Fishing Reports

4-16-17 Only two more weeks until the fishing season begins. There has been a regulation change for Pacific Halibut for 2017. The ENTIRE month of May will be open so we may do some more trips specifically for Halibut or if we catch one while rockfishing we can toss it in the fish box. Even with no salmon season for us here on the North Coast I am expecting big things this year. Things have changed as far as ocean conditions are concerned so we may see a return of tuna. There should be some legal size California Halibut in the Bay so if it is too rough to venture offshore we still may be able to put some good eating fish in the fishbox. Plus we get a bunch of NEW territory to fish with the relaxed depth restrictions that include an ALL DEPTH season in November and December. Yep, there's plenty to get excited about this year.

3-31-17 A note for our friends in the Redding area. We will be at the Redding Sports Show at the Redding Convention Center this Saturday and Sunday. Stop by our booth and say Hi!

3-14-17 There will be NO sport salmon season here on the North Coast above Shelter Cove this year due to historically low returns on the Klamath River. Sherry will try to contact everyone that has a salmon trip booked to let them know. If you wanted salmon ONLY and you have not spoken to Sherry be sure to give her a call at 707-499-4925. There will be some salmon fishing opportunities from Shelter Cove South beginning in April. We will still be able to fish for Pacific Halibut, Rock fish and Ling Cod, Petrale Sole, California Halibut and possibly even Albacore. We will continue to run a full schedule of fishing trips beginning May 1st so give Sherry a call if you want to book a trip.

3-12-17 Today we got out for the first trip of the 2017 season. We took advantage of a beautiful ocean and the new Petrale Sole fishing regulations. We did not know what to expect since this fishery is new to us. We dropped in 5 crab pots and headed West. This time of year the Petrale are still in deep water so we did not put lines in until we were well offshore. The fishing was not red hot but we got a good number of Sole and plenty of Sand Dabs as well. We hooked several big fish which turned out to be Pacific Halibut that we carefully released. The largest looked to be about 50 pounds. Now we have something to look forward to when the Halibut season opens May 1st. We pulled the crab pots on the way back in but only got one keeper per pot.

3-8-17 Started maintenance on the boat today to get ready for the season. If everything goes well it looks like the weather forecast for this weekend may be good enough to go looking for some Petrale Sole. The Sport Show went well for us and we are starting to fill up for the 2017 season. No real word on salmon yet but we may get a little shot at them this summer.

2-28-17 We are currently getting the boat ready for the upcoming fishing season. We will begin running regular trips on May 1st but we're also keeping an eye on the weather in case we get some nice days where we can get out after Petrale Sole and Sand Dabs. We will be at the Anderson Sports Show at the Shasta County Fairgrounds this weekend. If you are in the area, stop by the Show and say hello.

1-29-17 Sherry and I just returned from the International Pacific Halibut Commission annual meeting in Victoria Canada. It looks like good news as our Halibut quota will go up about 17 percent this year. We still don't know what our salmon season will look like but I expect the season to be a little shorter than last year. Rockfish and Ling Cod is looking real good for this season. It just depends on what the weather will be like. We may also get a good shot at California Halibut if last year is any indication since we had days of over 50 fish that were short of legal length.

1-12-17 Well the commercial crabbers finally started today on the South side of Humboldt Bay. We watched over 25 boats cross the Bar first thing this morning and can see a lot of them are fishing pretty close to the entrance so far. We have not had any official word on the new Petrale Sole regulations but may give them a try when it opens up. We want to thank all of the great people that fished with us last year. The weather made it a little tougher than normal but overall it was a pretty good catching year. Who knows what this year will bring us but we are already getting excited about it. Sherry is taking reservations for 2017. It may take her a little while to get back to you on some days so just leave a message and she'll call you right back. As always, if you have any questions about anything from the new fishing regulations to where to stay in Eureka don't ever hesitate to give us a call.

12-19-16 We pulled in our crab pots today in anticipation of a large swell. We may be done crabbing at this point. Everyone on the boat today went home with limits of tasty Dungeness crabs. If you need a gift idea for the fisherman on your list, don't forget that we have gift coupons for sale and Sherry can hand deliver ahead of Christmas in the local area.

12-17-16 We had a nice (but cold) morning out on the crab grounds. The crabs did not seem to mind the cold as our pots were full. We have a little room on Monday morning and then we may pull our gear back in since the ocean swells are forecast to get big.

12-14-16 The commercial crabbing is still closed South of Humboldt Bay and it looks like some OK weather so we are going to put some crab gear out and try to get some crab before Christmas. If you want to go then just give Sherry a call at 707-499-4925 and we will try to get you out for crab.

12-6-16 We have pulled all of our crab pots for the season. It really wasn't much of one because the ocean has been so big for so long. It has been a steady diet of 10 to 20 foot swells. Even the commercial boats are having a hard time getting out across the Bar. It was another good season here with excellent Ling Cod and rock fish, good salmon and Pacific Halibut. The tuna were a no show but some Califonia Halibut showed up in the Bay. I KNOW that we have the best customers on the Reel Steel. We have been so blessed to have so many of you fish with us. We don't know what next season will bring but we will post up the news of fishing seasons as the information becomes available.

11-22-16 It looks like the storms are lined up back to back this week so we pulled most of our crab gear and stacked it. The crabs were biting pretty good and we even got some for the skipper.

11-18-16 We snuck out this morning ahead of the wind and were able to pull crab pots for limits. A couple of the pots had drifted a little in the big swell from yesterday so we moved them to a (hopefully) better location.It looks like bad weather for the next couple of days so we are hunkering down to wait it out.

11-17-16 We had to cancel our morning trip because of rough Humboldt Bay Bar conditions. We were able to get out on the late trip since the tide had turned in our favor even though the swells were still over 14 feet. A couple of our pots had moved in the big swell but we were able to get limits of crab for everyone.

11-16-16 We let the forecast keep us off of the water today. It looks like we have a big storm brewing this weekend. Sherry is doing her best to get everyone on for some crab but the weather has made it difficult. We will keep at it for a couple more weeks and get out as often as the ocean conditions allow.

11-15-16 We have been getting crab limits on every trip so far. The grade continues to be mixed with about one half being commercial size. There are a few big ones in the mix as well. We are going to pull most of our gear on Thursday (11-17) in anticipation of a fairly strong storm system this weekend. Hopefully, we will get back out on Monday and take what the weather will give us for Thanksgiving week.

11-13-16 We have been crabbing for the last few days. The crab are nice and full but not particularly large. Tasty though. It looks like fairly big seas for the rest of the week so we are taking things day by day.

11-12-16 We made another crab run today and were rewarded with limits for everyone on board. There was a pretty big swell but once we got away from the Bay entrance the conditions were pretty nice.

11-7-16 With a very brief lull in the ocean conditions we were able to blast out and set a few pots. We checked the pots after a few hours and they had 15 or 20 crabs per pot. Most of the crab were commercial grade and seem to be full. It looks like a big swell for the next couple of days so we are hoping that our pots stay where we left them. Just as we were heading back in we came across another boater with a dead engine. We were the only two boats out so we passed him a tow line and brought him back to the dock.

11-3-16 Crab season will open on time this Saturday. Unfortunately, no one told the weatherman and we will have big seas for a while. As soon as things settle down our crab gear is ready to go and we have plenty of bait. The crabs out of Humboldt Bay all tested below the action level for Domoic Acid. Some other areas have tested above the action level and the California Dept of Public Health has issued an advisory to refrain from eating crab viscera ( guts and crab butter).

10-28-16 It does not always work out when you try to sandwich a fishing trip in between storms, and then throw in some big tides and you are really just hoping it works out. Well, today was much nicer than we expected and the big tides did not keep the fish from biting at all. It was another great day of fishing the " Lost Coast" and everyone on board was rewarded with limits of Ling Cod and big rock fish. The sun shone and seas were calm all morning. It looks like this will be our last fishing trip of the 2016 season. There are more storms lining up with much needed rain and seas will begin to build and won't settle down before fishing closes on October 31st. Now we set our sights on Dungeness Crab and will have the boat ready to go for the November 5th opener. Be sure to give Sherry a call to book your crab trip. The limit is 10 crab again this year and limits are pretty much guaranteed.

10-27-16 We got some good news on the crab season. The State has been doing their testing for Domoic Acid and it looks like our area will open next Saturday. Judging by the weather forecast, tomorrow will probably be the last fishing trip of the season. We'll be looking forward to some fresh crab next week. Sherry is taking reservations for crab trips in November.

10-20-16 Took the day off yesterday to do some river fishing for salmon(caught some dandies) but we were back on the big pond for some bottom fishing today. There was a little breeze in the morning but it ended up being a beautiful day. I think we all got a little sun burnt. There was a fair amount of current and the fishing was kind of slow but steady. We never found a hot spot but pretty much caught fish wherever we tried. We got a lot of real nice reds (Coppers and Vermilions). And finished the day just one Ling Cod short of limits for everyone. The ride home was nice on the calm ocean.

10-12-16 We took advantage of the "calm before the storm" to give the Bay a shot before the rain chases all of the bait out. We had no problem getting plenty of live anchovies and soon made our way to look for some California Halibut. It took about 20 minutes to get located but once we did it was non-stop action. There are still plenty of short (sublegal) fish around but we also picked up some keepers. We had enough bait to last until a little after noon and we probably had 30 or 40 fish to the boat with lots of missed bites. It was fun for the gang on board.

10-9-16 Once again the wind made fishing the rock fish grounds more challenging. There was not much swell though. We started close to shore in the hopes of avoiding the worst of the wind but that didn't help much. We got limits of BIG black rockfish and a couple of nice vermilion rockfish but that was about it for the shore bite. We then headed offshore a few miles to try the shallow reefs. The fog (which until then was very thick) cleared and the wind backed off a little. We found a rock that was loaded with Ling Cod and proceeded to put a dozen big lings up to 23# in the boat. In addition to the lings we boated a couple more vermilion, one of which was over 12#. We also had a few other miscellaneous rockfish to fill up the fish box.

10-8-16 It was another day chasing rockfish that have been a little more elusive than normal. The fishing is still good but not lights out like it was earlier in the season. It was fairly breezy all day with fog moving in and out.

10-7-16 The ocean was pretty nice today with a modest breeze blowing on the rockfish grounds. The bite was just OK. Not bad and not real good. We got a good variety of rockfish and some lings and everyone went home with a nice bag of fillets.

10-5-16 We did not fish today due to large swells. It looks like things are going to settle down for the weekend though. Right now we are full. Things are looking very good for crab season. If you want to go, Sherry is taking reservations now. Crab season opens Saturday November 5. They have been doing testing on the crabs and it looks like there will not be any issues this year.

10-4-16 The wind quit so we were able to make the run for some rockfish action. The fish were up and biting and we managed a very nice catch with plenty of variety including some nice Lings.As we were fishing the swell began to build and by the time we were crossing the Bar it had risen to over 10 feet at the buoy. The real highlight of the day was watching what appeared to be a Blue Whale feeding.

10-3-16 We met our gang at the boat this morning but it was pretty obvious by the wind blowing at the Marina that the boat would stay tied up today.

9-30-16 The weather was very nice on the rockfish grounds today. The fishing was good although not as wide open as it can get sometimes. We ended with plenty of Ling Cod and a good variety of rockfish for our efforts. There is a lot of life in the ocean right now and we saw plenty of birds working on bait as well as whales and porpoise. We are going to take a couple of days off while a weather front moves through.

9-25-16 The forecast looked good enough for us to make a run to the rockfish grounds. Once we got there the wind began to howl and we could barely get our lines to the bottom. After a few futile attempts we gave up and slowly plodded our way home through the slop. It was disappointing but fishing is supposed to be fun and it just is not much fun in those kind of conditions. It looks like the weather doesn't get much better for a few days.

9-24-16 The ocean started off with some wind and it kind of went downhill from there. It was a bumpy ride home in the fog but we were able to get some fishing in. The current was running against the wind which made it tough to get down to the fish sometimes but we still managed to catch a fair number of fish and everyone went home with smiles and fillets.

9-23-16 We finished up collecting Ling Cod for study. The ocean was flat calm but there was no current and we had to move around a lot to get the fish we needed.

9-22-16 It was an interesting day as we got back out on the ocean for some fishing. We have two days of assisting some marine biologists collect Ling Cod for study. The goal was fairly lofty, 100 fish in two days. The fact that their permit allowed us to fish in some areas that are now closed but will reopen next year made it enticing. With two biologists and four anglers we made our way to some grounds that we haven't fished in years. The conditions were nearly perfect with calm seas and modest current. We were able to compare the effectiveness of our own swimbaits to some store bought scampi type. Well, our swimbaits kicked Ling Cod tail. By the end of the day we managed to land 65 Ling Cod. It was educational and entertaining. The anglers all did a great job and the biologists worked their tails off.

9-17-16 We switched things up today and did some rockfish fishing. It was fairly breezy but the fish bit well for us. We ended the day with limits of nice Ling Cod and were just a couple of fish short of rockfish limits with quite a few big Vermilion and Coppers. We also managed one Pacific Halibut on a jig. Everyone went home with big bags of tasty fillets.

9-16-16 Today we got a good dose of Halibut "reality". After a couple of days of great fishing the fish apparently decided that they needed time to just kick back and digest because they sure weren't hungry today. We drifted and moved and drifted some more but it just did not make any difference as we were only able to put one Halibut in the box.

9-15-16 The hot halibut bite continued today with early limits for all on board. Congratulations to Bob Stewart for landing a nice one that went just over 65#. It was fairly breezy but with very little swell. The new(ish) boat does great in the wind so we didn't have any issues with the conditions.

9-14-16 We got back out to do some Halibut fishing today. The day could not have gone any better. The ocean was flat calm all day with a little fog at first and some overcast. We were treated to an awesome whale show that lasted all day with Humpback whales feeding all around the boat. And the most important part, the fish. We picked up one halibut fairly early and then there was not much happening so we made a little move. It turned out to be the right move. We picked up another single and then a double and then another single to finish off our limit. We were kept busy most of the rest of the time with other non target species like Black Cod, Sand Dabs, and sharks.

9-10-16 What a difference a day can make. The ocean was much friendlier with less swell and not much wind. The fish decided that they were hungry and bit good all morning. We easily had Ling Cod limits plus plenty of nice rock fish.

9-9-16 It was an interesting day on the rockfish grounds. We had pea soup fog all of the way out of the Bay and most of the way to the grounds. The 5 to 10 knots of wind that was predicted was really more like 5 times 10. When we began fishing we soon discovered that the fish were not in a feeding mood at all. We would go over big schools of fish and maybe catch one or two and sometimes none. We worked at it though and ended up with limits of big Black rockfish and seven other varieties. The Ling Cod that have been such a big part of our catches were mostly a no show and we only put one in the box. All in all, it was kind of disappointing but we're hoping our luck changes for the better tomorrow.

9-5-16 We finished salmon season just like we started, with limits for all on board before noon. It was a mixed grade of fish again today. Overall, I think that we had a pretty good salmon season this year. We had fish most days and limits were common. There were some slow days of course, but they were more the exception. I want to thank all of the great people who fished with us this salmon season. Everyone was very patient and kind. The Captain got a little cranky at times but we're working on him. With the end of salmon season comes rock fish, halibut and hopefully, tuna. We will be off for a couple of days this week (weather) but we still have some spots available until the end of October and then we will be doing crab trips in November.

9-4-16 While the fish came easy for us yesterday it was a different story today. We ground it out in semi-sloppy conditions. At the end of it all we were two fish short of limits for everybody. Most of the fish were on the small side. Tomorrow is the last day of salmon season.

9-3-16 Water conditions had changed a little overnight but we were still able to get on the fish early.The salmon started biting almost as soon as we got lines in the water. It was not wide open but we did have three salmon on at one time and were fortunate enough to get them all in the boat. We had everyone's limit including two for the Captain by 9:30. The grade of fish was mixed again with fish from 20 inches to 20#. Except for some ebb slop on the Bar the ocean was nice all morning and the sun even came out. Fall fishing at its best.

9-2-16 We had a better idea on where to start today so we only had to re position once to get into the fish. Every day is a little bit different but that is what makes fishing exciting as well as challenging. We had a mixed grade of salmon again today and went home with some small fish along with some nicer size fish. We had our limits well before noon and made our way back to the harbor on a very calm ocean.

9-1-16 Today was the start of the five day salmon opener for September. We knew that we would have to look around to find some late season fish. We fished the area where we left them a couple of weeks ago but we were not having too much luck. We managed to boat one nice fish before we set off to explore new territory. We found an area with tons of life. There were birds working all around with bait boiling on the surface and even a Blue Whale. We dropped in our gear and immediately missed the next three fish. Then we caught some Mackerel on our salmon gear and then we started to put some fish in the box. They were mostly small fish but we were happy to get them anyway.We ended the day just two fish short of limits and cruised back in through the fog.

8-31-16 It was another great day on the rockfish grounds. We had a couple of young ladies (grade school age) that caught on to using a lever drag reel and both of them caught their fair share of big rockfish all morning. I was impressed watching them haul in fish after fish. There was plenty of variety in the fish box with some big Vermilion, Coppers, Cabezone and more. And everyone on the boat got their limits of Ling Cod as well. The ocean was calm again today too.

8-30-16 FINALLY! We were back on the water today. And what a day it was! The ocean was glass flat and the air was crystal clear as we made our way to the Lost Coast. As soon as we dropped lines in the water we knew it was going to be an exceptional day. The fish were biting like crazy and in just a couple of hours we had all of the big Ling Cod and Black rockfish we could legally keep. Everyone had a few big Vermilion and Coppers in each bag as well. The highlight was a beautiful 30# Ling Cod caught by a young lady on a metal jig (the "iron") The boat purred along smoothly the entire day. What a great way to get back on the water.

8-25-16 Sorry for the lack of reports for the last few days. We are still off of the water for repairs. We are having to replace some parts and it seems to take forever to get what we need. The suppliers are being good to us though and we are getting close to being able to put things back together. I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. This is the first time in 10 years that we have missed time due to a mechanical issue.

8-21-16 Another real nice day on the rock fish grounds. Once again we easily got limits of Ling Cod including some real beauties (if Lings can ever be called beauties) that were all over 20#'s. We also had plenty of Vermilions, Coppers and Quillbacks to got with the Blacks and Blues. The wind came up a little but the fish were biting so we didn't care. We had a little overheating problem just as we got back to the dock so we will take tomorrow off and sort that out.It will be the first day we have lost in over 10 years to a mechanical issue. I suspect that we got some eelgrass somewhere it shouldn't be. There has been tons of it floating in the Bay and sometimes it gets sucked up into the cooling system.

8-20-16 Today was about as nice as a day can be. The ocean was glassy flat all morning. The fish bit great and we had some real nice folks on the boat. We had easy limits of Ling Cod again (we had to throw back plenty of "keepers" while trying for our rock fish). We had lots of Coppers and a really big Cab. The rods were bent pretty much the whole time we were fishing.

8-19-16 Back on the water today with a rockfish trip. The weather was not as nice as predicted and we had a pretty brisk South wind all day. The fish bit OK but it wasn't wide open. We got all of the Ling Cod we needed and were just a couple shy on rockfish.

8-14-16 The weather was a little worse than yesterday but we were able to get the whole day in. We started with a little salmon fishing and landed one and missed one early on. After the slow salmon fishing the last few days it did not take us long to give up and go looking for some Pacific Halibut. We did not get any bites in the first spot we tried and then a friend called and said he just put in one over 50#. He was only 2 miles away so we hightailed it to his spot. Shortly after dropping in Lonnie hooked into what looked like a real good one. Unfortunately,it came unbuttoned on the way up. The same couldn't be said for the next three halibut as they all made it into the cooler. All of the halibut were a real nice grade. It looks like fairly crummy weather for a couple of days so we are going to be off of the water.

8-13-16 Today was a carbon copy of yesterday. The ocean conditions were similar with fog and light seas. The same group of five anglers caught five fish again today for a perfect repeat of yesterday.Heck, the guy that caught the biggest fish yesterday caught the biggest fish again today.

8-12-16 The ocean conditions were much better today. That didn't make the salmon bite any better though. We worked hard all day to get one fish per angler. Many boats were not even that lucky. We even tried for salmon inside the Bay for a while but there was too much grass and jellyfish getting on our lines to have any fun so we headed back out to finish the day.

8-11-16 It was foggy with a big swell this morning. It seems like the salmon don't bite as well when there is a lump on the water, at least when they are right on the beach. We worked all day to get seven salmon for five anglers.

8-10-16 The ocean was much nicer than yesterday. We had a double of salmon on early but only landed one. Then there was a dry spell while we searched for some more fish. We finally got located and were able to put some real nice fish in the box. Since we were taking a split group, we came back in as soon as everyone had a salmon. Then we regrouped (literally) and caught some live bait and then did catch and release on some California Halibut. The big news of the day though, was the number of boats that hooked Thresher sharks while salmon fishing. There were at least five hooked and a couple were landed. Not an easy chore on salmon tackle.

8-9-16 As predicted, the ocean came up a bunch overnight. Besides the big swells the fog was so thick that you couldn't see a hundred yards. We tried salmon fishing for a while and we picked up a couple before a vote was taken and we headed back into the Bay to catch some bait and try for California Halibut. We had lots of bites(LOTS) and hooked a fair number of small halibut. We only ended up with two keepers though. One lucky angler caught both salmon and both keeper halibut. He was gracious enough to share some of his catch with the other anglers on the boat so everyone went home with some fish. Thank you Matt, that was a classy thing to do. I still maintain that we have the nicest customers on the Reel Steel.

8-8-16 The salmon fishing was RED HOT! again this morning. We had a great group of folks on the boat and they really did a good job with the fish. Most of them were from Kansas and they tied into the biggest fish of their lives. It was fun to watch them handle these feisty Kings. The ocean stayed nice for the whole time we were fishing.

8-7-16 What a difference a day can make. We crossed a calm Bar into a flat ocean and started to look for some sign of salmon. We saw some bird activity and hooked up with a nice King before we even got there. We put 5 quick ones on the boat before the fish went down. Our plan was to look for some Pacific Halibut so we ran offshore and dropped in our lines. After a bit one of the rods doubled over and we had our first halibut on the line. Unfortunately the fish found the weak spot in the gear and broke off. The next three halibut weren't so lucky and they made it all the way into our fish box. The weather was sunny and warm with calm seas all day and a nice whale show on the way back in.

8-6-16 The ocean was very nice today with little wind and not too much swell. That's the good part. The bad part is how we did at catching fish. Some days you try everything but nothing seems to work and today was our day. We did not even have a fish until late in the day when we finally put a fat 18# salmon in the net. We watched some others catch some fish but overall it was pretty slow. The gang on the boat took it all in stride though and made no attempt at mutiny or to threaten the Captain's safety. We did enjoy a pleasant day on the water.

8-5-16 We took yesterday off but were back on the ocean today. The seas were pretty lumpy most of the day with a cold South wind. The fishing was slow for the first half of the day and we only had a couple of fish for the morning's effort. But we were patient and it paid off with a pretty good afternoon bite. We did not quite get limits but everyone got at least one fish and a couple got their limits. The fish were mid-grade.

8-3-16 After yesterday's nice weather we were hoping that the forecast would be wrong and it would be nice again. Well, it wasn't. The trip was "Pacific Halibut or bust" so we slogged our way offshore through the fog hoping that we would find some flatfish. There was no love at the first spot we tried but found quite a bit of life at our second stop. In spite of a big swell, we were able to put two halibut in the box before we called it an early day and headed back home through the fog.

8-2-16 Our frustration with the weather and weather forecasts continued. It was supposed to be lumpy with an eight foot swell just like yesterday. It started out like it would be that way but then it just got nicer as the day wore on. We caught a salmon right away but then we had to work for them the rest of the trip. In the end though, we managed to get limits of a very nice grade of salmon.

8-1-16 With an improved weather forecast we made our way out to look for salmon. When we got offshore we found that while improved, the ocean was still not that accommodating. We had a couple of bites early that didn't stick. We looked around for a while until the weather got to a couple of folks and we decided to head into the Bay for some hot California Halibut action. We had plenty of action but none met the legal minimum size so I guess it's fish sticks for dinner tonight.

7-31-16 We did not fish today because of weather again. It looks like the Pacific Halibut quota is safe for a while and we should be able to target Halibut in September and maybe until the end of October. The offshore high pressure that has been giving us so much rough seas has also kept the warm tuna water well out of range. It could move in when (if) the wind ever quits, we'll see.

7-30-16 After taking the last couple of days off due to bad ocean conditions we were back at it. It was still too rough to fish offshore so we enjoyed the calm waters of Humboldt Bay. After catching a tank full of anchovies and sardines we made our way out to look for some California Halibut. Just like the other day we found plenty of willing biters but not too many that made the 22 inch minimum size. We had plenty of steady action though and brought over 50 fish boatside. We hope to see these fish again when they grow up so we are very careful when releasing them. Hopefully, they'll remember how gentle we were with them and come back to bite our hooks when they are bigger. The ocean still looks rough for the foreseeable future with a couple of marginally fishable days early next week.

7-27-16 The ocean was much rougher than the predictions this morning. We crossed a rough Bar on the incoming (good) tide and put lines in at yesterday's hot spot. It was a while before we had a bite but we picked up a very nice salmon. We had a few scratched baits and a missed take down in the next hour. Much slower fishing than the last few days. The ocean was so rough that we decided to go back in. Rather than just quit fishing, we caught a bunch of live bait and put down some California Halibut gear. We had tons of action with the halibut but they were almost all too short to keep and we only came home with a couple of keepers. We are going to take the next couple of days off to let the weather settle down.

7-26-16 The salmon fishing was phenomenal again this morning. We had limits in about an hour and a half of fishing. There was a pretty good lump on the ocean but that didn't deter the fish from attacking our baits. At some point this great bite will end but we are sure going to enjoy it while it lasts.

7-25-16 What a difference a day can make! The salmon were biting from the minute we got to the grounds and it was wide open until we had our limits including fish for the Captain. It was a lot of fun to be catching fish like that. We were headed back to the dock by 8am. What a morning!

7-24-16 When we got to the harbor entrance and we saw the big swells rolling in we made the decision to wait for things to settle down with the tide change. We killed some time catching bait and fishing for Bay halibut. We caught some halibut but none met the minimum size and so were carefully released. When the tide turned we ran out to the salmon grounds. Apparently we got there just at the end of the morning bite and we only landed one fish. We trolled for a long time with no action and then we picked up a couple more fish just before it was time to go in.

7-23-16 SALMON LIMITS AGAIN! It took most of the day and we kept a couple of smallish fish but we managed to get everyone on board their fish. We had some nice fish come unbuttoned early but we also boated some good ones. The ocean was a little choppy but was fishable all day.

7-22-16 We had the same small group again today so after yesterday's long day we decided to stay close to home and concentrate on salmon. The bite was not red hot but was good enough to get limits for everyone. We lost a few nice fish as well.

7-21-16 We had a small group today that had the whole boat chartered so we took the opportunity to "stretch our legs" a little and scout some new territory. We picked up some salmon first thing and then ran to the Lost Coast area looking for more salmon sign. We tried at one of last years hot spots but the conditions were not good for trolling. Too much "whale snot" that was gumming everything up. We made the switch to rock fish and got our rock fish plus limits of ling cod for everyone including the skipper. Some of the ling cod were in the 20# range, very nice. We trolled for a bit while cleaning the fish but had no luck. Back to the dock a little late but it was so nice out there it was hard to leave.

7-20-16 The red hot, close in fishing has tapered off already. There are a lot of factors involved like fishing pressure, water temperature,tides, full moon etc. We may go looking for some better conditions tomorrow. We still did OK today with 8 fish for 6 anglers with the largest fish just over 20#.

7-19-16 We did not experience the frantic pace of yesterday morning. There were some lulls in the action but overall it was still pretty good fishing. There were a lot of boats fishing a fairly small area and the pressure may have had something to do with the slower bite. We still had our limits before noon and the ocean was nice and calm so it was a pretty good time. Most of the salmon are a nice grade and very lively so getting them to the boat can be a challenge.

7-18-16 After a couple of days of being in the right place at the wrong time we were in the right place at the RIGHT time this morning. As soon as we got the first line in the water it was FISH ON! And the hits just kept coming until at about 8am we put our last fish in the boat for limits for everyone including the Captain. We were back in so soon that Sherry barely got a batch of cookies done. All but two of the fish were in the mid to high teens and were nice and fat.

7-17-16 We spent a good portion of the day staying away from the fleet and looking for fish. In the end though, we ended up where most of the salmon were caught today. For some reason the Silver salmon really like us right now. We released more than our share of them. We did manage to bag some nice King salmon too.

7-16-16 We got back out today for the July salmon opener. The ocean was pretty cranky but we made it out to the Sea Buoy to fish. There seems to be plenty of fish around. We had some Silvers and a couple of shakers plus a fair number of short biters that didn't stick. We got a double hookup of nice fish but got the lines tangled and let's just say it went downhill from there. We got one of the fish in but the bigger one was lost at the net. We made our way back in the Bay before the tide change and trolled for a while there. We were glad we did since we put a real fatty in the boat all of the way inside the Bay. Looks like the weather comes down tomorrow and then looks good for the rest of the week.

7-13-16 It was a battle against a new adversary on the Halibut grounds today. In spite of getting torn up by Hake we managed to put three Halibut in the boat. The baits were under constant attack by the voracious Hake and certain other bottom critters. As soon as the lines hit the bottom the rods would start bouncing with more Hake attacks. The crew are regulars and had a great attitude in spite of being the victims of "Hake crimes". It looks like rough seas so we are going to take a couple of days off and get ready for the salmon opener on Saturday.

7-12-16 Another nice day on the rockfish grounds. The fish bit pretty well and we had limits of rockfish and Ling Cod.

7-11-16 We headed south to the Lost Coast this morning to try to make life miserable for some rockfish and Ling Cod. The ocean was a little bumpy but very fishable. After a slow start the fish began to come over the rail. We made one very long drift, about a mile and a half long and caught fish almost continuously. Before noon we had limits of rockfish and Ling Cod.

7-10-16 We ran North to look for some Halibut today. We had some reliable intel that there were some fish there. We fished all day in one area and managed two nice size Halibut. Dee started it off with a nice 30# fish and a while later Lonnie put a fat 40# fish in the boat. There was a pretty good swell running and that may have contributed to the slowish bite.

7-9-16 We were reminded today of what a special place the Lost Coast and Cape Mendocino can be. The fishing was great all morning long with plenty of big Coppers and Vermilion coming over the rail. The Ling Cod were biting too and we had easy limits of Lings up to 38#. The ocean was greasy calm and after the morning fog and drizzle disappeared we had a beautiful view of the coastline.

7-8-16 LIMITS! The rockfish and Ling Cod were really biting today. The ocean was flat calm and we had no problem getting limits of everything. There was plenty of variety with some monster size Vermilions and Coppers. It was a little drizzly but that did not dampen our spirits.

7-7-16 The day started off bad when two of our gang for today texted at 6am that they weren't coming. The plan was to fish Halibut but be in a position that if we did not get any early action that we could make a quick run for rockfish. The Halibut fishing was pretty much dead all morning so we switched to plan "B" and zipped on down to the rockfish grounds. We made the most of our limited time on the grounds and got everyone limits of rockfish with good variety and some nice Ling Cod as well. It sounded like the Halibut bite picked up a little in the afternoon. We did get an excellent whale show while they were feeding on krill just a couple hundred yards from the boat. At the same time there were acres of sardines chasing krill on the surface. The ocean was flat calm all day.

7-6-16 We finally got back out on the water today.We were looking for Halibut and pretty much just had to stick a pin in the map and hope that there would be some fish there. We moved around a bit and hooked one on our second spot and it was ripping line but then came unbuttoned on the way up. Oh well, that's fishing. After no more luck there we moved to another spot and caught a small Halibut. A little while later we landed another small one. Other than some other odd biters that was our score for the day. At least we gained some knowledge for tomorrow.

7-2-16 We are still landlocked while we wait for the weather to get better. All of this wind is good for the salmon and the food chain overall but it is preventing the warm tuna water from making its way closer to us. Right now the warm water is about 100 miles offshore.

6-28-16 We had a small gang on the boat since we were unsure of the weather. The weather turned out OK and the fish cooperated again with salmon limits by noon. We will be off of the water for the next couple of days due to weather so our salmon fishing for June is done until July 16th when it opens again. Until then we will be fishing for halibut or rock fish.

6-27-16 The salmon fishing was excellent today! The ocean was much kinder than forecast with only a 4 foot swell and no wind. It took us a little while to find the fish but eventually we found a nice edge with birds and bait. The edge was drifting East at a pretty good clip which made it difficult to stay on the fish. We missed some good bites and lost a couple of hooked fish but then we got our act together and began putting some nice King Salmon in the box. By noon we had everyone's limit and were heading back to the dock for some of Sherry's fresh cookies.

6-26-16 We left the dock at 10 am because we wanted to wait for the tide change before crossing the Bar again this morning. We started fishing where some fish had been caught earlier in the day. We landed one fish right away and then had some Silvers, a shaker King and some short bites before a short lull in the action. But then the fish started biting and we had limits of nice size salmon in short order. We were headed back to the dock before 4pm.

6-25-16 We waited until the tide change to cross the Bar this morning. There was not any wind but it was very foggy for a while. The sun came out in the afternoon and it was quite pleasant. The fish were hard to come by and it was a grind all day. We managed a fish per rod which was fairly respectable considering the conditions.

6-24-16 The salmon bit pretty good for us today. We finished just a couple of fish short of limits. The wind came up fairly early and was really blowing by the end of the day.

6-23-16 We took yesterday off but were back at it today. The ocean was flat and the sun was shining. The fish continue to be spread out over a large area with no real "hot spots". We managed to hook some, lose some and land some. There were a few nonkeepers in the mix as well.

6-21-16 I had a great group of experienced anglers on the boat today. The ocean was nice so we spent a good bit of time searching around. Eventually, we ended up with the fleet fighting grass, crab pots and short biting fish. We had a fair number of hits and even had a few fish close to the boat that we couldn't get the net under before they spit the hook. The guys were patient and worked hard but we only scored a couple of fish.

6-20-16 The salmon fishing has been nothing if not consistent. There seems
to be fish everywhere but no real concentrations. We worked all day to put six fish in the box for five anglers. The grade was mixed. There is a little wind coming so that might change things up out there. There were some tuna boats in the Bay this morning catching anchovies for bait. We have our fingers crossed that this will be a better tuna year than we have had for the last couple of years.

6-19-16 The ocean conditions were a little nicer than expected so we were able to run down to where we caught some nice salmon yesterday. After a little bit without much action we zipped over to the rockfish grounds and spent about 15 minutes getting limits of Black Rockfish (they were really biting). Then we started salmon fishing again and found a spot of biting fish. They were a good grade but they were so fiesty that we lost quite a few. In spite of losing some fish we still managed to get everyone some salmon to take home. The wind never did really come up so we had an easy trip back.

6-18-16 We took advantage of a greasy flat ocean to head all of the way down to the Mendocino Canyon area to look for salmon. There is a nice spot of cold water and we wanted to check it out even though it is a 30 mile run ( think tuna distance).The water was clear blue and there were some salmon there but it was not what we were hoping for so we slid into the beach for some wide-open ling cod and rock cod action. As we were heading home we put out some salmon rods while the fish were filleted. We had 6 good bites and landed three real nice salmon. It was a great day again!

6-17-16 The ocean was beautiful again today. We fished inside the Bay this morning, mooching for salmon. We had a few biters that didn't stick. We also had two short Ling Cod that we released but the real surprise was when we landed a 30 # Ling Cod on light salmon tackle in the Bay. After a slow period we switched to troll gear and put a nice 17# King on the boat. Then it slowed down again and we headed to a different spot. We put another nice salmon in the net and released a couple of shorts and missed a few biters before it was time to go home.

6-16-16 We were late leaving the dock this morning after waiting for a couple of people. There was a little bite first thing and then things kind of died off. We decided to go searching but did not find much to get excited about. We had some small fish and then we ended up so close to the rockfish grounds that we made a quick stop there for limits of Black rockfish. We trolled a little on our way back and missed one good bite but that was it for us.

6-15-16 We were ready for hot action after yesterday's halibut fishing but we were disappointed. There were some fish around but we never got properly located and stayed too long in an area without much fish. The ocean was fairly rolly with a 7 foot swell all day. As usual the folks on the boat were very gracious and did not physically threaten the Captain. It looks like better conditions for the next few days as we switch back to salmon fishing.

6-14-16 The ocean was beautiful this morning as we went on the search for Pacific Halibut. We had been hearing some rumblings about a good bite up North so we ran up the hill to see what was going on. We dropped in our lines and a short while later we saw a small baitfish jump clear out of the water as it was chased by a King Salmon. That bodes well for the salmon opener on Thursday.After just a little bit we got a halibut on the line and after a brief battle we put it in the box. Then it was a steady bite until we only needed one more fish for limits. As luck would have it we got a double hookup. We got the first fish in the box and then concentrated on the ongoing battle on the other side of the boat. We finally got it boatside and............ It was a giant skate. We carefully released the skate and headed back for the dock. Halibut limits before noon.

6-13-16 We had a brief outage on the website but we are back up and running. It looks like the weather is going to come down this week so we are back on the water starting Tuesday to try for some Halibut and then salmon again on Thursday. They are getting some albacore up North already so we'll be keeping an eye on that. There is plenty of bait in the Bay so we should get into some live bait action when (if) the tuna show this year.

6-11-16 It looks like the weather is going to keep us off of the water for a couple of days.

6-10-16 It was another great day on the Lost Coast rockfish grounds. We had plenty of action on quality fish. We were using the light tackle most of the time and it may have cost us a halibut that pulled the hook after a brief battle. We were able to put in some real nice Ling Cod though as well as some decent Cabazone. In my 28 years of fishing that zone I had never caught a Tiger rockfish and we landed our second one in two days.

6-9-16 WOW! The rock fish and Ling Cod just keep on biting. It might have been just a little slower today than yesterday but it was still pretty darn good with everyone going home with near limits of Lings and rockfish. To top it off we (Jon) caught the first Tiger rock fish that I have seen at the Cape in 20 years . There was plenty of variety with over a dozen different species landed.

6-8-16 We ran back to the Lost Coast for rock fish today. The wind was supposed to be 20 knots out of the South which is not usually good news for fishing around here. The wind blew a little when we first arrived but then calmed down and the fish were biting. We easily caught limits of Ling Cod for all six anglers (18 lings) and had to release some just to get our rock fish limits. We had another great variety with 11 different species landed. What a great day!

6-4-16 It looks like the weather is going to give us a couple of days off. The halibut bite has been fairly slow for the last couple of days and with salmon fishing closed until June 16th, rockfish is all that is left for us. The rockfish and ling cod fishing has been fantastic so far this year but the wind on the grounds is supposed to blow for a while.

6-3-16 The weather on the rockfish grounds was OK in the early morning but then the wind came up. It did not prevent us from doing what we set out to do and we had rock fish limits and ling cod limits for everyone on board including a couple lings for the Captain. It was a rough and foggy ride home.

6-2-16 We were after halibut again today. It was breezy most of the time but there wasn't much swell. The fishing started off pretty slow until we bagged a small halibut and then a short while later picked up a nice one that hit 57# on the scale. Then we hooked a few skates and the day was over.

6-1-16 After fishing for halibut for a couple of hours in windy conditions we made the move for rockfish. The fish were biting well and everyone got plenty of great action on ling cod, vermilion and lots of other nice rockfish.

5-31-16 After struggling to find the fish yesterday we made a big move today and found some fish. It wasn't the wide open fishing that we had a week ago but we still got limits for everyone on board. Tomorrow we go back to halibut and rockfish since salmon is closed and won't reopen until June 16th.

5-30-16 The salmon fishing was pretty hit and miss today. We ended with only a few fish but the largest, a nice 23#er helped the score. The fish moved around a lot and it seemed like we were just a step behind all day. The ocean had a lump on it but not much wind so it wasn't too bad out there.

5-29-16 The ocean was a little sloppy off and on today but it was plenty good for us to go fishing. The salmon bite started out slow and we spent a lot of time looking around for some fish. The wind came up in the afternoon and the fish finally started to bite. We ended up two fish short of limits. We had a number of fish bite that we couldn't get to the net so it ended up being an OK kind of day.

5-28-16 We met at the boat this morning but decided not to go with a buoy report of 9 foot seas.

5-27-16 We are off of the water for a few days due to weather. We are hoping to be fishing again soon.

5-25-16 The hot salmon bite just keeps rolling along. There is a lot of crab gear to try and avoid but the great fishing makes it worthwhile. We missed a few today but still had boat limits before 10am.

5-24-16 The salmon fishing is still RED HOT!! with early limits again today. It was a great group that really got along well and figured out how to get these fiesty fish in the boat.

5-23-16 The salmon fishing started off a little slower this morning. We had one fish after an hour or so and then picked up another single. We spotted some birds about a half mile away and when we trolled near them we went over a HUGE school of anchovies. Just after we passed over the bait we had a hookup, then another and another. Triple hookup! We landed those fish and worked that spot until we had limits for all aboard. We took a few photos, noted that it wasn't even 10 am and headed for the dock. Flat ocean and fantastic King Salmon fishing. It doesn't get any better than that!

5-22-16 WIDE OPEN SALMON!! The salmon really lit it up this morning. No surprise, Lonnie started it off with a fish right off before we even could get all of the lines in. From then on it was steady action on a real nice grade of fish up to 20#. We had limits of fish by 10 am. The Captain even got a limit. So far, this is some of the best salmon fishing that we have seen in a couple of years. We have room this week so if you want to take advantage of the great fishing be sure to give Sherry a call at 707-499-4925.

5-21-16 Today started out a lot like yesterday with a salmon bite every now and then but not fast fishing. But we stayed at it and bagged a fish every hour or so until it was time to go in and we only needed one more fish for limits. We started back in and stopped on a spot of fish and put a fish in the boat almost immediately for limits and then another one bit so we even had a fish for the Captain. So perseverance paid off today.

5-20-16 We headed out on a bumpy ocean with high expectations after Monday's great fishing. It did not take long for us to realize that things had changed from Monday. Where we saw lots of whales and acres of krill on the meter there were only small patches of bait and a couple of whales. We had a fair number of opportunities but most of our bites did not turn into fish in the box. We did end up with a couple of medium grade fish for our efforts. Instead of being full of krill, these fish both had bait fish in their stomachs. Hopefully, we will figure out this new pattern quickly.

5-19-16 We have been off of the water for a couple of days because of the weather forecast. Until today though, the weather was better than what was forecast. It is really hard to get a handle on the winds this time of year. A lot of times we can get out in the morning and if the fish are biting early we can make a pretty good day of it. Needless to say, everyone is anxious to get out there after our success on the salmon opener.

5-16-16 Today is the opening day of salmon season. While we always have high hopes for a season opener we try to temper our expectations so we are not disappointed if the fish aren't there. The weather forecast told us that we would not have much time (if any) on the water so we were just hoping to get some lines in the water. It was a little rough when we got out but we were able to make it to where we have been seeing some signs of krill and whale activity. We dropped our lines in and in about 20 minutes Jo put the first salmon out of Eureka on the boat. Shortly after that we got two fish out of a triple hookup. By 10 am we had limits for all on board including the Captain. It looks like the weather will keep us off of the water for a few days but we can't wait to get back after more salmon.

5-15-15 What a great day on the water today. The ocean was nice all morning. It was the opening day of rock fish season and we were unsure how they were going to bite. It turned out that they must have really missed us because they bit with wild abandon. We had quick limits of Ling Cod and rock fish. We had a great variety with 12 different types of rock fish of every color of the rainbow.

5-14-16 It was an absolutely beautiful day on the ocean. There was a little rain in the morning and then it cleared up with no wind all day. We saw more whales and lots of bait on the meter. We had lots of action but mostly on fish that we couldn't (or wouldn't) keep. We did at least get a Halibut today. Lots are being caught so I think that there are plenty of fish out there. Halibut ends tomorrow and rock fish season begins, with salmon starting on Monday. We are going to head to the Lost Coast for rock fish and see if they missed us.

5-13-16 Just when things were starting to look up we laid an egg. The ocean was flat calm all day and there was very little drift. There were some fish caught here and there but not in any great numbers. We had a few junk fish and saw some good sign but we managed to miss the fish all day. Maybe it was just Friday the 13th. The gang was great and spirits remained high in spite of the poor fishing. Very excited to get back out tomorrow and try some new territory.

5-12-16 Things went a little better today offshore. The wind blew most of the morning but calmed down later. We managed two halibut for four anglers and missed a couple of other good bites. Saw some whales. Lots of krill showing on the fishfinder which could be good for salmon.

5-11-16 We were hoping for better fishing conditions than yesterday but the South wind came up first thing and blew all day. The drift was OK but the wind was cold and made the ride bouncy. We had some small fish but no Halibut made it in the box. Looking forward to a little nicer conditions tomorrow.

5-10-16 The ocean stayed pretty bumpy all day today. We had to wait for the tide to change to cross the Bar so that really cut into our fishing time. We all did our best but only managed one Halibut. It was a nice one though and Larry (the lucky angler) shared with everyone else on the boat. Nice work Larry. There are good signs for salmon offshore with bait, whales and good water color and temp. Hopefully, we will get right on them when the season opens next week. In the meantime we will keep after the Halibut.

5-7-16 We picked up our remaining crab gear today. Commercial crab season opens here on Monday and we don't want to have our gear out then. It looks like the weather is going to settle down next week although the tides are not too good for us early in the week.

5-6-16 No fishing again today. It looks like the weather will be up for the next few days but then it settles down the middle of next week and it starts to look real good. Naturally, we are anxious to get back out for some more halibut after having such good fishing on Tuesday.

5-4-16 We snuck out on a crummy ocean to grab a couple of our crab pots. Two pots for 50+ crab. We will try to retrieve the rest of the crab gear before commercial season begins on Monday. Then we will be "all in " on fishing for the rest of the season.

5-3-16 WIDE OPEN HALIBUT BITE!! The ocean was pretty nice all morning (not like yesterday) and the Halibut were biting. We had five fish for limits by 10 am. We tried to get a boat fish for the skipper and had two big fish on but both came unhooked halfway to the boat. One of them hit so hard it nearly ripped the rod from the boat and only quick reflexes on the part of the angler saved the rod and rod holder.

5-2-16 We ran offshore in very nice conditions this morning. We dropped in our gear and gave the first spot a good try but did not even get a nibble. Undeterred, we made a five mile run to an area that has been a good early season area in the past. Everyone dropped in their halibut rigs and waited for a bite. We caught and released a Petrale and then caught a nice halibut. We had another halibut on for a while but it came unhooked on the way up. Then the wind started to really blow. I mean hold onto your hat kind of blow. Just as we were beginning to make plans to head for home another halibut grabbed on and this one stuck. It was a pretty good battle considering the conditions had really deteriorated by then. We landed the fish and made a dash for home. Since we already had some crab gear out we decided to pull a couple of pots so everyone went home with a limit of crab. It was wild and wooly but we were very satisfied with the results of our first trip of the season.

5-1-16 The weather ended up being much nicer than expected. We got out to check our crab pots and they had plenty of crab. We are going to try for halibut tomorrow and Tuesday. It looks like the wind kicks up again after that. That is how spring fishing goes.

4-26-16 We finally got out and set our crab pots. That was the good news. The bad news is that the current was so strong that we were not able to pull a single pot. No one has set a crab pot out there since last July so I have a feeling that the pots will be full when we are able to pull them.

4-23-16 The swell was too big for us to get out and set crab pots today. We are going to try again tomorrow. Call Sherry if you want to go and we will do our best to get you out for some fresh crab.


4-15-16 We thought that crab was about ready to open but a bad test for Trinidad has set the clock back again. So I guess that we are still waiting. The salmon season has been officially set. Salmon season will open May 16th to May 31st, June 16th to June 30th, July 16th to August 16th and September 1st to September 5th.

4-10-16 Still no word on crab.The boat is ready to go when it happens.

4-7-16 The latest crab test results were just released and all crabs tested within safe levels. Other areas have opened fairly quickly after a clean test and there is quite a bit of pressure from the local commercial fleet to open crab season here. So it could be a GO for us at any time now. We should get one week before the commercial season would start so I expect to have good crabbing when it starts for us. I will post here as soon as there is an official announcement.

4-2-16 I hope that everyone had a good First day of April yesterday and didn't get "fooled". The California Dept of Public Health just released the latest crab test results and Trinidad still had one crab test above the safe limit. The crab season looks like it is very close to opening.

4-1-16 As most people know, we try to go the extra mile for our clients. The health and safety of the people that put their trust in us is always forefront in our minds. So this year instead of fresh, tasty cookies we will be providing Kale Smoothies as a healthy alternative. Just think how much better you will feel after choking down a vitamin filled vegetable smoothie instead of a sweet, delicious Macadamia Nut and white chocolate chip cookie.

3-14-16 We have some good news on the salmon season options for this year. All of the options have an early May start and would close on June 1st and open June 16, close on June 30th and open July 15th with a possibility of a little time around the 1st part of August and open Labor Day weekend. It will be a 2 fish per person limit with a 20 inch minimum length.The final determination of the salmon season will be made in April.The halibut season will be the same as last year and be open the 1st two weeks of May, June, and July with possibly some time in August depending on when the quota is reached. We hit the quota about August 12 last year and I would expect us to reach it even earlier this year. Rockfish will open May 15 and run until the end of October. Crab is still closed at this time. Our schedule, especially on weekends is starting to fill up. If you need to change dates so that you can fish on open salmon dates be sure to call Sherry and she will do her best to accommodate your requests.

3-12-16 We had a great show in Anderson despite the rain. Saw lots of old friends and met some new ones. The crab situation is basically unchanged with Trinidad and Ft Bragg both testing above the safe limit. A little information on salmon is starting to dribble in. Our representatives at the PFMC are currently in the midst of negotiations. Right now a possible season structure would have us open for Memorial weekend and the second half of June and July and maybe again for Labor day. This is very preliminary right now and the end regulations could look very different. By Sunday evening(3-13) we should know what the three possible options will be.

3-2-16 The Reel Steel crew is preparing for the Annual NorCal sports show in Anderson at the Shasta County Fairgrounds this weekend (March 4th to 6th). We hope to see you there. Today is the informational meeting on salmon so we should have some info regarding the potential season for salmon fishing. The actual season structure options will not be available for another week or two but we should at least have an idea of what will be available for us to catch. There are still crab that are testing above the limit for Domoic Acid so no good news there.

2-19-16 Still bad news on the crab. Trinidad, Ft Brag, and Bodega Bay all tested high for Domoic Acid so we are still a way off from opening. All of those locations will need to test clean for two weeks before we are open. On a brighter note, I have almost completed my tackle prep for the upcoming season so we are going to hit the ground running when May rolls around!

2-10-16 The latest crab tests show Eureka, Trinidad and Crescent City all looking good but Fort Brag is still testing high so while things are improving we are not there yet.

1-30-16 Sherry and I just returned from Juneau, Alaska where we joined several other representatives from California at the annual meeting of the International Pacific Halibut Commission. At the end of five days of meetings it was good news and California will get an increase in allocation this year. It is still below the level that we need for a full season but it will definitely help. As far as crab season goes there is no good news to report as the Domoic Acid levels are still too high. At this point we can only wait and see.

1-18-15 I keep hoping to have some good news regarding crab but just when it starts to look like things are improving another bad test result pops up. It would be nice to get out for some fresh Dungeness Crab but it looks like we will continue to wait. Only rumors and speculation on the salmon season. We will know more in March when the official numbers are released. Sherry and I will be in Sacramento at the ISE Show on Thursday only. We hope to see some of you there.

1-5-16 Happy New Year to everyone. Still no word on our crab season. I will post here as soon as there is some sort of development. It looks like Pacific Halibut season will be similar to last year so if you want to try for halibut you probably need to book for the first two weeks of May, June or July. Last year ended early in August. Rockfish season will be the same as last year with a May 15 start date and it should run until the end of October. We will not find out about the salmon season structure until April. The good news is that the Sacramento returns were better than average but there has not been any official word about Klamath returns. We are getting plenty of rain and are about 25% above normal right now. Maybe our salmon and tuna will get back to normal this season.

12-24-15 Merry Christmas everyone!! No crab for Christmas this year but maybe sometime after the New Year. Oregon sport crabbing opened up earlier this week and their commercial should open up around the first week of January.

12-12-15 We have had ocean swells up to 35 feet the last few days so no action on the crab front. Just a reminder that we have gift certificates, t-shirts,hats and sweatshirts available. Any of which can make a nice Christmas present.

12-9-15 We are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the latest crab news. The most recent testing continues to show much improvement. That's the good news, the bad news is that Eureka and Trinidad did not have any testing done this last go'round because the ocean was too rough for boats to get out. I have a feeling that we are getting pretty close. Tomorrows swell forecast is for swells over 20 feet high so we would not be doing anything anyway.

11-28-15 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The latest crab test results showed some improvement for the Eureka area but there is still no indication of when crabbing will begin. The good news is that the State will not open it up until they are absolutely sure that the crab are safe to eat. I will post here when we have more information.

11-11-15 Still no word on the crab season. Hopefully it will start soon.

11-5-15 Today the Ca Fish and Game Commission voted to delay opening crab season for 180 days due to Domoic acid contamination of crab. It will PROBABLY open much sooner. There will be ongoing testing by the Dept of Public Health and crabbing will open when they determine that they are safe for consumption. Sorry for the bad news.

11-3-15 We just received notice that the State Dept of Health has issued an advisory regarding high Domoic Acid levels in crabs in California waters. We will postpone our crab trips until it has been determined that the crab are safe to eat. We have been watching this for a few days and we were hoping that things would be better since the previous testing was done in September. At this time we do not know when the crab will be OK to eat. If you have a trip scheduled we will be in touch with you in the next couple of days.

10-31-15 We managed to sneak out ahead of the storm to try for some rockfish. I don't know if Halloween is a fish holiday but they seemed to be taking the day off. We only got in a few hours before the wind started to blow. We managed to get limits of Black rockfish and some nice Vermilion and Coppers but only landed a couple of Ling Cod. I think we were all happy that we were able to close out the fishing season on the water.

10-24-15 It has been a while since we tried to get on the water. We had a trip planned for today since the weather forecast looked good. When we got up this morning the buoy report showed more wind and seas than were predicted so we cancelled at the dock. It looks like crummy weather and bad tides for a while. We are taking reservations for crab season that starts November 7th.

10-16-15 The rock fish bite started off steady and then got better as the morning progressed. There was not much drift and we would pick up a few fish and then it was time to move and look for another spot. Most of the morning went that way and after a bit we had ling cod limits and some nice copper rock fish and an assortment of odds and ends. We still needed some black rock fish so we ran inside and after some looking around landed on a good spot of biters where we got our black rock fish limits and some great big vermilion. As we started for home the Coast Guard stopped by for an "at sea" safety inspection. It took a while but no one really minded since we are happy to have those guys on the job. The ocean was flat all day.

10-15-15 Made it through the fog back out to the rockfish grounds. The ocean was pretty nice but the fish did not bite as well as they did last week. So in the end the fishing was only excellent and not quite amazing. We had two lings per person and near limits of rockfish including some beautiful vermilion. One of the lings was nearly 40 inches and was caught by a first time rock fish angler. I don't think that she knew a fish could pull that hard but with some verbal support from the rest of us she was able to bring it to the boat.

10-9-15 There is a big swell coming so we will be off of the water for a few days. Right now the long range forecast looks good for the middle of next week. The rock fish and ling cod fishing has been as good as it can get so if you want to get in one last ocean trip before the season closes at the end of this month then give Sherry a call.

10-8-15 It was another amazing day on the ocean. The conditions could not have been nicer with calm seas and clear skies(mostly). The fishing was excellent as well with limits of ling cod and black rock fish and plenty of big coppers, vermillion and cabazone. It was also nice to have such a great group of fishermen that have become good friends.

10-7-15 It was another great day on a greasy calm ocean. The gang put 18 lings on the boat by 10:30. That's some good fishing. We also had limits of blacks and some big Coppers. It was a good day to be holding a fishing pole.

10-6-15 The ocean is flat and the fish are biting! It was easy limits of ling cod and rock cod today. We had some very nice folks on the boat for their first ocean fishing trip ( they do a lot of river fishing though) and they had a good time catching fish.

10-4-15 We have been off of the water while the ocean gets the rough stuff out of its' system. It looks like things start to come down on Monday and then it looks real nice for a while. Sherry is putting some trips together this week to take advantage of the nice weather. If you haven't put any rock fish and ling cod in your freezer there may not be a better time than this week to do it(assuming the weather forecasts are correct).

10-1-15 The rockfish bit a little better today and we were able to get ling limits for everyone and rockfish limits for all that fished. The ocean was very nice and it was a nice group of folks on the boat. There was plenty of variety with 10 different species brought to the boat. A couple of which were released unharmed with a descending device.

9-30-15 The ocean was MUCH nicer today with very little swell or wind. The fishing was steady if not spectacular. Everyone finished with a couple of ling cod and near limits of rock fish.

9-29-15 Finally back on the water. After waiting a few days to let the seas calm down we headed out this morning with a great weather forecast and high hopes for good fishing. The fishing was very good but once again a surprise Southerly popped up and we spent the morning just trying to keep our hats from blowing off of our heads. The forecasters are apparently having a tough time getting this particular weather nailed down. At least we were able to get some fish on the boat. I had to chew out a guy today after he dropped my fishing rod into the water. "That guy" was me and this is the second time I dropped that rod. The first time I was lucky and got it back before it sunk out of sight. This time I wasn't so lucky. Sherry's right. I'm a slow learner.

9-25-15 Well the "Cape" was its usual self today. The ocean was flat calm everywhere else but a steady breeze kept the boat rockin' while we were fishing. The rock fish bite slowed just a little and we finished up one ling
shy of getting ling cod limits for everyone. We had plenty of rock fish with some real nice coppers. It looks like crummy weather out there for the next couple of days and then it is supposed to settle down again.

9-24-15 We were back on the rock fish again today and the fish were biting. We had our rock fish limits in pretty short order. We started the morning with a beautiful sunrise and ended with a smooth and pleasant ride back in.

9-23-15 It was a beautiful day out on the tuna grounds with flat calm seas and pleasant temperatures. It was a nature day with loads of porpoise, whales, birds, bait, sea lions, mola and even a shark. The only thing missing was tuna. We did not see or hear of a single fish. We had wonderful bait but nothing to use it on.

9-19-15 It was windy and bouncy down at the rock fish grounds. The fish continue to bite well and we had easy ling cod limits again with lots of colorful rock fish. It looks like marginal weather again for a few days.

9-18-15 Just to show how much things can change overnight the ocean flip flopped and was nice for the ride down and back but was windy and cold on the fishing grounds. It was good news though as the rock fish and ling cod continue to bite like crazy. It was quick and easy limits including lings, coppers, quillbacks, blacks, blues and vermilion. Everyone went home with two big bags of tasty rock fish fillets. Sounds like fish for dinner! On a side note, the tuna water is looking great and we still have live bait available to us. We are just waiting for some good weather.

9-17-15 We were back at it again today and while the trip to the rock fish grounds was kind of bumpy it was beautiful once we arrived. The fishing was very good again, especially for ling cod. We had easy ling limits with some pretty nice ones in the mix. We also had some nice vermilion and coppers.

9-14-15 The weather has come up again so we are taking a few days off. It looks to come down later this week.

9-12-15 There was still a little bump on the ocean but we made it down to the rockfish grounds and worked our way around, trying lots of different spots. Most of the spots produced some fish although we never really hit a wide open bite. The lings were still biting good and we had ling limits for six plus black rockfish limits and a nice variety of quillbacks, coppers, blues, yellowtail and more. All in all it was a good day to catch some tasty fish in spite of the weather.

9-11-15 There was no wind today but the swell was still up. It was still foggy but the fog was a little higher than yesterday so we could at least see a few hundred yards. We started out where we fished yesterday and we were catching but not at the rate we wanted. So we went on the hunt. Eventually we found an area with lots of hungry ling cod and began to fill the fish sacks. When all was said and done we had plenty of nice rockfish of all kinds and limits of lings for everyone including the captain.

9-10-15 Today we battled the fog and bumpy ocean conditions to get to the rock fish grounds. It started out windy but the wind eventually subsided and the gang went to work reeling in big black rock fish along with quillbacks, blues, yellowtail and a cab. They threw in 5 nice ling cod as well. It looks like the weather gradually improves for the next couple of days.

9-6-15 We have been off of the water due to the weather since last week's tuna try. It looks like the weather MAY improve towards the end of this week. We will be watching closely. Salmon season will be over by the time we get back out so we will concentrate on rock fish and tuna. It has been one of the best years for ling cod in a while. We have not seen much for tuna but the sea temps look promising so we will continue to try as long as we have folks that are willing. I would expect that there will be some exotics like yellowtail and dorado given the conditions. We won't know until we go, however. Sherry is working on lining up the schedule so if you want to fish for rock fish or tuna and you have a flexible schedule be sure to let her know. You can email at or text or call at 707-499-4925.

9-2-15 We made a quick run out to check the warm water for tuna. The water looked perfect. Purple with good temps and birds. We did not get any hits though and did not see any tuna.

9-1-15 We did not fish today or yesterday. The salmon bite was way down south again and the weather there is not too good. On a brighter note, there has been some warm water that has moved close in the last couple of days. It has the look of tuna water but who knows if there are any fish in it. We still have live bait available if the tuna do show up. If the wind is down tomorrow morning we may make a quick run out there to see what it looks like.

8-30-15 We took advantage of a brief weather window to go looking for some tuna. There have been reports of boats out of Shelter Cove seeing jumpers but not being able to get them to bite. We were encouraged by the fact that we had a tankful of beautiful live anchovies for bait. It took us most of the day to find the purple warm water that tuna like. In spite of that we never had a bite or even saw a tuna. It is quite possible that the full moon has them feeding at night. The highlight of the day was when we slowly cruised right by an enormous Great White Shark that was swimming right on the surface in crystal clear water. Everyone on the boat got a good look at it.

8-28-15 We had a brisk North wind that turned into a brisk South wind today. The salmon bite has really tapered off down South where we have been fishing. We managed to land three salmon,a large, medium and small. We also had some rock fish and a ling cod. We are cancelling tomorrow's trip due to a weather front that is supposed to pass through in the morning. We may try for tuna on Sunday if the forecast holds. We now have live bait available which should increase our chances of a score. They have been seeing tuna offshore but the fish are reluctant to bite.

8-27-15 We had a small crew today so we elected to try a new area for salmon. It turned out to be a good decision since our other option(where we have been fishing) did not produce too well today. There was plenty of sign with lots of bird activity and bait showing but not lots of fish. We managed to land two beauties and missed several drive-bys that did not stick. The highlight of the day though was when we hooked a huge Thresher shark. We fought the beast for about half an hour before the line finally parted. We got a great look at it when it jumped clear out of the water about 75 feet behind the boat. It was bright silver, grey and purple and was about 12 feet long. It was a thrill while it lasted.

8-26-15 We had some real nice folks on the boat today. The salmon bite was a little slow but we managed to end with just one fish short of limits for everyone. It was a mixed grade with some small fish and some larger models. We also had a bunch of rock fish as well with some lings, blacks and a nice vermilion to top off the fish box. It was Nick's birthday and he got his limit of salmon. Way to go Nick!

8-25-15 It is hard to get a handle on the fishing right now. We struggled on Sunday, almost had limits Monday and had our salmon limits pretty early today. Most of the fish were fairly small but we also had a couple of real dandies. We also had a few rock fish in the mix as well. Every day seems to be different and we were very happy with today's results.

8-24-15 The weather was much more cooperative today. The current was still ripping which makes the fishing a little tougher but it was nice to not be fighting the South wind. We had a great group that had all been fishing with us in the past and they really worked together and were very unselfish sharing the rods. We have had our best success with only two rods and rotating turns, much fewer tangles that way. The grade was mixed. We had our chances to close the deal but we had three fish come unbuttoned right at the back of the boat. We also had a few ling cod, some black rock fish and a bright red Vermilion. We have been fishing along the Lost Coast and I have to remind myself to look up and enjoy the view once in a while.

8-23-15 We had the same crummy South wind that we had yesterday. It is supposed to end tonight, thankfully. The fishing has slowed somewhat and we only had a few salmon and some rock fish today. I don't know if the salmon have moved on(it's that time of year) or if they are just off of the bite. We may have to do some exploring to see if we can find a new batch of fish. There are fish around, we just need to relocate them.

8-22-15 We were back on the water today after taking a couple of weather days off. The ocean was pretty uncomfortable all day with a strong South wind and a Northwest swell with a very strong South current. It made the fishing challenging. We had enough bites to get the job done but some of the fish refused to go home with us and came unbuttoned before we could slide the net under them. We did manage to get a salmon per rod plus an assortment of bottom fish with a couple of nice ling cod.

8-19-15 We took advantage of a brief weather window to go hunting for salmon. We found them right where we left them and they were biting. We had plenty of action on the rods but the fish were fiesty and did not want to come to the boat. So we had to work at it for a while but we ended up with salmon limits and some rock fish to boot. It was nice to be on the water again. It looks like a couple of weather days and then good weather again sometime this weekend.

8-14-15 Today was a near duplicate of yesterday with calm seas and near limits of salmon. We also had some lings and rock fish. The highlight (or lowlight depending on your perspective) was right at the end of the day when we hooked a screamer that had nearly emptied all of the line off of the reel before we could turn and chase it with the boat. The fish then swam under the boat and broke off as we were trying to work it around the other downrigger. We never even got to see it. Looks like a couple of days off while the wind blows. The tuna water is real close now and we should have live bait available by the time we are ready to head out again. There are tuna out there but not in large numbers.

8-13-15 The weather today was absolutely beautiful. Calm seas and warm and sunny. The salmon have been receiving pretty heavy pressure lately and it is beginning to show. When they come on the bite they only stay up for a little while before they go back down. You really have to make every bite count. We finished the day just short of salmon limits and the sizes were small to large. We had some incidental black rockfish as well as a few ling cod to help fill the fish box. We are full for Friday now. Thanks to all that responded.

8-12-15 We had an excellent day fishing on a flat calm ocean. Everyone on the boat got salmon, Ling Cod and rockfish. We have spots open for this Friday. Call Sherry if you want to go.

8-11-15 It's good news and bad news today. The good news is that the Halibut bite is on and we boated four fish for five anglers today. We lost one other fish near the boat when it broke a leader. We did not get a good look at the fish so it may also have been a large shark. The bad news is that Halibut season will close tomorrow since Ca F&G has estimated that we have reached the 25,000# quota. If you have a halibut trip planned and that is the only thing that you are interested in fishing for( salmon, rock fish and tuna are all still open) then call Sherry and let her know that you wish to cancel. We understand. More good news... I spoke with our live bait supplier and he may put the bait pen in so we will have live bait for TUNA. There are tuna out there so we plan on running for them when the situation allows.

8-10-15 What a difference a day can make! After grinding all day to just get close to limits yesterday we easily had our limits of salmon in a couple of hours today. The fishing was fast with rockfish in between the salmon. It helped that a couple of the gang was on the boat earlier and had the salmon catching down. A couple of fish were real jumbos and Reel Steel anglers currently have first and second place at Englunds salmon derby.

8-9-15 We had most of the regular Sunday gang on the boat today. After making the long trek to where the salmon have been biting we dropped lines in with high hopes. It wasn't too long before Lonnie put a nice one in. After that it was a very slow pick for the rest of the day. With perseverance we managed to end the day just one fish short of limits for the whole gang. We heard of a few tuna caught out on the tuna grounds but did not hear of any big scores.

8-8-15 We had a very nice family on the boat today. The ocean was still a little churned up from the last two days of wind. The salmon were biting like crazy as soon as we got there. The problem for us was that there is a little learning curve for people that have not fished salmon with barbless hooks. We landed some and lost some. A couple of the fish dressed over 20# gutted and gilled. There are some big fish around. Once again the rockfish and Ling Cod were pests but they will taste good. The weather came back down for the trip home.

8-6-15 We did not fish today and will not fish tomorrow. The weather has come up but is supposed to come back down by Saturday. The tides have been bad for crossing the "Bar" as well and they will be better starting Saturday also. I spent part of the day rigging the outriggers for tuna fishing. The warm water is fairly close now and if it holds up we should be able to get after some tuna. We know they are out there but we don't know what to expect in terms of numbers. There may be lots or possibly there are only a few around.

8-5-15 The ocean conditions were nice while we were fishing but started to build as we made our way back home. The fishing was not wide open but it was pretty steady all day. We had several nice grade salmon as well as a couple of the smaller variety. We also had many encounters with Ling Cod and rockfish. We ended the day just short of salmon limits for everyone and enough Lings and rockfish to make everyone happy. It was a good trip with some nice folks.

8-4-15 We seemed jinxed today. At first we were having a hard time just getting the salmon to bite. Then once they did we would get a tangle or break a leader or just have the fish come unbuttoned for no reason. We were patient though and eventually things turned around for us. It made for a long day but the weather was nice as was the company so it did not seem too bad. We ended up with salmon limits and nine nice Ling Cod plus some rockfish for our efforts.

8-3-15 The ocean was glass flat again today as we made our way down to where the salmon have been. With only four anglers we hoped to make quick work of the salmon. It did not quite work out that way since some of the fish were just too large and feisty to be landed. We did get our limits but it took 5 trays (60 anchovies) of bait to get the job done. ( actually we had one bait left when we landed the last fish.)

8-2-15 Armed with a three day old Sea Surface Temp chart and little other information we headed out in search of tuna. The crew was fantastic all day and maintained a positive attitude in spite of what turned out to be slow fishing with only a couple of frenzied interruptions. The first was a nice 25# albacore caught by... you guessed it, Lonnie. Later that day Dee landed an even larger tuna. After that, Todd landed a California Yellowtail. The ocean was like glass all day and the crew filled in the time between fish with plenty of stories. At the end of the day the successful anglers shared their catch with everyone else on board. (Side note, tomorrow is Sherry's birthday.)

8-1-15 August began with a little bit of everything. We had South wind, we had North wind, we had choppy seas, we had flat seas. We also had thunder, rain and sunshine. Best of all though we had four halibut for four anglers. The fishing started off slow in the morning but started to improve around 10 am and just got better. We had lots of bites and were happy that four of them stuck. The fish were small but were way better than nothing.

7-31-15 Today was the polar opposite of yesterday. Today the ocean was flat and all options were available to us. We made the long run to where the salmon had been biting and when we got there it was GAME ON! It was a steady bite all morning and we had easy limits of a nice grade of fish despite losing a couple to broken leaders and a straightened hook. Very foggy in the morning but ended up being a nice day. Starting to think about tuna. The warm water is not far away.

7-30-15 After yesterdays lackluster numbers we made the decision to go a different direction today. The weather would be better and we would be heading to where a friend had a few salmon just a couple of days ago and there shouldn't be any grass. It all sounded like a great plan. Like many plans it did not work out like we hoped. We did not land any legal salmon and ended up catching some (not lots) rockfish. The boats that ran the other way suffered through some tough weather conditions but ended up with their limits. Hopefully, I can make the right decision tomorrow. A special thanks to our gang today that maintained a great attitude despite the poor fishing.

7-29-15 Back on the water again. The ocean conditions were nothing like what we expected and definitely made the fishing more difficult. The salmon pretty much took the morning off and we only had a couple when the wind started to blow and we did a few quick drifts for rockfish. We did pretty good on them considering the time we put in.

7-27-15 No fishing today because of weather. Tomorrow is out as well. The weather starts to come down Tuesday evening and we should be back on the water after that.

7-26-15 We knew the weather forecast was not too good when we left the dock this morning. We were just hoping to get to where we have been fishing and get some fishing in before the wind came up. Not only did we get to fish, everyone got their limits of salmon plus we were only 2 fish short of Black rockfish limits as well. We did pay the price heading home as the weather had come up a bit. It was pretty bouncy. It looks like we are in for a couple more days of wind and then things begin to settle down again.

7-25-15 It was easy limits of quality salmon again today. It sure is a treat to have these fish biting like they are right now.

7-24-15 The ocean was glass flat this morning as we headed back to look for salmon. We got to the general area and dropped in a mile or so from the crowds and started trolling. It was only a few minutes before our first bite. It was steady action and we had limits in just a couple of hours. We picked up a few incidental rockfish and a Ling Cod as well. The ride back home was smooooth. A very nice day indeed.

7-23-15 The ocean was even nicer than forecast and the salmon were ravenous. It was an easy (but long) trip to where the salmon have been hiding out lately. We had our first bite within minutes of putting lines in the water. The fish were a very nice size again and full of energy. We had steady action and had our limits in less than two hours. There was not much fog and we enjoyed a warm and sunny ride back to the dock.

7-22-15 No fishing for us today. The weather forecast was not good. Two boats tried but turned around and did not fish.

7-21-15 The Bar crossing was rough this morning and the ocean was "sporty" for most of the day but we still made the 20 mile run to where the salmon have been biting. The fishing started off slow with only some rockfish and Ling Cod to show for the first couple of hours trolling. But then the fish started to bite and we managed to put limits of big fish in the boat. The largest fish is now the leader at Englund Marine's fishing derby. It weighed in at 29# gutted and gilled. Congratulations Ron.

7-20-15 LIMITS! The salmon bite really took off for us today. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is a 20 mile run to the fish. There seems to be plenty of fish though and they range in size range from small to large. We lost several very nice fish early on today and ended up with boat limits before noon with the biggest fish just over 20#'s. The ocean was choppy but plenty fishable.

7-19-15 We were back on the water today. The ocean was fairly nice all day but the water is warmer than it should be for this time of year. It has definitely made the fishing tougher. We tried for salmon for a while first thing and had a few bites and released a couple of Silvers. Then we decided to go hunting so we made about a six mile run to some new grounds. We picked up one real nice salmon there and then switched over to rockfish. We managed near rockfish limits and one Ling per angler. We tried a little more salmon fishing on the way home for one more small keeper.

7-14-15 We did not fish today due to weather. A couple of boats tried but came right back in. One stayed out. We are halfway through our fishing season and it has been an interesting one. Our main quarry, salmon have been hit and miss. We find them for a few days and have some good scores and then they vanish. Rockfish has been very good as usual but the Ling Cod fishing has been outstanding. Halibut has been mostly slow but really came on last week. I expect the next opener starting August 1 to be good. That is, if we haven't reached the quota. The water near shore looked like tuna water this last week. It was very warm and blue. I hope we see some tuna close as last year they stayed way offshore. Lastly, I want to thank our loyal customers. You have become like family to us and are very dear to Sherry and I. I really can't put into words how much you all mean to us. Thank you. Now let's go make the second half memorable.

7-13-15 We had halibut on our minds as we headed out to where we caught a couple yesterday. Conditions were good when we dropped in and soon we had two halibut in the box. Conditions deteriorated after that and we had a hard time even with heavy weights just holding the bottom. So that ended up being our score. I think there are plenty of fish in that area if we can get good conditions to fish them. It looks like some wind coming for a few days. The water temps are very warm so hopefully the wind will cool things down some.

7-12-15 It was another beautiful day on the water. We had high hopes as we headed out to where the halibut have been biting offshore. There were whales to keep everyone entertained while we waited for the big bite. And waited.....and waited.....and waited some more. The bait stealers were busy and we had to check baits constantly. Finally we had enough and ran to what we hoped would be greener pastures. We managed to entice two smallish halibut in the new spot and that was it for the day.

7-11-15 What a great day to be out on the water. The ocean was flat calm and the air was warm, almost sultry when we arrived at Cape Mendocino. The scenery down there is just fantastic to the point of being a diversion from the fishing. But we had an outstanding group on the boat that all worked together to land 21 Ling Cod plus a bunch of other bottom dwellers before noon. It was an easy boat ride back with hardly a ripple on the water.

7-10-15 The flat ocean conditions enticed us down to the rockfish grounds again today where we had 15 Ling Cod and limits of rockfish. The Halibut seem to be biting pretty good for those that are fishing for them and the salmon bite has slowed again. Lots of warm water all over the place but no reports of tuna closer than 80 miles or so. Let's hope they are on their way here. The Bay has more anchovies now than I have seen in several years.

7-9--15 The ocean was so nice that we made a "meat" run for rockfish. The bite was slow but steady and we ended with rockfish limits and nine Ling Cod.

7-8-15 Hallelujah! It looks like the salmon are here for real! We fished salmon all day and while we only put a few in the box we had pretty steady action. The bites were very light and it was hard to get one hooked up but at least we had opportunities. Our largest of the day is now the derby leader at Englund Marine at 19# gutted and gilled. Ocean conditions were great all day in spite of a little rain.

7-7-15 It was a very nice day for fishing. The ocean was flat and the air was warm. We made another rockfish run and were rewarded with plenty of nice rockfish. It has been as good Ling fishing as I can ever remember (which really isn't very long). The other good news is that everything else is biting too. There were quite a few salmon caught today and also a lot of Halibut have been crossing the dock as well.

7-6-15 What a difference a day can make. The weather on the rockfish grounds was nice all day and we were able to hunt around as much as we wanted. The bite was slow but steady all day and we finished up with 17 Ling Cod and lots of misc rockfish including 8 big Vermilion. It was a good group that worked together on the boat and that always helps make the fishing more productive.

7-5-15 Like most everyone we make our plans with the best information available to us. With a wind forecast of just 5 knots (nearshore AND offshore) and a good Halibut bite going on we headed out to where some friends have caught Halibut the last couple of days. We made it about halfway when we began to see whitecaps and hear reports of sloppy conditions. No problem, it must just be a localized weather issue so let's head to another location where we used to get lots of flatfish. We were almost there when more whitecaps and a brief conversation with a commercial boat made it clear that we would not get away from the wind today. As I type this the forecast still calls for 5 knots and it is blowing 19 at the buoy. So we made the best of a less than perfect situation and fished inshore for rockfish and Ling Cod. We had limits of Blacks, some misc. fish and were just shy of Ling limits when it was time to head home.

. 7-4-15 With yesterday's group back on the boat today we decided to go for the one thing that has been consistent since the beginning of the season, rockfish and Ling Cod. The Lings were biting good and we had easy limits for everyone(18 Lings) plus a nice assortment of other bottom fish. The salmon bite was pretty slow for those that tried but there have been some nice Halibut caught the last two days.

7-3-15 We had a group on the boat today that was willing to take a chance and look around for salmon. We spent most of the day by ourselves trying different areas. We found some fish, landed some, lost some, released some. Did not fill the box though like we were hoping. We located an area with thousands of birds(shearwaters) and only hooked one Silver salmon in that spot. By that time we were close enough to the rockfish grounds that we got sucked in and caught a bunch of rockfish.

7-2-15 Today was very similar to yesterday. The ocean was improved (slightly) and the fish were on the same schedule. We had a fish per person when the decision was made to head for the barn. It looks like it should be a good fishing weekend with good weather and enough salmon to make it worthwhile fishing. The tuna water continues to move in and there have been a lot of incidental halibut caught lately.

7-1-15 The forecast was for sloppy seas but our intrepid crew wanted to give it a go anyway. The conditions on the salmon grounds had changed overnight but there were still enough fish there to hold our interest. After everyone on board had at least one salmon the decision was made to head back in to the dock. It was an abbreviated day but everyone went home with fish. It looks like the weather is going to improve for the Holiday weekend.

6-30-15 !!! SALMON LIMITS!!! It's been a while but we finally are having some good salmon fishing. The fish are not large but they are plentiful and eager to bite. We had limits for 5 people by 10am. The ocean was a little bumpy as forecast but was plenty fishable. There are whales everywhere and we spent a good deal of time watching(and watching out for) them.

6-29-15 We were greeted this morning by a flat calm ocean. It made for an easy trip to the rockfish grounds where we caught our Black rockfish limits in no time and added nine Ling Cod plus a real pretty Vermilion. It was a very nice bunch of folks and everyone seemed to have a good time. The guys that went salmon fishing had a real good morning. That is two good salmon days in a row. Hopefully, this is the beginning of some good 'ol Eureka style salmon fishing.

6-28-15 We made our first tuna run of the season today. The conditions looked good but we did not have any luck. A boat a few miles from us broke one off and that was about it. The water temp was good and it was that deep tuna blue that we look for. There were only a few birds and we did not see any kind of surface action. After several hours of trolling we made the decision to run in to the beach and at least get some rockfish. We had our limits of Blacks fairly quickly and ended up with 9 Ling Cod but not much other biters. Everyone went home with some fresh fillets at least.

6-27-15 We made it down to the rockfish grounds to try something other than salmon. We started off inshore where the Blacks were biting but that's all there was and they weren't particularly large. So we went exploring. The next couple of spots did not do much for us but then we landed on a little rock with a few fish. Then we headed offshore to try for some Lings. We ended up with five Lings for five anglers plus a few misc rock fish.. Limits of Blacks too. The biggest fish of the day was a nice 42 inch Ling that was 28 to 30#. The fish was expertly landed by Bill on a lightweight spinning rod. Then the wind really started to blow so we packed it in and headed for the barn.

6-26-15 The ocean had a pretty good lump on it that kept us fairly close to home. It was nice offshore but we did not see any sign of fish out there. We had a nice King up to the boat but it was determined not to go home with us and spit the hook inches away from the net. We had one Silver to the boat that we carefully released and that was it as far as catching goes. For the better part of the day we were the only ones fishing salmon out of Eureka. A couple of boats came out late in the morning had no luck as well. It felt like one of those off days that the fish just don't want to bite. On the brighter side, it looks like some warm water is trying to push its way in.

6-25-15 We took today off and did routine boat maintenance. We plan to get back out tomorrow.

6-24-15 We did sort of a reverse of yesterday's trip and ran down to the rockpile to fish for rockfish. In no time at all we were done with those and went on the hunt for the "elusive" King Salmon. We trolled for several hours and managed to score three nice salmon. The weather was better than predicted and everyone said they had a great time.

6-23-15 We spent the better part of today in the pursuit of salmon. We fished a couple of different areas this morning for no bites. We did end up in the middle of a large group of whales. Once again a whale breached close enough to the boat to get our hearts racing. They really are BIG up close. Since the salmon was slow and we were halfway to the rocks we decided to do a couple of quick drops for rockfish. We got our limits of Blacks and had some other variety mixed in. We got a report of a large patch of birds and lots of bait that was on our way home. We dropped in the salmon gear while I cleaned rockfish. We hooked up pretty quickly and lost a nice salmon right next to the boat. Then we hooked another salmon about 13# and put it in the box. A short while later we had a bite on a stern rod that was really pulling hard. It took a while to get the fat 23# salmon to the boat but everything went right and we put it in the box. Then it was time to head for home on a flat calm ocean.

6-22-15 It was fairly breezy on the rockfish grounds today and that made fishing a little more difficult. The crew handled it well though and managed to get limits of Ling Cod and Black Rockfish for everyone. There were only a couple of boats out trying for salmon and several were caught. The salmon fishing has been spotty all along the coast so far this year.

6-21-15 Since the salmon bite continues to be slow we made another rockfish trip today. While not "wide open" the fish came at a steady pace and we were able to get Ling Cod limits for all six anglers plus Black rockfish limits and a mix of misc. rockfish. The weather forecast was not great but the forecasters missed this one and it went in our favor with flat calm,glassy seas all day.

6-20-15 This morning we made a run in the thick fog down to the rock fish grounds. About halfway there we were startled (understatement) by a large whale that came clear out of the water about 75 yards in front of the boat. Definitely a closer view than we would have liked. The rest of the trip down was uneventful (thankfully). The ocean was a bit rougher than we were hoping for but the fishing was steady. We moved around some and eventually found a hot spot that really produced some nice fish for us. The crew was great and I felt fortunate to have such nice folks on board. We ended with a variety that included seven different types of rock fish plus Ling Cod. A couple of the Lings were around 25# on the scale. The ocean calmed down some for the (uneventful) trip home.

6-19-15 FINALLY! The salmon seem to be moving in. We had four fish for four anglers and missed some other opportunities. There is bait and birds everywhere. The fish were a nice grade of 13# cookie cutters. This is the most optimistic that I have been this season. The good weather is helping to make it easier to spot fish. The