. Then things went wild. We were getting bit letting lines out and it was one nice fish after another. At 12:30 we were heading back to the dock with limits. It was great to put some nice fish on board.

8-6-18 We fished out front today for Pacific Halibut. At first, conditions weren't too bad and we put a couple of halibut and some big Petrale sole in the box. Then the wind came up along with a ripping current that made it hard to get our lines to the bottom (where the fish live). That was pretty much the end of our catching for the day.

8-5-18 TUNA!TUNA!TUNA! We made our first tuna trip of the season. There was a breeze offshore but overall conditions were very pleasant. We dropped in and trolled for an hour or so with no luck so we went a bit further and found the 62 degree deep blue water that the tuna like. Our first hit was a swing and a miss but told us we were in the right zone. Then we started to get some hookups. It was never wide open but it was steady. We tried live bait on many of the stops but only got three bait fish for our efforts. We were quite a ways out so I told the gang we would have to head back at 1:30. At 1:25 we had five rods go off at once and they landed all five so it was a great end to a great day. We ended with 22 fish from 10# to 30# for five anglers.

8-4-18 We were back on the water today. The wind was blowing pretty good and the seas were pretty choppy when we got to our halibut spot. The drift was good though and we put a nice halibut in the box. Then the drift picked up to the point where we could hardly get lines on the bottom(where the halibut live). So we switched over to salmon and gave that a try. It was fairly slow but we did have some action. There were a few silvers around as well as some keeper kings.

8-3-18 It was a holiday(Sherry's birthday) today so we did not fish but we'll be back at it again tomorrow.

8-2-18 We did not fish today.

8-1-18 It was a very interesting day on the water. Our goal was big Pacific Halibut. When we got to the first spot everyone dropped in their lines and discovered that the current was ripping. It was hard to hold bottom. We still managed to catch(and release) a Ling Cod and a Petrale Sole. A move was in order so off to our second spot and found the current to be even worse. So we headed off to the rockfish grounds and put lines in where we have caught halibut in the past. The halibut were a no-show there but the rockfish bite was excellent with lots of Coppers and Quillbacks coming over the rail. The current was still a problem but at least the water was shallower. .and then Frank(who is notorious for catching big fish) hooked into a big one. It turned out to be a 50# halibut.
We added a few more rockfish and some nice size Ling Cod and the fish box was full.

7-31-18 There was wind at the buoy when we got up this morning. With a young man who had never been out on a boat and the wind blowing offshore we decided to stay in the Bay today. The halibut were in a biting mood and we had limits for all before one o'clock.

7-30-18 The ocean was very nice again today. The fishing was a little slower than it has been for the last few days. We started off very slow but eventually got into a rhythm and began to put some salmon in the box. The fish were deep again and hard to hook.We had lots of bites and between small fish and short biters we went through quite a lot of bait. Everyone got fish though and the gang did a great job all day.

7-29-18 We had a great day fishing for salmon on a flat calm ocean. The fish were in a biting mood and everyone got to pull in fish. The only negatives for the day was when one large fish managed to break the line and was lost and another big one that let go before we had a chance to put it in the net.

7-28-18 We made it offshore today to look for some salmon. The ocean was bumpier than predicted but fishable. We fished deep so we only had two rods out. We tried a shallower rig but were pestered by silver salmon so we put it away. The Kings were in a biting mood and we were in the action. We lost one fish that was peeling line before the hook broke. Don't see that very often. Two of the fish were the smaller variety but the rest of the fish were a good grade with a couple of real nice ones. We had limits for everyone around noon and headed home.

7-27-18 With a buoy report of 20 knot winds this morning the decision was made to stay in the Bay and fish for halibut. The halibut bit early and often and we had limits pretty early. The boats that toughed it out offshore for salmon did very well so we hope to get offshore tomorrow and fish for them.

7-26-18 We stayed in the Bay today and fished for California Halibut. There were a number of short fish around but we put limits on the boat again.

7-25-18 We made a hasty run to the Lost Coast with hopes of quick limits of rockfish and maybe a little salmon fishing thrown in. The Ling Cod and rockfish made us work for them a little and we used up most of the morning getting limits. We looked for salmon sign on the way back to the Bay entrance but we didn't see much worth stopping on. There was a little bite right outside the Bay yesterday so we put in the salmon gear to troll while we cleaned fish. We had a bite right away that caught us off guard a little and it shook the hook at the boat. Eventually we got another bite and we put a fat King in the box. By that time the fish were filleted and it was time to head back to the dock.

7-24-18 It was foggy and the ocean was a little rolly. Acting on a tip, we headed offshore to give the salmon another go. It started off kind of slow then we put a fish in the box. We would go a little while and then we would have a bunch of action for a little bit with some silvers, shakers and decent size kings attacking our baits. Then another slow spell with another flurry of action. By around noon we were just one salmon short of limits and not everyone was feeling well so we headed for the barn. It was a good day of catching even though the fish were not particularly large. It's nice to finally be able to produce a good salmon report.

7-23-18 With thick fog limiting our visibility we picked our way down the Bay and across the Bar on our way to the Lost Coast for rock fish. The ocean was very nice and the drift was just about perfect. The fish were in a biting mood and while it was not "wide open" it was steady with a great grade of fish coming over the rail. We had lots of big Vermilion and Canary rockfish. We also had limits of Ling Cod with a couple of real nice fish. It was a great group of guys today. We had an observer from Fish and Wildlife and she was a pleasure to have on the boat as well.

7-22-18 We put in a long hard day looking for salmon. We saw very little sign of fish. We only had one keeper King and it was so small we let it go(minimum size is 20 inches, this one was 20 1/4") We had a few other shorts and coho and a huge mackerel but nothing to put in the box. My thanks to the crew for sticking it out through a tough day of fishing.

7-21-18 We had planned to take the day off today but a couple of last minute calls had us heading back out into the Bay for halibut again.Instead of running to where we have been catching lately we decided to drop in on an old hotspot from years past. We watched as boats drove past us on their way to other spots. As luck would have it we landed right on the fish. We were done with limits in less than two hours of fishing.

7-20-18 We had a very pleasant morning on the Bay. The sun shone and there was almost no wind. The Halibut bite was slow but steady and we had limits before one o'clock.

7-19-18 We got to introduce a couple of young people to halibut fishing in the Bay. It started off slow until the tide was running and then we had pretty good action for a couple of hours. We had a lot of short fish but no one seemed to care too much as long as the rods were bent.

7-17-18 The bay halibut were really biting this morning and we had limits before 10am. Most of the fish were a pretty good grade and we only had to measure a couple. Very few short fish in the mix as well.

7-16-18 Back in the Bay again for Halibut. The fishing wasn't quite as good as yesterday but it was a very nice morning to be out on the water. No wind and of course, no swells. We had several real nice fish and finished the day just one fish short of limits.

7-15-18 We stayed in the Bay today and enjoyed some relaxing fishing for California Halibut. Well it was kind of relaxing. Conditions were great but the fish kept us too busy to enjoy the nice morning. We knocked off at noon with a total of 54 fish hooked and 14 nice keepers.

7-14-18 It was another great day of "catching" on the rockfish grounds. It was pretty breezy most of the time but the drift wasn't too bad and the fish were biting. Like yesterday, we had a great grade of fish with big Vermilion, Coppers and Quillbacks. We stayed offshore and didn't catch a single Black rockfish but still managed to get full limits. We had our Ling limits early and were releasing Ling Cod by the end of the trip including a dandy 25#er.

7-13-18 We paddled down the Bay this morning in dense fog and crossed the "Bar" into a swelly ocean. There was not any wind as we made our way down to the rockfish grounds. Our first couple of stops did not produce much, maybe because there was no drift whatsoever. Then we picked up a couple of decent Lings before we finally settled on a spot where the quality fish were really chewing. We had LOTS of huge Vermilion and plenty of Quillbacks and Coppers. Then the Lings really started to bite. At one time, an angler reeled up a big Blue in the mouth of a big Ling Cod. We gaffed the Ling and the Blue,still hooked,fell into the water and was grabbed by another Ling. At the end we were releasing 15# Ling Cod to get our last couple of rockfish for limits.

7-11-18 We are taking a couple of days off of fishing to get the boat hauled out and do a little scheduled maintenance and clean the bottom. The tuna water is forming up nicely offshore but it does not look like it will be as close as it was last year. The Pacific Halibut fishing has been awesome lately but the salmon are still a no show. There are still some California halibut being caught in the Bay so that is an option when the wind blows offshore. Rockfish and Ling Cod continues to be some of the best in California. Everyone should try that at least once. It is weather dependent though.

7-9-18 We started out drifting for the Pacific Halibut that have been so prolific lately. After an hour or so without even a nibble the gang decided that was enough lets go try to catch some rockfish. At the first couple of stops we didn't pick up much but then we started to get located. The fish were coming over the rail at a good pace and the quality was excellent. Lots of big Vermilion and Coppers. Big Ling Cod too. We soon had limits of Ling Cod and were just getting ready to head inshore to top off our rockfish limits with Black rockfish when Dan hooked something big....definitely not a rockfish. After a great battle Dan had the fish at color and we pulled a fat 52# halibut over the rail. We all decided that we could do without a few more Black rockfish so we headed back to the dock.

7-8-18 We had a very fun time out on the water today. We had fun, but we didn't fill the fish box. We fished for salmon all day with feeding whales, bait boiling on the surface and lots of small salmon all around us. We had a couple of nice salmon first thing in the morning and then we were overrun with shorts. All of the short fish were handled carefully and gently released in the hopes that we will see them again next year(when they're larger).

7-7-18 We ran back out to the same area that we fished yesterday with the hopes that the halibut would still be on the bite.Well they were there and they were biting. We put fish after fish in the box. The last fish for boat limits came over the rail before 11 am. Everyone got to pull on a nice halibut and got to feel the power that these great fish have. And the best part is yet to come when they put one on the dinner table. It's hard to beat fresh caught Pacific Halibut. There were some salmon caught today as well. The whole boat just opened up for this coming Monday and the weather looks great. If you are interested in a trip just call Sherry at 707-499-4925 or email.

7-6-18 After yesterday's success we had a pretty good idea of where to start fishing this morning. The ocean was flat calm with no wind. We enjoyed watching a couple of Humpback whales swim lazily by as we drifted for Pacific Halibut. Then we had our first bite but it turned out to be a Ling Cod that we released. After that we had a steady pick of halibut with a few Petrale Sole and giant skates(ugh!) mixed in. By about noon we put fish number five in the box for limits. It was a great day with some really great people on the boat. As I've said many times before, we get the nicest people on the Reel Steel.

7-5-18 We had a pretty good day of Pacific Halibut fishing. At least until the South wind came up. Our first stop didn't produce any halibut although the Petrale were biting there. Our second stop did produce. We boated a couple of nice fat ones, both over 40#. We moved again and put on another nice fish and then the wind came up. We battled it a little while before we decided to head in. We put the salmon troll rods out for a bit but all of the great salmon sign that we saw in the morning was gone and we did not get a bite.

7-4-18 Happy Fourth of July!! We finally got back out on the ocean today. The weather was very nice with a little swell in the morning that gradually dissipated through the day. We knew that we would have to do some searching for salmon but it was a little tougher than we had hoped. We had a young lady on the boat that caught two nice keeper Kings. Although we had a fair bit of action on shaker kings and silvers those two kings were the only salmon keepers for us( much to the chagrin of the men on the boat). We stopped off on our way back in and got limits of Black rockfish for everyone.

7-3-18 It was a beautiful calm, clear morning. Unfortunately, the fish took the morning off. We had to battle some seaweed but we were confident that unless the wind came up like yesterday that the fish would bite after the tide change. Well, the wind came up first and the fish never really bit like yesterday. We caught a dozen or so Halibut but only a couple of those were keeper size. The wind and seas are supposed to come down tonight so we are hoping to get offshore tomorrow.

7-2-18 A rough ocean kept us in the Bay again today chasing California Halibut. The fishing started out slow with a few short fish to show for our early efforts. Then the wind came up and the fish started to bite. We managed to put two fish per rod in the box before the wind became to much to handle.

7-1-18 We fished for California Halibut again today. We put yesterday's experience to good use and spent more time in productive locations. In spite of losing a couple of nice fish early on we were able to get limits for everyone today. As usual, it was a great group on the boat and they had a good time reeling in fish.

6-30-18 The ocean came back up last night so we fished the Bay for California Halibut. The fishing was pretty good when the tide was right but slower the rest of the time. We put some fish in the boat including a nice 17# fish that Lonnie caught.

6-29-18 Our group for today had cancelled early in the week and with a crummy forecast we did not put a trip together. As usually happens, the weather was beautiful with sunny skies and a flat calm ocean. It was so nice that Sherry wanted to go out to try for salmon. When we got out the fishing was slow for the boats that got out before us. We put our two lines in ( one for Sherry and one for me). It wasn't long before Sherry's rod was bouncing and she pulled the fish up to the back of the boat where it gave a tail flip and was gone. Rats!! After a little bit her rod goes off again and it's a heavy pumper. She gets it to the back of the boat, I scoop it with the net, and the fish bounces right out and breaks the line. We're 0 for 2 now. Line back in and we're hooked up again. This time we have our act together and it goes in the box. We put the lines back in and after a little bit Sherry is hooked up again. It comes right to the net and in the box. Sherry has her limit of salmon before noon.

6-28-18 Took advantage of a few weather days off to put fresh line on the tuna reels. The warm water is out there and wants to push in but the wind is keeping it well offshore for now. It looks like the weather is going to settle down by the middle of next week. Pacific Halibut will be open again as well as salmon.

6-24-18 The ocean was pretty chunky as we crossed the Bar on our way out to fish for salmon. We motored out without seeing a lot of sign. We finally got offshore a ways and found some bait and a few birds. We put in the lines and after a while we had a deep line go off, then a stern rod went off, doubleheader. Both fish managed to come unbuttoned. We tried for a while longer and put one small fish in the box. We went looking for greener pastures and managed to get a few more bites but no more keepers. With the chance that the Bar would come up on the ebb tide we ran into the Bay to give Halibut a try for a couple of hours. The fish cooperated and we put a couple of fish per angler in the box. It looks like rough seas for the next few days but we have room for Halibut fishing in the Bay if anyone is interested in going while the bite is on.

6-23-18 We did not have a trip yesterday and did not go again today. We're hoping tomorrow morning looks a little better.

6-21-18 We were after rockfish and Ling Cod today. The wind steadily increased as we made our way to the fishing grounds. We arrived to find brisk winds and dirty water, definitely not a recipe for success. Luckily for us, the fish were really biting. It took us a few stops to get located but once we did it was nonstop action for a while that ended with limits for all.

6-20-18 We started the day out on a flat calm ocean doing some exploring for salmon. After hearing a good early report we ended up back with the fleet for one fish. After losing interest there we went looking for greener pastures. We found a spot with a few fish and put a couple more salmon on the boat. Then that spot slowed down so we made a quick detour for a few rockfish. We trolled a little on the way home but did not land any more keeper salmon.

6-19-18 Nice weather again today allowed us to go looking for better salmon fishing. We found lots of fish. Unfortunately, they were all small (sublegal) size. We looked several places but only managed a couple of keepers. At one point, we were close enough to the rocks that we made a fifteen minute drop and got limits of Black Rockfish for everyone.

6-18-18 The ocean was nice all day and the salmon fishing was slow but steady. We ground away on an area for most of the day even after most other boats had left. We landed four nice salmon there and then ran in towards shore to put in our last hour of fishing. We were rewarded with two more nice fish before it was time to head towards the barn. It was a great group that kept their focus and their spirits up even though the bites were spread out throughout the day. It was the best grade of fish that I have seen so far this season.

6-17-18 We got back out on the water today after a brief weather layoff. Our plan was to fish halibut in the Bay until the tide change and then we would head out for some salmon fishing. We had a pleasant morning in the Bay and went to take a look at the Bar (Humboldt Bay Entrance). It looked just OK but not real nice so we made the decision to run back up the Bay to try for some more halibut. The halibut were biting
a little and we hooked over twenty and put seven nice keepers in the box. Then the wind came up and we pushed on back to the dock. We were glad we weren't offshore when the wind came up because it was blowing pretty good.

6-12-18 Today was one of those days you just want to forget. We started out in a lumpy ocean fishing for Pacific Halibut. The seas were short and sharp and once the wind came up it just wasn't worth trying. Two guys got to try out their new electric reels though, pretty slick for halibut fishing. Then we ran East until we found some calmer water to fish for salmon. We put in one decent fish and then it was all shorts and Silvers. We did manage to snag a crab pot as well. We decided that it just wasn't worth staying out past the tide change so we came in a little early. It looks like some bad weather starting Thursday so we'll be taking a few days off of the water.

6-11-18 We started out fishing for salmon where we left off yesterday but everyone's heart just wasn't into it. After going for half an hour with no bites it was decided that we should make the run for rockfish. Once again the Black Rockfish were voracious and pretty much blocked out everything else. We got some Coppers and Canarys as well as a couple of Ling Cod before the wind came up.

6-10-18 One thing about springtime ocean fishing is that it can be different every day. Just two days ago we got easy limits of small salmon. Today, we only got one salmon per rod but they were twice (or more) the size of Friday's fish.
The ocean was nice but the salmon have moved into an area that's loaded with commercial crab pots. We spent the day dodging them while trying to catch our salmon. We only hung up on one pot and we lost a little time (and some gear) on it. We had some chances that we missed on or we could have had close to limits.

6-9-18 The rain last night left the ocean with a bit of a chop this morning. The ride down to where we got the salmon yesterday was a little bumpy. Once we got to our spot we dropped in the gear but the salmon were slow to wake up. We didn't try for long before the decision was made to go for some rock fish. The Blacks were biting everywhere we went and I think they kind of crowded the other fish out. So it was easy limits of Blacks, some Ling Cod (including one real beauty) and some Coppers, Vermilions and others. The wind died down and it ended up being a beautiful day on the water.

6-8-18 We finally got into a good salmon bite and it was a RIPPER. The fish were not large but once they got going it was limits in no time at all. We even had enough time to catch a few rockfish too. After a few days of slow fishing it sure felt good.

6-7-18 It was pretty slow fishing again today. We had the goal of helping a gentleman fulfill his bucket list item to catch a Pacific Halibut for his 80th birthday. Mission accomplished! Unfortunately, that 40# fish was the only one we were able to put in the box. There may have been some others caught but I only know of one other halibut that was caught today. Hopefully, this slow fishing will end soon.

6-6-18 It was another relatively slow day of salmon fishing. We worked all day for five salmon for five anglers. The highlight of the day was when we spotted a red flasher being towed across the surface of the water. We chased it around for 10 minutes or so until we were able to get close enough to snag the line with a gaff. We pulled in a nice flasher with about a 10 pound salmon attached. It was the biggest fish of the day. Lots of mackerel, Coho and shaker kings kept the rods bouncing.

6-5-18 Today was a frustrating day for us. It took most of the morning to get located on some salmon. Once we did, all we could catch were short fish or Coho or (ugh) Mackerel. The keeper size Kings that we were after continued to elude us for most of the day. We went through 6 trays of bait, that's 72 bites not counting the bites we got on a lure. For all of those bites we put 5 keeper Kings in the box. I expect at some point the bigger fish will move in. I can't wait.

6-4-18 The ocean was way nicer than yesterday. Unfortunately, the fish did not show up like we hoped. We fished for Pacific Halibut in the morning and managed to put one pretty nice one in the box along with some big Petrale Sole. When the wind came up we switched over to salmon and headed over to where our friends had caught a few earlier in the day. The bite was pretty much over by then and we only managed some shakers and a couple of mackerel.

6-3-18 It was a pretty sloppy ocean as we crossed the Humboldt Bay Bar and made our way offshore. We made it to our spot put put lines in. The first salmon over the rail was a pretty nice one. Then we were back to small fish. As the morning wore on the wind backed off and by afternoon it was very pleasant. The bad news was that along with the wind, the fish disappeared too. We worked hard though and finished the day just two fish short of limits for the boat.

6-2-18 The wind blew off and on (mostly on) making the seas choppy for our salmon fishing. The fish were not as ravenous as yesterday but we ground it out for limits by about one o'clock. The size of fish was the same as yesterday.

6-1-18 What a glorious salmon opener. The sun was shining brightly and the ocean was flat calm. The salmon were on a tear and the bite was mostly wide open all morning. The only negative is that most of the fish are small. It was easy limits though and a couple of youngsters on the boat got to reel in plenty of fish.

5-31-18 The wind is finally going to let up enough for us to get back out on the ocean. Just in time for the salmon season opener tomorrow. It's been a while since we have been offshore so we are hoping that the salmon that we were seeing almost every day are still where we left them.

5-28-18 We are off the water for a few days while we wait for the wind to settle down. Just a reminder to everyone: there will be days when we can fish for salmon nearshore but the weather may be too rough for rock fish or even halibut.
June weather can be like that with light winds near shore and higher winds and seas offshore. That being said, we will always do our best to give you the best fishing experience that our area has to offer.

5-26-18 We enjoyed a mellow morning in the Bay fishing for California Halibut. The halibut were biting pretty good and everyone went home with one or two keepers. We also released a bunch of short halibut. The highlight of the day was when Ron hooked a big Leopard Shark on light halibut gear. It gave him quite a fight before we got it into the boat for a picture and release. It looks like crummy ocean conditions for the next several days then Salmon season starts on Friday.

5-25-18 With a crummy weather forecast we decided to stay tied to the dock today. Two other boats gave it a try but came back in early due to the rough ocean conditions. We are not going to try to go offshore tomorrow. Again, due to the weather forecast. We are going to try for some California Halibut in the Bay. We have a load of fresh live bait in the pen. We have room available for that trip.

5-24-18 The ocean was greasy calm all day on the Halibut grounds. There is a lot of life out there right now and it's not all halibut. We saw salmon chasing bait on the surface as well as lots of Pacific Mackerel. The guys caught Mackerel, Spiny Dogfish, Longnose Skate, Ling Cod, Black Cod, Petrale Sole and of course, some Pacific Halibut. We finished the day just two Halibut short of limits with the largest a little over 40#. The weather forecast for the next couple of days has been all over the place making it hard to know just what direction we will be going. After Saturday it looks like we are in for a bit of a blow.

5-23-18 We made our way down to the Lost Coast this morning to look for some rockfish and Ling Cod. There was a light breeze on the water but the weather was nice. Unfortunately, the water was stained a coffee brown. Usually, the fish don't bite that well when it's like that. We worked our way around, trying lots of different spots and areas. We had a slow but steady pick all day. We had some nice Vermilion and Coppers as well as Quillbacks, Blacks and Canarys. We did not find many biting Ling Cod and ended up just short of limits. We were one fish short of rock fish as well. These are the kind of Spring/early Summer conditions that tend to change almost daily.

5-22-18 After taking a couple of weather days off we were back on the water today. We ran offshore to the Halibut grounds but the wind was blowing and the seas were steep so we headed back in to safe harbor in the Bay. We managed to cast net a little bait and so we went on the hunt for some California Halibut. It is still pretty early for them to show up in any significant numbers but we had to try anyway. We had a ripping bite right away that didn't stick. Then we picked up a few shorts (Halibut under 22 inches) and had some more bites that didn't stick. It was cold and breezy on the Bay and we headed in early for some of Sherry's cookies. Everyone on the boat was a good sport on a day that just didn't go as planned.

5-19-18 The forecast didn't look too good and the bar crossing was a little choppy but the wind never really ramped up like expected. We took advantage of the decent conditions and managed to bag a couple of nice Halibut. We also had a couple of heart breakers(and line breakers) that didn't make it all the way into the fish box.

5-18-18 The wind forecast was not too good but we took a chance and ran down to Cape Mendocino for some rock fish and Ling Cod. We started inshore and limited on Black rockfish pretty quickly. Then we slowly made our way offshore with a stop here and there. We picked up a few fish but it took a while to get some Ling Cod located. Once we found them we were able to get Ling Cod limits and we picked up some nice Coppers and Vermilion as well. It was a little bumpy for the trip home.

5-17-18 There was a fair amount of wind out on the Halibut grounds today. Like yesterday, the current was all over the place. Lots of current at one spot and then very little at another. The fishing was pretty slow most of the day with the bite just getting started about when it was our time to head in. We managed a couple of nice size halibut as well as a boatload of Petrale Sole.

5-16-18 Conditions were a little different than yesterday with strong current in some spots and no current in others. It made the fishing a little tough even though the ocean was flat. We worked hard though and were rewarded with four nice Halibut to 47#. We did see lots of salmon feeding on the surface in the morning. There is a lot of bait around and if it sticks around until salmon season opens we should have some really good fishing.

5-15-18 What a difference a day can make. We started fishing in the same place we started yesterday. The current was perfect and that made the difference. We picked up two quick Halibut and then reset our drift. After a little bit Halibut number three came over the rail. Then we hit a bit of a dry spell. There were lots of boats around us fishing for Halibut as well as commercial salmon trollers. Thinking all of that activity might have slowed down the bite we decided to go looking for greener pastures. We dropped on the spot we had fished the day before and after a bit we slung Halibut number four over the rail. With only one Halibut to go, most of the gang switched to Petrale Sole gear. Well, the biggest Halibut of the day slammed one of those little rigs. The angler(Don) knew what he was doing and he gingerly coaxed the fish to the boat. In went the gaff and Halibut number five came over the rail and into the fishbox. Limits by 12:30. It was a great day with a bunch of nice folks.

5-14-18 We ran out to the Halibut grounds on a nice flat ocean with "High Hopes". When we got to the spot where the halibut have been biting lately we thought we had it made......until we dropped our lines to the bottom. The current was vicious. We could barely get our lines down with 2.5#of weight. It was obvious that we had to do something different so we went looking for greener pastures. Eventually, we found a spot where the drift was good and gave it a try there. By the end of the day we managed to scratch out a couple of halibut. We also got a couple of big Petrale per person and a couple of misc. fish including a big Ling Cod that we released.

5-13-18 We were hoping to get out for halibut this morning but buoy reports of 9 foot seas and 15 knots of South wind changed our plans.It looks like it will start to lay down today and should be good fishing weather for the rest of the week.

5-12-18 We have not fished for a few days while the wind has been blowing offshore. This is the Northwest wind that we need in the springtime to get the upwelling kickstarted. I hate to miss the time on the water and Sherry really hates cancelling trips but we need this springtime wind. So far the season has been amazing and I expect that to continue.

5-9-18 The weather on the Lost Coast was absolutely beautiful today. There was almost no wind and warm sunny skies. We were able to move around and try lots of different spots. The fishing was excellent as well and we had a plethora(lots) of different kinds of fish including a rare Wolf Eel (see the photo under "rock fish"). The Ling Cod were a very nice grade and everyone got to pull on some. We had easy limits on the Lings. It looks like the wind is going to blow for the next couple of days but so far this season the fishing has been outstanding. I want to add that we are so lucky to have the nicest people that come to fish with us. Thank you!
5-8-18 We got to experience almost every kind of weather out on the Halibut grounds today. It was thick fog this morning, then it got sunny and nice, then wind out of the East, then rain, then wind out of the West, then some more rain, then wind out of the South for the ride home. The seas were never large so it was quite comfortable on the boat. The Halibut fishing was not red hot but we were able to finish the day just one fish short of limits. The Halibut were all around 30#. We had some other fish like sharks and Petrale Sole to keep things interesting between halibut bites. We saw salmon chasing bait on the surface. There was lots of bait and some whales around. It's looking good for salmon conditions right now. The salmon season starts June 1st.

5-7-18 We had beautiful weather for fishing at Cape Mendocino. Conditions were just right and the fish were biting. It was never wide open but it was a nice steady pace. We limited on lings and rockfish with lots of Cabezone in the mix today. We saw a school of Blues push a big spot of krill to the surface and it looked just like tuna boiling.

5-6-18 We had a perfect day for fishing with light winds and sunny skies. The fishing was not red hot but we managed to put three nice halibut in the boat. We were hoping for a couple more but the skates started to really bite and we caught three or four before we just gave up on the halibut and called it quits.It was another great gang on the boat and there were lots of laughs all day.

5-5-18 Today's halibut trip started out better than yesterday's. We put two nice halibut in the box fairly early and were confident the rest would come. But we worked the area for the rest of the day and never got back on the fish. We had a nice gentleman on the boat that booked another trip for next year. He's 86 years old.

5-4-18 We had quite a day today. We ran out to a spot that we expected to find some Halibut. After a while we had three strong bites almost at the same time. One broke the line and the other two did not stick. We had confidence that we would start catching now. We put one very small halibut in the box followed by a couple of Petrale. But it was really slow. In the afternoon we got a call from a friend with the news that they had two fish in the box and one hanging. And they were only five miles away. We made the run to the spot and then started catching. We had to fish a little late but we finally put the last fish in the box for limits. We almost had a fish for the Captain but a sloppy gaff job sent the fish home. Oh well, looks like hamburgers for dinner tonight.

5-3-18 We took advantage of some very nice ocean conditions to make a run down to the Lost Coast for some quality rockfishing. The fishing was great and we had pretty steady action for most of the day with some big Coppers, Vermillion,and Quillbacks along with a bunch of Ling Cod.

5-2-18 Day two of the 2018 season and it was still too rough to venture offshore. So we took a small crew out to see if the rumors of California Halibut in the Bay were true. And the answer is yes.........and no. We did catch a nice halibut but that was the extent of the action. There is already a lot of bait in the Bay so it won't be long before the fish show up in force. It looks like pretty nice weather so we should get out tomorrow.

5-1-18 SEASONS GREETINGS! Well it's opening day and the wind kept us tied to the dock. We hope to try tomorrow and then it looks like good weather for a few days.

4-26-18 We made it out on the ocean for our first official fishing trip of the 2018 season. While fishing for rock fish, Pacific Halibut and salmon is closed there is an opportunity for Petrale Sole and Sand Dabs. The ocean was flat calm with a slight breeze all day. We ran well offshore to make a couple of deep drops for Petrale as well as check out ocean conditions. Ocean conditions offshore are looking great. We saw lots of Murres and other birds and heard (but didn't see) whales. That's a good sign for salmon when it opens. There was plenty of bait showing on the fishfinder as well. Our first drop did not produce so we went exploring. Our next spot showed good sign on the fishfinder and more birds. We started to catch some really big Petrale as well as some nice Sand Dabs. Then Nick hooked something big that straightened his hook. Then we missed a couple of solid take downs.(This is all on light Petrale gear). Then we hooked up to a nice halibut that we brought boatside and released in the water. Then another straightened hook. Then another nice hookup that turned out to be a big Ling Cod. Then a couple more Petrale and a big skate and we were done for the day. Everyone went home with a nice bag of tasty fillets. Pacific Halibut, Ling Cod and Rockfish open next Tuesday.

4-16-18 GET READY!! Only two more weeks until fishing season starts!

4-12-2018 The excitement for the 2018 salmon season is really building. There is plenty to do before the June 1st start of salmon season though. Rock fish and Pacific Halibut both start May 1st.

4-10-18 We had a great show in Redding. It was a little rainy on Saturday but Sunday was real nice. There was a good turnout and we saw lots of nice folks. It looks like our salmon season will begin June 1st and run until September 3rd. The limit will be two fish per person with a 20 inch minimum size. That's very exciting news for us.

3-31-18 We should know the salmon season dates sometime next week. We will be at the Hunting and Fishing show at the Convention Center in Redding next weekend, April 7th and 8th. Sherry and I hope to see you there. Another bit of news about the Reel Steel. We put in a new engine last week. While the old engine was doing fine, having all new stuff "under the hood" gives us that extra bit of confidence while traveling offshore. We're expecting a great season of fishing this year and don't want to miss minute of it. We hope everyone has great Easter holiday.

3-19-18 It looks like we should get a couple of months of salmon fishing this year. The season will mostly be July and August but we won't know the exact dates until the PFMC meets again in the middle of April. There should be plenty of three year old Klamath fish out there so I expect some good fishing.

3-5-18 We just got back from the Anderson Show today. We saw a lot of old friends and made a few new ones there. The results of the salmon information meeting were very promising. It looks like much better numbers for the Klamath this year with about the same returns estimated for the Sacramento River. What that means is that it is very likely that we will get a salmon season this year. The fisheries managers want to be very cautious however, so I don't expect a very long season. There will be three options available for us to comment on in about two weeks. We wont know the actual season structure until April though. The Pacific Halibut season will be the same as last year and will begin May 1st. If the Albacore and California Halibut show up like they did last year it could be one heck of a fishing season.

2-28-18 The first important salmon meeting will be tomorrow (March 1st). The meeting will be the first opportunity to see if we have any kind of a chance for a salmon season this year. We won't know for sure but we will have an idea of what the chances are. Reel Steel Sportfishing will have a booth again this year at the Anderson Sports Show at the Shasta County Fairgrounds in Anderson. Stop by and see us if you can. Don't worry if you miss us at the Anderson Show because we will be in Redding at the Redding Sportsman Expo April 7th and 8th. The Anderson Show runs this Friday through Sunday.See you there!

2-6-17 It has been a while since we have updated the fishing report here. That's because there is not much going on this time of year. The commercial crab season just started. The Halibut Commission meetings ended with a "hung jury" and all's quiet on the salmon front until the meetings in March. We will have some notion on the possibilities of a salmon season after the first March meeting but nothing will be official until April. I expect some reduction in the Pacific Halibut quota but the season structure should still have fishing around the first of the month beginning in May.

1-7-18 We pulled in our crab pots for the season (probably, unless we get some really good weather and the commercial season doesn't start). The crabbing was excellent until the very end with limits every time out. Thank you to everyone that came out crabbing with us this year. We are taking reservations for the 2018 fishing season and a few prime dates are already taken. We do not know if there will be a salmon season or not this year or what the Pacific Halibut season structure will be. The rockfish season should be the same as last year with a start date of May 1st. California Halibut fishing should be good again this year since we saw lots of short fish last summer. Pacific Halibut will MOST LIKELY be the first week or two of each month beginning in May. Hopefully, we will see the tuna show up again this year. We made eight tuna trips last year and caught fish on every trip.

1-6-18 We made two trips today for crab. On the second trip we had one pot that wouldn't budge off of the bottom. We had plenty of time so we worked a while and managed to break it loose. The puller was straining but managed to pull our pot to the surface. There was a commercial pot with a line wrapped around our pot. We got both pots in the boat plus limits of crab for everyone. The owner of the commercial pot happens to be a good friend of ours so it was a win for everyone.

1-4-17 We have not been out for a couple of days. It looks like the weather will be good enough to get out after some crab this weekend. We may bring in our gear after that. We have some room on Saturday if you have a hankerin' for some fresh crab.

1-2-17 We braved the fog in our quest for fresh crab this morning. Visibility was limited all the way out to the crab grounds but as soon as we headed back the fog lifted and it was a beautiful morning. (Everyone got limits of crab too)

1-1-18 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We started out the new year with a successful trip to the crab grounds. We have been fortunate to have some beautiful weather during this crab season and today was no different. The air was warm and the ocean was calm.

12-31-17 It was a nice morning out on the ocean. The crabbing continues to be very good and we were able to make two trips before the tide change. It looks like we are in for a weather change by mid week. We have sure been lucky as far as ocean conditions are concerned but we could use some rain now.

12-30-17 We had hopes this morning of making what would have been our last fishing trip of 2017. Alas, the forecast called for wind after a morning cold front. The swell was already up a bit and the tides were all wrong if we wanted to come in early. So we went with our original plan which was crab. We had one of the best pulls of crab so far this year with 25 or more per pot. The ocean was nice but as I type this I see that the buoy has winds that have increased 18 knots in the last hour. We have some room between now and Tuesday and are full on Wednesday and then the weather comes up a little.

12-29-17 We had a fun group on for crab today. Four young ladies ages 7 to 11 and a nice couple from Great Britain. Everyone was excited for A CRABBING ADVENTURE. The crab pots were full and everyone got their limit of crab to take home to cook. The seals and sea lions also put in an appearance, much to the delight of our younger guests.

12-28-17 It was an amazing day to fish for rock fish and Ling Cod on the Lost Coast. On the way to the grounds we watched as we passed by a pod of whales. On the way back the whales put on a show and were breaching clear out of the water. The ocean was calm all day with very little current and no wind which made the fishing easy. And the fish bit all day. We caught lots of big Vermilion and Coppers. Limits of Blacks and Ling Cod plus some huge Cabezon. After watching the whale show on the way back in we stopped and picked up limits of crab for everyone.

12-24-17 It was very nice out on the ocean again today. Everyone on the boat went home with their crab limit.

12-23-17 Other than a flat calm ocean, today was a repeat of yesterday with limits of crab all around.

12-22-17 We made two trips out for crab today and managed to get limits for everyone. It looks like we are full for the weekend but have room next week.

12-19-17 We made an early morning crab trip hoping to beat the weather. The swells were not too big but we managed to be working gear right through the worst of the front with 20 knot winds and very steep seas. I t all worked out and we came in with limits of crab for everyone on board. We will be doing crab trips this weekend and the weather looks real nice.

12-18-17 We were back on the ocean again today looking for crabs. The pots continue to fish well with 15 to 25 keeper crabs per trap. They seem a little fuller each trip. Everyone went home with their limit.

12-13-17 We enjoyed another successful crab trip this morning. The ocean is coming up a little this week but we should still be able to get out for crab.

12-10-17 Sunshine, flat calm ocean, no current, loads of crabs. It just doesn't get any better than that.

12-9-17 We had another epic day fishing for rock fish and ling cod on the Lost Coast. The breeze was blowing a little on the way down but by our second drift the wind had quit and it was as perfect of a weather day as it could be. The sun was shining and the fish were biting. The variety was great again with Blacks, Blues, Coppers, Quillbacks, Yellowtail, Chinas, Vermilions, and of course Ling Cod all going into the fish box. The drift was just right and it was a great crew, in other words, a perfect day in every respect. On the way in we stopped and pulled three pots to get everyone a limit of crab to take home. What a day!

12-8-17 We had another nice morning to pull crab pots. There were plenty of crabs to go around and everyone went home with their limit of 10 crabs.

12-7-17 It has been quite a few years since we have been able to fish for rockfish and ling cod in December. With a favorable ocean forecast we drove past our crab pots and headed down to the Lost Coast to try for some tasty white fish. There was a slight easterly breeze first thing but then it just got nicer and nicer until everyone was down to their t-shirts and enjoying the warm sunshine on a glass flat, calm ocean. We landed some rock fish and a couple of smallish lings before we found a hot-spot. You know, one of those places that keeps kicking out giant lings plus vermilions and quillbacks and blacks and blues and, well you know.... everything. Eventually we had limits of nice ling cod and a box of colorful rock fish so we headed back to check and see what was in our crab pots. Well, they were full and we pulled just three pots to get the sixty crabs we needed for limits. It looks like everyone on today's trip will be eating good for quite some time.

12-6-17 The excellent crabbing just keeps rolling along with limits on every time out. The crabs are definitely starting to fill out as well.

12-5-17 Just like the rest of us during the Holiday season the crabs have been putting on some weight. We checked some pots yesterday and brought some crabs home to eat. Some of them were completely full and some were probably around 75 percent. So they are getting fuller. The weather looks good all week and we have room on Friday if we do two trips.

12-2-17 We still haven't made it back out since the swells came up the other day. There is good news on the horizon though. The weather comes down significantly for all of next week. We are full on Thursday for a rock fish/ crab trip but it looks like it will be nice all the way through next weekend. We may do another rock fish trip on Saturday or Sunday. It should be good for crabbing offshore Tuesday through Sunday.

11-29-17 We haven't been out on the water for a few days due to weather. The ocean swells hit 20 feet today. It's a good time to stay home or do boat work. The weather looks like it should be better next week. In fact, if the long range reports are accurate(they seldom are) then it looks like we may be able to do some rock fishing by the end of next week. Right now,Thursday looks to be the best day but that may change.

11-24-17 The ocean was very nice today and we were able to make three trips. The crabbing was very good and everyone went home with limits again. The trees that were drifting around our crab pots missed us and everything was where it was supposed to be.

11-23-17 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Here's wishing everyone a Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and friends. Here at Reel Steel Sportfishing we have been blessed to make so many great friends in the last 11 years. Sharing what the ocean has to offer has been more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. Thanks to all of you for making OUR world better. The Reel Steel Crew.

11-22-17 The weather was up just a little but we managed to get everyone limits of crab. There were a couple of big trees drifting just outside of our string of crab pots. Hopefully, the trees drift through without catching our (or anyone else) crab gear and taking it for a ride. Just another hazard of crab fishing.

11-21-17 It was pretty windy but no swell offshore on the crab grounds today. Other than some spray on the windshield the wind wasn't a problem. We got limits of crab for everyone today.

11-20-17 A weather front came through with some wind so we did not go today.

11-19-17 It was another good day of crabbing. There was a little more current today and that made finding the pots a little more challenging since he buoys were not always showing. With the help of the crew an a good GPS we found our gear and easily got everyone their limits of crabs. I looks like the weather should be good enough to get out this coming week.

11-18-17 Got the privilege to take a group of Sea Scouts out for a crab trip this morning. It was the first time out on the ocean for some of them. It is always a treat to share our love of the ocean and all it has to offer with young people. The crab pots were full again so we did not spend a lot of time working our gear. We had a second trip with a very special family (and Lonnie too) that is going to have a crab feed tonight. The ocean was glass flat so it was a perfect morning all the way around.

11-17-17 The ocean laid down real nicely and the sun was shining as we made our way out to the crab grounds. The pots continue to be full and it appears that the crab are starting to fill out. We pulled three pots for five limits and even threw some crabs back for next time. It looks like good ocean conditions for a few days so now is a good time to come out and get a limit of crabs. We have some room available each day so give Sherry a call at 707-499-4925 if you are ready for a fresh, delicious crab dinner..

11-11-17 We made three trips out for crab today. The ocean conditions were nice and the crab pots were full.

11-7-17 We made a couple of crab runs again today. The ocean was pretty nice so it was a treat just to be out there. The pots were full again so everyone went home with their limits of crab. It looks like rain and wind for the next couple of days and will come back down on Saturday. We have room available for this weekend. (This report is for you, John.)

11-6-17 Crab season opened on Saturday the fourth. We set our pots that morning in the hopes of seeing some crabs find there way in. After just a couple of days of crabbing it's obvious that there are LOTS of crabs out there. They are all nice big crabs too. The only downside right now is that they are not filled out yet. They still taste delicious ( we proved that the last couple of dinners) but they are not as full as we like them to be. It looks like it should be good crabbing for a while.

11-1-17 !!CRAB!! We will be setting our pots this coming Saturday. The price for a crab trip will be $70 again this year. If you are over 15 years old you MUST have a California fishing license. "One day" licenses are available for around $14 if you don't already have one. It is a pain to get one when you are at the boat so please have it when you show up. The crab are supposed to be plentiful this year. We'll know for sure on Saturday. The weather looks OK until next Wednesday so I would suggest trying to get a spot early next week. We will continue to crab until December, weather permitting.

10-31-17 Happy Halloween! It was an amazing day fishing the Lost Coast. The swell was bigger than predicted but without much wind at the buoys, we made the decision to "Go for it". The first couple of stops only yielded a couple of Black Rockfish so we went on the hunt for better fishing. Eventually we got located and the fish were biting. Big Lings,Yellows, Coppers and Canary's went into the box. At the end of the day we had limits of Lings and big rock fish. Most of the time there was no wind and we fished in T-shirts. What a great way to end October. Now on to crab season.

10-29-17 The morning started off right with a beautiful, glassy Bay and plenty of wildlife all around us while we looked for some tasty California Halibut. The Halibut must have been kicking back enjoying the weather too because they did not bite like they have been most of the year. We were getting lots of bites but the fish would hit a bait and stun it but would not come back to eat it. Lots of action but not lots of hookups. We did manage to hook 25 fish but only five were keepers. We might get one more shot at them before the rain starts on Friday. !!!CRAB SEASON OPENS THIS SATURDAY!!! We are taking reservations NOW. Give Sherry a call and get yourself some tasty crab. Only $70 for 10 crab! (you will need a Ca fishing license ) Call 707-499-4925

10-27-17 We had good enough weather today to make a run to the Lost Coast. While not the wide open fishing that we experienced for most of the summer the fishing was pretty good. We managed limits of rock fish but were two fish short of our Ling Cod limits. The change in the depth of water that we are allowed to fish has definitely had an impact on our fishing success. The ocean was a little bouncy with 6 foot swells and 10 knots of wind.

10-18-17 With rain in the forecast, the end of Bay fishing could be on its way so we decided to give it another shot. The fishing started off a little slow in the morning but then it just kept getting better and better. At one point we had two halibut in the net and another rod getting bit. That makes for some exciting fishing. The ratio of short fish to keepers was good and we had limits without any problem.

10-16-17 We were back out on the ocean today looking for rock fish. We are back to the 20 fathom depth restriction so we were somewhat limited on our options. With that excuse out of the way, the fishing was not that great. We never did find much in the way of Ling Cod but were able to boat some decent Cabezone. Everyone went home with a good variety of rock fish with some Vermilion and Quillbacks in the mix but not the big bags of fillets that we are used to.

10-15-17 It was a great time with a great family on the Bay today. The kids showed off their fishing prowess by reeling in Halibut after Halibut. To be honest, it was hard just keeping up with the net. Lonnie was on the boat too and he caught his share but the kids stole the show. At the end of a (short) day everyone had caught their limit plus plenty of short fish that were released.

10-14-17 It was an eerily beautiful morning on the Bay. There were wisps of fog rolling around and then blue skies. No wind. The fishing started off a little slow but then we found our groove and started to put some keeper halibut in the fish box. After about four hours of fishing we had limits on ice and had released another thirty fish. It was a great morning.

10-12-17 After hearing reports that the California Halibut bite had totally died off we had to go and find out for ourselves. So with high hopes and low expectations we left the dock at 8am. In just three hours of fishing we had our limits of nice size fish and had released another 15 more. This fishing will probably end after the first major rains but with the crummy offshore weather it is nice to have some quality fishing to fall back on. It is beginning to look like the weather may settle down a little this weekend and into early next week.

10-10-17 The weather offshore has been crummy. It doesn't look like it is going to improve real soon either. We are watching it and hopefully, we are going to get back out there at some point.

10-6-17 It doesn't happen often but the Ling Cod and rock fish were not in a biting mood today. There was a long-duration swell and we have seen that put the fish off of their feed in the past. We worked all of the spots that have been producing as recently as yesterday. We were able to get limits of Blacks and an assortment of other fish but nothing came easy or in big numbers. It looks like the weather is going to be crummy offshore for a bit so maybe the fish will be hungry the next time we can get out.

10-5-17 Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. The Ling Cod were really biting and we had easy limits of a nice grade of fish. The rock fish bite was a little slower and we came up a little short there but the grade was good with a couple of big Vermilion and some nice Cabs and Coppers.

10-4-17 Back on the water again! The ocean finally laid down enough for us to get back after the rock fish and Ling Cod. They must have missed us because they were really biting. We easily got our limits of Lings and had a nice box of big Coppers, Blacks, Cabs and more. We had a newlywed couple from Wisconsin on their first trip to the West Coast. They got to see some great scenery and catch a bunch of tasty fish to ship home.

9-28-17 We had a real nice day on the Lost Coast chasing rock fish. The weather was very nice. We were treated to a great whale show as there were Humpback whales feeding and blowing and breaching all around the boat. Every direction you looked there were whale