Fishing Reports

1-1-2021 Happy New Year!! 2020 was an interesting year, to say the least. In spite of the pandemic we were busy for much of the season. The salmon fishing was not good but the Pacific Halibut fishing was the best, EVER!! Rockfish was consistent and the tuna showed up again in good numbers and they were good size as well. We had some strange days on the water with so much smoke from the forest fires that it was like dusk all day. Here on the Reel Steel we have been blessed with some great customers and the mood on the boat was usually uplifting for everyone. Sherry has been taking reservations and it looks like a lot of the prime dates are already going fast. We hope that everyone is doing well in these strange times and we hope to see things get back to normal for everyone.

12-25-2020 MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!

12-23-2020 We took advantage of a one day weather window to head down to the Lost Coast for some rockfish. The fishing started off slow and the wind was blowing so we made a move inshore. The move paid off with some nice Cabezon and limits of Ling Cod and rockfish. The weather settled down and it turned into a beautiful day. We checked our crab pots on the way in but they only had enough crab for a few good dinners.

12-2-2020 Our first trip of the new month was a success with limits of crab for everyone.

11-29-2020 The ocean was flat and the skies were clear for our crab trip this morning. The crabbing is still pretty slow but we were able to get limits for everyone again.

11-28-2020 We had a nice morning on the ocean looking for crabs. We found enough in our pots to send everyone home with limits. It's still slow but good enough.

11-27-2020 We made our first trip out after the big swell. The crab pots weren't full but we got limits without pulling all of the gear. It hasn't been the best crabbing but we only missed getting everyone their limits one time. The crabs are in great shape for eating.

11-26-2020 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It's been a strange and difficult year but we still have plenty to be thankful for.

11-23-2020 Crab limits again today. Still slower than what we would like to see but have mostly been able to get the job done.

11-22-2020 We made two crab trips today. The crabbing continues to be a little slow compared to other years. We still managed to get crab limits for everyone though. It rained on us a little on our last trip of the day.

11-21-2020 We headed out with sunny skies and a nice ocean to pull our crab pots. The crabbing was not as good as it has been though. Our average per pot was about half of what it has been. We still managed to do OK but it was a lot more work than usual.

11-20-2020 It was another nice day for a crab adventure. Foggy at the dock but bright and sunny offshore. Limits of crab.

11-19-2020 We finally made it out to check our crab pots today. Even after the rough ocean conditions that we've had lately the gear was all good and catching crabs. Eleven crabs per trap average.

11-12-2020 Very nice weather this morning made the crab catching fun. Quick easy limits again. The crab are in great shape.

11-11-2020 The bar was pretty big today but we made it out and got everyone their limit of crabs.

11-10-2020 Crab update: We had crab for dinner and they are in filled out and tasty.

11-10-2020 We are just about to sit down to our first crab dinner of the season. The ocean was nice today and we pulled pots and got everyone limits of tasty crab. There are lots of sport legal size crabs with about a third of them commercial size. They are pretty filled out for this early in the year. It looks like more bad ocean weather by Friday so we will pull our crab gear out of the water until the ocean settles down again.

11-9-2020 We set our crab pots this afternoon. Tomorrow we will find out what is going on out there. The reports so far have been few and that there are not many crabs but they are in exceptionally good shape for this time of year. I will have a report on our findings tomorrow.

11-2-2020 If we were the dog yesterday then today we were the hydrant. Instead of bright sunny skies and biting fish we were greeted with cold wet fog and reluctant fish. It was a group of good fishermen with lots of experience and they stuck it out as we ground all day to get our fish. You just never know what the day is going to bring.

11-1-2020 Today was the first day that we could fish any depth for rockfish. We took advantage of the new opportunity and fished a new area. The fish were biting and we put in limits of Canary rockfish and limits a BIG Ling Cod. We broke off some big Lings that we never got to see as well. The ocean could not have been nicer and it was a fun group to have on the boat.

10-30-2020 We left the dock this morning in dense fog that stayed with us all of the way down to the rockfish grounds. It was about two miles to our first spot when the wind started to blow. We didn't realize just how cold the wind was until we stepped out on deck. Everyone bundled up as best they could and started fishing. I should mention that it was an all girl trip and they were a lot tougher than the Captain (who spent as much time as possible in the cabin keeping an eye on the fishfinder). The fish were biting good right away and they started to fill the fish box with Blacks, Canarys and a couple of Ling Cod. After we had our fill of that we went offshore looking for other varieties. The sun had come out and it had warmed up some but the wind was still making fishing difficult. We ended the day just a couple of fish short of limits and headed back towards home. The weather was nice for the foggy ride home.

10-29-2020 It was a beautiful day to be fishing for rockfish on the Lost Coast. The fishing was excellent as usual and we got limits of colorful rockfish and some real nice Ling Cod. The sun shone all day and the water was calm.

10-9-2020 The ocean was nice again today with a little more breeze than yesterday. The fishing started off good but then slowed a bit for a while. Eventually they started biting good again and the guys got limits of a good grade of rockfish.

10-8-2020 Today we had the kind of Lost Coast fishing adventure that we all dream about. The ocean was glass flat with no wind all day. The water was so clear that you could see your fish coming up 20 feet down. Our very first spot had biting fish. The only downer was a marauding Sea Lion that stole one of our Ling Cod and made it clear that if anyone was leaving it wouldn't be him. So we made about a four mile move and the fish were biting there too. We caught about as big of a variety of fish that you could hope for. Fifteen different types. From the common like Blacks and Vermilion to the unusual like a Wolf Eel. It was truly an amazing day. To top it all off we had a small bird land on the boat just as we were leaving the fishing grounds. The bird was very relaxed and spent the whole trip home meandering about the boat. It landed on almost everyone and seemed comfortable inside as well as outside. When we got even with the Eureka Marina it just took off. I think it appreciated the lift.

10-6-2020 The ocean and the fish both cooperated today. The drift was just about perfect with very little wind down on the Lost Coast. The fish were biting. There were some huge Coppers coming over the rail as well as Canary, China and Black rockfish. There were some Ling Cod too. In fact, a lot of the small fish that were hooked ended up being a Ling Cod meal before we could get them to the boat.

9-30-2020 What a difference a day can make. Instead of fighting a windy, rough ocean and reluctant fish we enjoyed calm seas and hungry fish. The fishing was not wide open until the end but it was pretty good most of the day. We got some real nice Ling Cod and a good mix of colorful rockfish. We even got a Tiger rockfish. It was a good day to be out on the water.

9-29-2020 The weather caught us off guard a little today. The forecast was for light winds but by the time we bailed out of the rockfish grounds it was blowing 20 knots. That was on top of an 8 foot swell. We knew that the swell would probably put the shallow water fish off of the bite and it did that. The offshore bite wasn't that good either. So with all of that (plus the smoke AND fog) it was an easy decision to pull the plug early. Everyone went home with some tasty rockfish fillets but it wasn't the trip we all had hoped for.

9-28-2020 We had a couple of good friends on the boat today. We stayed in the Bay and it was very smoky from the wildfires inland. It was also muggy (for Humboldt). The California Halibut bit a little better than they have lately and the guys took home a couple of big bags of fillets.

9-23-2020 The plan for today was a trip to the Lost Coast for rockfish. Once again, mother nature foiled our plans. As an alternative we fished the Bay. We started off getting limits of fat Black Rockfish (live bait made the catching easy). There was plenty of time left to look for some California Halibut. We had plenty of takedowns but the fish did not want to "commit" to our baits and we only landed about one out of three bites. The South wind eventually caught up to us and it was time to call it a day.

9-22-2020 It was a slow day of tuna fishing. The ocean was beautiful with calm seas and warm blue water. It was a good group of seasoned fisherpeople that kept a positive attitude the entire day. It was nice not having to battle the elements and just sit back and enjoy the fresh air. It looks like a little weather on the horizon beginning tomorrow evening so we may take a couple of days off to let the fish get hungry again.

9-21-2020 We had a nice day on the Lost Coast fishing for rockfish. The fishing was pretty good and we put limits of rockfish in the box fairly easily. The Lings were another story but the gang had a lot of colorful fish to take home.

9-20-2020 We had a real good customer and his two grandkids on the boat to try to catch their first halibut in the Bay. The fishing was fairly slow(especially for 10 year olds) but by the end of the day the score was two keeper halibut, two lost halibut, two short halibut and what we suspect was a Leopard Shark that bit through the leader after a lengthy battle.

9-17-2020 Today we had a group of seasoned anglers who have fished with us before. They brought their A game to chase Albacore. The tuna fishing has been pretty good lately so we all had high hopes. The morning saw us catch a few fish but not much was happening with the live bait. Then the fish went dormant and we did not have any action for a long time. We could see the fish and bait on the fish finder but they would not come up for our trolled lures. At one point we stopped the boat on a meter mark and dropped down some bait and jigs. We managed to get a fish that way. Eventually it was time to start trolling towards home. Right at the end we had a double on the troll and managed to get the school to stick with us long enough to pick off a few bait and jig fish. Not red hot fishing today but everyone got a few fish to take home.

9-16-2020 The tuna fishing today was good but not great for us. Everyone got a couple of fish but we couldn't get them to go on bait. The fish we caught were a real nice grade and should make for some fine eating. The ocean had a little South breeze and it sprinkled on us a couple of times but overall it was nice out there.

9-14-2020 We enjoyed a nice day on the rockfish grounds with a great group. Other than an hour or so of South wind the ocean was very nice. The rockfish were biting real good and the gang filled the fish box with plenty of Coppers, Quillbacks, Vermilions and Blacks. Yep, there were some Ling Cod too. We sure get some great folks on the Reel Steel. Oh!, and we saw the sun today. Yay!

9-13-2020 It was an epic day of tuna fishing. The ocean was pretty calm all day and the fog even lifted a little (still no sunshine though). We started off with a couple of singles on the troll and then the fish started to bite the live bite. We would troll for maybe five minutes before the familiar yell of "HOOKUP!". Then we would toss a little chum and the guys would toss in a lightweight rig with a fresh anchovy and it wouldn't be long before more rods would bend. Then the old familiar "tuna dance" would begin. Over, under, "follow your fish". There would be the occasional breakoff but it didn't matter because there were more hungry fish waiting. By the end of the day the tote and the fish hold were full of big albacore sitting in ice. `

9-11-2020 The tuna fishing started off a little slow for us. After an hour we only had a couple of fish. So we made a slight move and then the fish really started to chew. We could not get all of the troll rods in before we would have another hookup. Then we would toss some live bait over the side and the tuna would eat it up. We would have three or four fish on at once and it was pretty wild. These are big albacore and they don't come right to the boat without some time and persuasion. Everybody will have some sore muscles tomorrow.

9-10-2020 It was a totally different experience on the tuna grounds today. The air was much more clear and the ocean was calm with no wind. The tuna were biting good and there were some real dandies in the mix. We had several really good bait stops and the guys fought their fish like old pros. It was a fun day.

9-9-2020 It was a scene out of the Twilight Zone. After crossing the Bar in the dark we were greeted by fog on the water and smoke above from the wildfires inland. The yellowish pall gave a surreal feel to the entire day. It always felt like it was 8pm. The dark yellow air made it hard to see the lines and anything on the water. While not wide open the tuna were biting pretty good. And they were big ones. We started off with singles and then had a few doubles and a triple plus some live bait fish. By the time the fish were biting good the wind had come up. Eventually the wind was blowing hats off and sending walls of water over the rail. This did not slow our anglers down one bit. Eventually though, common sense prevailed and after one good last hit on the fish we pulled the lines in and headed for home. By then the wind was blowing 20 knots and the ride home wasn't the best. The fish on ice in the fish box made it a little more tolerable though. Thanks to the gang today for sticking it out for one of the strangest tuna fishing trips ever.

9-7-2020 We could hear the ocean when we got up this morning which usually means rough seas. The swell was up to seven feet from three feet so we made the decision to stay clos to home and fish for California Halibut. We managed to catch some halibut plus make a quick trip out for some rockfish. All in all a pretty good day.

9-6-2020 We had a fun day fishing the Lost Coast. It was a great group of guys and the fish were cooperating. There was no drama just a bunch of quality rockfish and Ling Cod coming over the rail. The weather was good and the sun was out and we could see the smoky haze onshore.

9-5-2020 The weather forecast was for wind along the Lost Coast but the trip down from Humboldt Bay was so nice that we didn't really believe it. Once we got there we were convinced. It was blowing pretty good. We started inshore and put a bunch of nice Black Rockfish in the box. Then we went looking for bigger prey. We picked up a fish now and then but it was slow for a while. Eventually, we found a nice grade of biting fish with big Lings, Coppers and Vermilion coming over the rail at a good clip. That was when we heard a distress call on the radio. We picked up and ran to see if we could be of any help. It turned out that a small boat couldn't buck the waves without shipping a bunch of water. They managed to get it bailed out some and we helped break the waves ahead of them so they could start back. We stayed with them until the Coast Guard took over. By then it was too late to go back to fishing so we headed back home. Plenty of good folks showed up when the boat was in trouble. It's good to know that so many fishermen are willing to drop everything and help someone in trouble.

9-4-2020 We had some great fishing with some great people today. The rockfish were really biting good and the grade of fish was excellent. The ocean was flat calm again and the sun was out. It just doesn't get any better.

9-3-2020 It was another nice day on the rockfish grounds with virtually no wind all day. The fish bit a little different today with lots of Canarys and Quillbacks in the box.

9-2-2020 We finally made it out on the ocean today. The target was rockfish and Ling Cod and the sea conditions were good. We started putting fish in the box on our very first stop. The grade of fish was very good with huge Vermilion and above average Lings. The guys did a good job of hauling in fish and by the end of the day everyone had plenty of fresh fillets.

9-1-2020 The ocean was still up so we stayed in the Bay and fished for California Halibut. We had a great group of very special people and they enjoyed themselves while waiting for the fish to bite. It wasn't wide open but the fish bit pretty steady until they stopped at the turn of the tide. We only needed a couple more for limits for everyone but one had a long drive so we came in. They all left the dock with a big bags of fillets and smiles on their faces.

8-30-2020 We had three energetic youngsters and their Grandfather plus Lonnie (it's his birthday today) on the boat for Bay halibut fishing. The morning was clear without a breath of wind. The halibut were biting but they were kind of tentative and we missed a lot of bites. The kids had more fun with the bait so Grandpa took over and started to bring in some nice fish. Lonnie got on the board with a nice 15#er. We called it quits when the wind started to blow plus the adults were sort of worn out.

8-29-2020 We decided to fish in the Bay for California Halibut today. It turned out to be a good decision. It was never a wide open bite but the fish were all nice size and by a little after noon we had limits for everyone. The air was a little chilly in the morning but then it got nice at the end.People are usually surprised at how much fun fishing with live bait and light tackle can be.

8-27-2020 The wind machine just keeps on crankin'. There may be an end in sight though with better ocean conditions forecast for the middle of next week.

8-22-2020 Today was supposed to be a day off due to bad weather on the ocean. Instead we took a young couple out for a half day birthday trip. We left the dock bright and early at 10 am. The ocean was a little bumpy but we managed to sneak out just long enough for them to get limits of Black rockfish. Then we went exploring in North Bay for halibut. We managed to get a few of them as well. All in all a good day and we were all glad it worked out.

8-21-2020 We had another day of fishing on a glass flat ocean. The fish were biting good when we first started but then slowed a little as we moved around looking for more action. Eventually we landed on a hot spot where the fish were really chewing. We put some nice Vermilions and Ling Cod in the box. The ride home was foggy but once we got into the Bay the fog cleared and it was beautiful again.

8-20-2020 The ocean was as flat calm as it gets today. It was a little foggy in the morning but that cleared off and it was beautiful. As if that wasn't enough, the rockfish were in a biting mood. The gang landed plenty of big Coppers and Vermilions. We also had the usual Blacks and Canary rockfish. Add in some nice Ling Cod and Cabezon and it was about as good as it can get.

. 8-17-2020 We made the run to the Lost Coast for rockfish today. The ocean was nice at first but then the wind came up and it got pretty snotty. The fishing was pretty good and we got some big Blacks and Coppers and Cabs but the Lings weren't super hungry. It was a good gang and they seemed to have a good time in spite of the weather.

8-16-2020 Well, everything lined up for us to make our first run of the season for tuna today. The ocean was forecast for flat seas with no wind, the satellite sea surface temps looked good and there were fish caught the day before. The only negative was a very long run to the grounds that would leave us little time to find fish and catch them. We left the dock early and made the nearly four hour run to our starting point. Conditions weren't what we expected but we put lines in and trolled towards where we thought the fish would be. After a half hour with no bites we decided to run further to where a commercial friend was catching a few fish. About half way there a tuna boiled right in front of the boat. We slammed on the brakes and threw the lines in. Almost immediately we were rewarded with the screaming reel that tuna fishermen crave. After that it was a slow but steady pick. With an hour left to fish we had 15 fish on ice. Then we hooked up again, then another rod, then another until all six rods had fish on. We tossed in some chum and more tuna boiled on the stern. Then it was sheer craziness. As soon as a live bait hit the water it was hooked up. We had tangles, we had broken lines and we had tuna boiling all around the boat. When it was all said and done the gang had put fourteen more fish on the boat. Then it was time to make the four hour trip home. Thank you to the whole gang for the job you did today. Landing fish and keeping the boat as clean as possible. And a special congratulations to Carlie, an amazing 8 year old that landed her first two tuna today.

8-15-2020 It was a nice ride down to the rocks this morning. When we got there the rockfish were on the chew. We started off with quick limits of Black Rockfish and then moved on looking for some more color. We got some nice Coppers and Quillbacks plus a nice mix of others. The fishing slowed a little when the wind came up but we still managed to get our limits of rockfish and were only two Ling Cod short of Ling limits.

8-14-2020 We had a really great group on the boat today. The ocean was a little lumpy but the drift was good and there was not much breeze. It all made for a fun day of fishing. By the end of the day we had a fish box full of colorful rockfish and Ling Cod. It does not take long when you are on a boat to turn acquaintances into good friends and that's what today was all about (plus the fishing).

8-11-2020 Today was the last day of Pacific Halibut season. There was a pretty good lump on the ocean but not a lot of wind or current. For some reason the fishing started off very slow for us. We only had one fish by 1:30. By 2pm we had limits including one for the Captain. The sun had come out so it was a glorious end to a glorious season. This is the first year that we have limited on Pacific Halibut on EVERY TRIP. The fish were mostly small with a few big ones thrown in.

8-8-2020 Well, yesterday we got the news that we have been dreading. In addition to the end of salmon season this Sunday we have been informed that Pacific halibut season will end on Tuesday. That leaves us with California Halibut, Ling Cod and rockfish, and tuna as our main options. Rockfish and tuna are very weather dependent so I'm sure that we will have to cancel some trips due to rough sea conditions. It was one of the worst salmon seasons that we have had in quite a few years. On the other hand, it was the best Pacific Halibut fishing here EVER. The tuna water has hovered around 50 to 60 miles offshore for a while now. This is a long run for us but it is possible. We will just have to see how things look when the weather settles down.

8-6-2020 It was very nice on the ocean this morning with no wind and almost no swell. Just a little fog. The halibut bite was good again and we had limits fairly early. With no good salmon reports at the time we decided to try to catch a few rockfish. They were hungry and soon we were headed back to the dock. Once we were tied to the dock everyone got some of Sherry's fresh cookies. All in all a good day. It looks like we have some rough seas coming up so I don't know when we will get back out on the water.

8-5-2020 We had the same great group from Chico on again today. We started off with Halibut like yesterday and had our limits fairly quickly. We had a couple of options but decided that even after yesterday's skunk that salmon was still the best bet. We tried a couple of good looking spots and managed to put one pretty nice fish in the boat but that was it. Summary; great people, good halibut, decent weather, and one salmon.

8-4-2020 We did not have the perfect ocean conditions that we have enjoyed recently. It was bumpy and a little breezy but still fishable. We started off our day with Pacific Halibut and they were willing biters. It did not take long for us to put limits in the box. Then we went looking for some salmon. We found some incredible bird activity with birds of all sorts actively feeding. The salmon however must have been somewhere else. We trolled a couple of other areas and managed a few bites but all we got out of it were mangled baits so the salmon won that round.

8-3-2020 It's Sherry's birthday today! The halibut fishing was red hot again today with limits by 8:30. Most of the fish were still on the small size but we did manage to latch onto another lunker that went 60#. It seems that there are a few big fish moving in. We had plenty of time so we tried for salmon for a couple of hours. We put one in fairly quickly but then it was quite a while before we got our second(and last) salmon. The thrill of the day was when a stern rod bent over and we thought it would be a nice salmon. Then all of a sudden line was melting off of the reel and we knew that we had latched onto a big Thresher shark. After a 50 yard run the line parted and that should have been the end of it but somehow the hook end of the line caught on the downrigger cable and we got all of our gear back. Lucky us.

8-2-2020 We enjoyed another excellent halibut bite on a wonderfully calm ocean. It took a little while to get on the fish but once we were they came pretty quickly. Not surprising, Lonnie started it off with a nice 30#er. Then we put four more in for limits. We still had once spot left on our dance card (captains fish) so we decided to fish a little longer. We were glad we did when a real lunker from the deep latched onto our bait. The fish made several strong runs back to the bottom but eventually we had it to the surface. It took two of us to lift it over the rail. When we got back to the dock and put it on the scale it went a little over 80#. Now that's a halibut worth waiting for.

8-1-2020 The ocean was glass flat again today. It made fishing very enjoyable for some first time ocean fishermen. We had a very nice family on board that got to experience the red hot halibut fishing that we have had this year. Everyone got their limits including a nice 50# fish. We tried salmon fishing and had some bites that didn't stick and even had one almost to the boat but none made it in the boat. The day was nearly over when we tangled with a derelict crab pot. We managed to get all of our gear back but by then it was time to head in.

7-31-2020 We had a great group of guys and a wonderful young lady on the boat. You can probably guess who caught the biggest fish already. It was her first Pacific Halibut and she reeled it all of the way up by herself. As far as the day went our first stop for halibut only yielded one fish. The little biters ( junk fish) were tearing up our bait and we went through two thirds of it before we decided that we needed to move. It was a good move and we finished out our halibut limits. It was fairly late in the morning by then but we wanted to give salmon a try. Thanks to a tip from a good friend we started out in an area with some fish. The fish were very scattered though and we had five bites that resulted in only a couple of fish. The ocean was glass flat all day and very pleasant conditions all around.

7-30-2020 We did not fish yesterday but made it out today. The ocean was glass flat all day and the temperature was very pleasant. We started off dragging around for some salmon. We landed one after what seemed like a long time. The halibut started biting offshore so we made a quick 8 mile run to the halibut grounds. It took just a little while before we were on them and started to load the fish box. Once everyone had their limit of halibut we ran back inshore to look for salmon again. Alas, it was not to be so it was a great halibut trip.

7-28-2020 The halibut fishing started off a little slow this morning. Once we were located the fish came pretty quickly. They're still mostly the small models but we are lucky to have them biting this good. The big news of the day is the salmon fishing. After pretty much taking the last few days off they decided that they wanted to bite. The fish were a big grade. We caught them right where we fished the last several days so maybe they just haven't been hungry. At any rate, it was nice to see some big fish come over the rail again.

7-27-2020 Once again the Pacific Halibut bite was the highlight of the day. We spent most of the day looking for salmon and there were a few caught here and there but it just didn't work out for us this time. At least everyone got a halibut and went home with some great fillets.

7-26-2020 The ocean was pretty bumpy and the air was chilly and breezy today. We started off trying for salmon and caught one and lost another before we decided that it was time to try for something else. So we ran out to the Halibut grounds and quickly caught limits of Pacific Halibut. We took a look around for salmon and tried a few spots on the way in but we were not rewarded for our efforts. So if we call it a halibut trip then it was a great success.

7-25-2020 It was a rough day for the Reel Steel. Actually it was kind of rough for everyone in a boat. The ocean was pretty lumpy and the tides were wrong so we delayed our start this morning. When we got out to the fishing grounds we found that the bite had slowed somewhat. But we gave it our best and eventually were able to put a couple of nice salmon in the box. But that was about it. We had some other opportunities but the fish always won those.

7-24-2020 We fished for salmon again today. We thought it was going to go real quick for us but that was not to be. As soon as we dropped the first line in we had a bite.......missed it. The we had another bite, and then another, missed them too. Then we hooked a fish but it came unbuttoned. It went that way for seven bites in fifteen minutes with nothing to show for it. Eventually we put a fish in the box but we really struggled at times getting fish to the boat. By noon though we had our limits and were ready to head in. These fish are the nicest that we have seen for a couple of years. Big, healthy, and powerful.

7-23-2020 We had a real nice day fishing today. We ran offshore for Pacific Halibut and found them biting again. By 9:30 we had limits for the whole boat including one that was almost 50#. Our best so far this year. We thought we would give salmon a try on our way back in and we were sure glad we did. We trolled for an hour or so and picked up five real dandies. The salmon were really spunky and put up a great fight.

7-22-2020 The Pacific halibut are still biting. There are not a lot of big ones around but there are plenty of fish. We had limits by 9:30 this morning. We gave salmon a try for a bit but only had two silver salmon that had to be released. We did not hear of many salmon caught. Wish we knew where they went.

7-21-2020 We were fishing the Lost Coast again today. The forecast was for some offshore wind so we expected it to blow around Cape Mendocino. The wind never did come up and except for kind of a lumpy ocean it was pretty nice. We started off a little different than yesterday with some nearshore for Black rockfish. It took all of 20 minutes of bedlam to catch everyone's limit, Then we went looking for Ling Cod. It took a while but eventually we found them and put some pretty nice fish in the box. Yesterday we caught two Tiger rockfish which I thought was a pretty good feat since we rarely even catch one. Well, today's gang doubled that score with FOUR Tiger rockfish.

7-20-2020 The ocean was fairly friendly today so we took advantage and ran down to the Lost Coast for some rockfish and Ling Cod. We looked around quite a bit to find some fish. The fishing never really took off but the grade of rockfish was really good and we did land on a spot of big Ling Cod where the guys got their limits.

7-19-2020 We finally got back out on the ocean today. There was a pretty good lump most of the day but it wasn't too uncomfortable. The salmon bite was pretty slow and we worked all day for six fish. Everyone went home with at least one fish. The fish were a mixed grade from small to large and in between.

7-13-2020 The wind offshore is making the ocean too rough to fish right now. We hope to be back on the water by Saturday when things begin to settle down.

7-12-2020 It was another nice day on the ocean with calm seas and very little wind. The salmon fishing started off kind of slow but then we picked up a couple of pretty nice fish and lost one that looked like a dandy. Then the big fish quit biting and it was mostly a small fish show. There was plenty of action and we went through a lot of bait. Eventually we had to keep some smaller fish but we got limits for everyone and that's pretty good fishing. At the end of the day as we were heading in we got to see a couple of Blue Whales. They are so huge, their spout must go 25 feet into the air. It looks like the wind is going to blow for a few days so we probably will be off of the water.

7-11-2020 SALMON LIMITS!!! It seems that more salmon are moving in each day. We had a mixed grade of fish from small to large. There are some beauties out there right now. Once again we had some real nice people on the boat and everyone got along great. It is so nice to get away from the problems in the world and just concentrate on fishing and the great outdoors. The ocean was pretty calm most of the day and the sun even came out. It was a treat to have salmon fishing the way it is supposed to be.

7-10-2020 Today was a lot like yesterday. The ocean was very nice all day, just a little foggy. There were lots of boats out and the bite shut off early like yesterday. We ended up with a fish per person with a couple of real nice ones. These fish are mean and don't want to come to the boat(can't say I blame them) so we don't land every one which can be a little frustrating. But as they say "that's fishing".

7-9-2020 FINALLY! We caught our first salmon of the season today.The bite was pretty good first thing this morning and we managed to put some real nice fish in the box. We were doing great until a sea lion stole a big fish from us. I know, they have to eat too but next time find your own fish. The fish ranged from 10 to 18# and are in beautiful condition. Everyone on the boat got at least one fish. The ocean was nice as well.

7-8-2020 The bar crossing was a little bumpy this morning but we were determined to get out for some Pacific Halibut fishing. The forecast was for breezy conditions with short period choppy seas. That is exactly what we got. When we got to the Halibut grounds there were whitecaps but the drift was not too bad. We had to use the big sinkers to stay on the bottom but other than that things were ok. We fished long enough without any action that we were becoming slightly concerned but then the tide turned and the fish started biting. It did not take long to get a limit for everyone on the boat and we were on our way home.

7-7-2020 Somehow we manage to get the nicest people on the Reel Steel. We had another great group today. They kept the fun going all day long. The fishing wasn't quite as fast and furious as it has been but that just gave us the opportunity to go looking around some. We managed to get located by lunch time and we topped off the fish box with limits of Pacific Halibut before heading in. We were all met at the dock with fresh cookies which put the perfect cap on a nice day.

7-6-2020 There was a little breeze on the flat ocean this morning. There has also been some current which can make fishing a little more challenging. We still managed to have a great day with some fun people. Everyone's spirits were high and after a little bit of a slow start we put the wood to the Halibut again and had limits before 11am.

7-5-2020 Today wasn't quite a repeat of yesterday but it was close. There was a breeze combined with some current that made keeping our lines down for halibut more difficult. We finally gave up and began maneuvering the boat to stay on top of our lines. It was kind of a pain but it put two fish in the boat right away. Eventually, the wind and seas turned nice and fish really started biting. It wasn't too long before everyone was limited out and we were heading home.

7-4-2020 What a beautiful day on the ocean. We celebrated the 4th of July with a bang! The halibut were bangin' on our lures that is. The fish didn't bite right away but once they started it was fast and furious. I think we had limits and were fishing for the Captains fish by 8am. Then four rods went off at once and the battles began. The first fish up went in the box, the next fish was a skate and the next two were halibut that were released at boatside. The weather was sunny and warm with flat seas. We gave the salmon another shot but did not have any bites.
7-3-2020 Yay!! We finally got back out on the ocean today. The ocean was fairly nice although we did have a stretch of an hour or so where the wind blew and the swells came up. Once it settled back down it was really nice. The Pacific Halibut fishing continues to be great. Just like before, most of the fish are small. They're hungry though and we had limits by 8:30. That gave us enough time to troll for salmon. Other than one small Mackerel,we did not have any action. It looks like the weather will be OK for a while so we will have the chance to keep looking for salmon.

6-28-2020 We have been off of the water for a few days and it looks like we will be tied to the dock for a while longer to give the weather a chance to settle down. We appreciate everyone's cooperation. Getting cancelled for weather is no fun for anyone. Your safety and comfort always comes first with us. It's supposed to be fun and not a test of endurance out there.

6-24-2020 Fishing in the Bay was a little slow today. I'm blaming the big tides. We did catch some California Halibut, lost a few, caught a couple of sharks, a couple of shorts. The weather was like the fishing. It was sunny and warm at times as well as cool and breezy. Funny, the folks from inland did not complain about the cool temps since it is over 100 today where they live. All in all it was a pleasant day with some real nice folks.

6-23-2020 There are some days when you just do the right things and a plan comes together. Today was not one of those days. We made a late departure so that the tide would be right to cross the Bar. The trip offshore was pretty bumpy but we heard that it improved out a ways so we kept on. Once we got to our spot we dropped in and the fish were ready. But we weren't. By the time we were sorted we had missed several bites and only landed one fish. We made a few more drifts over the spot and picked up a couple more small halibut. Then the hake (annoying and disgusting fish) took over and that ended our halibut catching for the day. It was lumpy all day but we stuck it out until the wind came up.

6-22-2020 There was a pretty good lump on the Bar when we looked this morning so we made the decision to fish the Bay today and try offshore again tomorrow. We have only fished the Bay once this year so we spent quite a bit of the day just bouncing around from spot to spot looking for action. The tides are not the greatest but we still managed a half a limit per angler of California Halibut.
The weather was nice in the Bay in the morning with a light breeze in the afternoon.

6-21-2020 The incredible Pacific Halibut fishing continued today. The wind was really blowing as we left Humboldt Bay for deeper waters. We were hoping that it would be a little nicer weather offshore and it was. It wasn't very long after we put lines in that the first fish was hooked. Then it was quick and steady action on the halibut until everyone on board had their fish. We checked the time....8:30 am. That is good fishing! The fish were a little smaller than the fish we caught yesterday but with the way the wind was blowing early this morning it still felt like stealing.

6-21-2020 The incredible Pacific Halibut fishing continued today. The wind was really blowing as we left Humboldt Bay for deeper waters. We were hoping that it would be a little nicer weather offshore and it was. It wasn't very long after we put lines in that the first fish was hooked. Then it was quick and steady action on the halibut until everyone on board had their fish. We checked the time....8:30 am. That is good fishing! The fish were a little smaller than the fish we caught yesterday but with the way the wind was blowing early this morning it still felt like stealing.

6-20-20 The weather has made it difficult to fish every day but we are getting out when we can. We fished for Pacific Halibut again today and all I can say is WOW!! This is the best Halibut fishing that I have ever seen here. We have limited early our last three trips out. The grade has generally been on the small side but today was much better with our biggest over 40#.

6-15-2020 It was another good day of Pacific Halibut fishing. We picked one up pretty early and then picked up a couple more before the current kicked up and we weren't doing much. We made a short move and were rewarded with a triple hookup that finished out our day. The ocean was great and the gang on the boat were a pleasure to be around. It can't get much better than that.

6-14-2020 The Pacific Halibut bite was pretty much wide open this morning. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions the fish are small. We had beautiful conditions with almost no breeze and only a light drift. We also had a pretty good run of jumbo Petrale Sole. We were limited well before noon so everyone had time to go home and mow their lawn (or take a nap).

6-13-2020 We made a trip to the Lost Coast for rockfish hoping that we could get in some fishing time before the wind came up. We managed to get in a full day with beautiful fishing conditions. The catching was pretty darn good too. We had a nice variety of fish including some big Coppers and some really nice Ling Cod. The group today was very nice and fun to be around. They told me that they had a couple of new ocean fishers in the group but I can't believe it considering what a great job they did.

6-12-2020 We had quite an interesting day today. We had a cancellation so we were not planning to go but a neighbor said he and a friend(another neighbor) would like to go. So we were back on. There was a rumor that a couple of salmon were caught so we gave salmon fishing a try. A boat close to us got a couple right away and we had a couple of missed bites so we started planning our salmon dinner menu. That's when trouble ( a Sea Lion ) showed up on our stern. After half an hour it was obvious he was not leaving so we had to. We ran offshore to look for some Pacific Halibut. The conditions were far from ideal with a ripping current and rain showers. The guys stuck it out though and were rewarded with limits of medium size halibut. We stopped for fuel on the way in when we heard a radio call from a friend in need of a tow. So off we went to tow him to the dock. We finally got to our slip where everyone had some of Sherry's cookies and then went home with a bag of fresh halibut fillets.

6-11-2020 We were back chasing rockfish again today. Conditions weren't quite as nice as yesterday. There was a breeze blowing contrary to the current so it was kind of tough keeping our lines down. It caused a few tangles as well. The fishing (or should I say "catching") was steady if not spectacular. Eventually everyone had their limit of rockfish plus a few Ling Cod. The water conditions continue to change. Hopefully for the better. Maybe we will see some salmon soon.

6-10-2020 We had a great day on the rockfish today. The grade was excellent with lots of color in the box. We saw a whale on the way back. It was the first whale that we've seen in a while. Hopefully, that means the bait (and then the salmon) is about to show up. At the end of the day everyone walked up the ramp with a big bag of future fish dinners.

6-9-2020 With salmon fishing still slow and beautiful ocean conditions the decision was made to head back to the Lost Coast for rockfish and Ling Cod. The fish bit pretty well most of the morning and we ended up with a nice box of colorful fish.

6-8-2020 We left a little later than normal because of the Bay tides. The Bar crossing was nice and calm. In fact, the ocean was very friendly all day. Much better than expected. Since the salmon are a no show so far this year we ran for rockfish and Ling Cod. We got a great variety of rockfish and some real nice Ling Cod including one real monster. It was a great day to be out on the water fishing. No worries out there other than what's on the end of your line.

6-7-2020 We knew the ocean would be a little lumpy today but everyone was ready to give it a shot. Other than one serious downpour it wasn't too bad. The salmon fishing on the other hand, was not so good. We had a fair amount of action but all of the fish were either too short or the wrong kind to go in the box. Nevertheless, everyone said they had a good time.

6-6-2020 Today was the opening of salmon season here and it was not what we expected. Last week while halibut fishing we saw loads of birds and bait. Since then some dirty water has moved in and everything has changed. We made a big loop that ended up down near the rockfish grounds. We never saw enough signs of fish to even put a bait out. So on the salmon opener we did the next best thing and fished for rockfish. The fishing was not super great but it was way better than the salmon fishing (according to our friends). We ended up with a decent box of fish and a happy crew. We got our approval to operate from the County yesterday so all of the effort to comply with the new Covid rules have not been in vane.

5-28-2020 We took advantage of a (rare) good ocean forecast to go offshore to try to find some Pacific Halibut.It was a fun crew that took a day off of keeping our County safe to do a little fishing. The bite started off kind of slow but once we got located it was pretty good action.Everyone had their limit well before noon so we made a few tacks to put a few Sanddabs and Petrale Sole in the box. The fish were not real large but they will make for some tasty fillets. There was a lot of life offshore which bodes well for the start of salmon season on June 6.

5-27-2020 After another long break in the action we got back on the water today. It was a Bay trip with a great group of kids and their Dad. It was our first trip in the Bay and we didn't put any Halibut in the box but the kids had some fun battling some Bat Rays. It won't be a fish dinner but the memories made with their Dad are priceless.

5-15-2020 We snuck out between storms today to make a trip down to the Lost Coast for rockfish and Ling Cod. We have some fancy new electronics on the boat that really paid off for us today. We were down close to some Black Rockfish spots that we have used in the past when our GPS showed us some rocks that I had never even seen before. We dropped our rigs down and it was "game on" for Black Rockfish. It didn't take long before we had limits of them and were looking for our next species. We hit a bunch of usually reliable spots only to pick up a random fish now and then. The decision was made to make a fairly long run to try another new spot(thanks new electronics) for some badly needed Ling Cod. The gamble paid off and soon three anglers were hooked up to stout Ling Cod all at once. We stayed there and got limits of Lings for everyone before it was time to head for home. The ocean was nice all day.

5-10-2020 It was another great day on the water. There was a little breeze from the North in the morning which switched around to the South before noon. Our first stop was wide open with all kinds of colorful rockfish coming over the rail. We also had a small Sea Lion that wanted to come over the rail as well. He almost made it a couple of times but the sides are pretty high on the boat and after at least a dozen solid attempts he finally gave up. The grade of fish was excellent and we landed about a dozen different species.

5-9-2020 We made our first official trip of 2020 today. The bar crossing was a little bumpy but the ocean was pretty nice. The target was Pacific Halibut and we had two "old hands" on the boat. There was quite a bit of current but eventually we put a small halibut in the box. A little while later we missed a good bite and then hooked another halibut. Now that we had them located it was just a matter of drifting over the spot again to pick up our last fish for limits. It was 11:30 and we were already on our way back to the dock. The fish were not too big but it was still a great way to kick off the season.

4-29-2020 It looks like we will be allowed to fish if we abide by social distancing rules. We are going to start out slowly and carefully and see how things work. The safety and health of our customers is vitally important to us. We ask for your understanding as we implement new rules for fishing on the Reel Steel. Masks are required. You must bring your own mask with you. As of right now we do not have extra masks for customers. Only one person in addition to the crew allowed in the cabin at a time. Maintain six feet of distance between you and other passengers while fishing. Sanitize hands before getting on the boat. Gloves are recommended but aren't required. If you have been sick within the last 21 days do not come fishing, please think of others. Practice social distancing while on the dock as well. We are going to limit open party loads to four anglers for the time being. If you are high risk with other health problems please don't come fishing. Hopefully, we will all get through this and get back to normal.

4-24-2020 Well, we are one week away from our season opener with both Pacific Halibut and Rockfish/Ling Cod opening on May 1st. We still have not received any clear indication on whether we will be able to fish and if so what kind of restrictions(masks, distancing etc) may be placed on us. As of right now we are listed as a nonessential business and therefore shut down. I will post here when I have something more definitive. I hope that you all are taking care of yourselves and your families. We appreciate that everyone has taken a "wait and see" attitude rather than cancel trips early.

3-30-2020 Just wanted to let everyone know that we're hunkering down for now but you can still reach us by phone if you need to. Since none of us knows when this Corona virus stuff will end we are just taking things one day at a time. Here is hoping that you all are healthy and remain that way.

3-20-2020 It's been quite a week hasn't it. With California locked down and only chores staring us in the face at home we decided to get the boat a spring shakedown. We took a couple of good friends along (maintaining six foot personal space) to look for some Petrale Sole and Sand Dabs. The ocean was like a lake all day and it was mostly sunny as well. The first couple of hours had us searching for some biters with a shark, a skate, a Ratfish (look it up) all coming up only to be released back into the ocean. Eventually, we did find some biters of the right kind and put together a pretty nice catch of Sole and Dabs. Hopefully, we will see an end to this virus scare soon and can get on the water when the season opens May 1. In the meantime we hope that everyone is healthy and that you remain that way.

3-10-2020 The options for our salmon season were released yesterday. The season will fit somewhere within the options. We still won't know the outcome until April. The options are: Option one- June 6 to July 31. Option two- June 11 to July 31. Option three- July 1 to July 19. The limit will still be two fish per day over 20 inches.

3-8-2020 Pretty good news coming out of the salmon meetings. We could get as much as six weeks of salmon fishing. The options will be out tomorrow but the final decision will not be made until early April. We put the boat back in the water last week and are installing some pretty cool new electronics.

3-6-2020 The negotiations for our salmon season this year have just begun. The first options coming out of the PFMC meeting are from the entire month of July down to as little as Memorial and Fourth of July weekends. So between six and thirty one days. There will be lots more negotiating between now and next Monday when the final (there will be three) options are announced. At least we have an idea of where things are headed this year.

3-2-2020 We just got back from the shows in Chico and Anderson. There was a good turnout and we met a lot of great people. We got to see a lot of old friends as well. The initial word on the Klamath River salmon population is not great but we won't know much about the options for this year's season until later this week.

2-8-2020 It's been a while since our last update but that's because there just is not a lot going on right now. We are doing our annual boat haulout and maintenance. After having issues with some of our tuna trolling reels last season we went out and got a set of Accurate reels to replace them. We will also have new rods and reels for Pacific Halibut fishing this season. We are also getting some new state of the art ocean charting. This is something that just came out within the last month or so. For our friends living "over the hill" we will have a booth at the Chico Sportsman Show the weekend of February 21st and the Sports and Recreation Show at the Shasta County Fairgrounds the weekend of February 28th. We hope you can stop by to chat.

15-19 We are back in town and Sherry is booking trips. We won't know when salmon season will start until April but Pacific Halibut and Rockfish/Ling Cod open May first. Let's hope for another great season(maybe the tuna will show up again).

11-23-19 Today was our last day on the water for 2019. We picked up the rest of our crab pots this morning and headed for home. We had a great season this year. The fishing was not always red hot but for the most part it was pretty darn good including a couple of weeks of excellent albacore fishing. We have been very blessed here on the Reel Steel this season. We made many new friends and reconnected with some old ones. The best part of all has always been the people. Sherry and I are very thankful that we got to spend time with so many wonderful folks this year. This is the time of year to be extra thankful and Sherry and I are thankful for all of you. We hope to see you all back on board next season. Sherry will be taking reservations until December 1st and then she is going to take a break from the phone until January 10th when she will continue taking reservations for 2020. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you all.

11-18-19 The weather was good so we squeezed in two trips today. There were plenty of crab in the pots.

11-17-19 We had another successful morning of crabbing. It was a little foggy but the pots were full and the ocean was pretty nice. Our last trip will be on November 25th and the crabs are in good shape so now is the time to go.

11-16-19 The swell was similar to yesterday but there was not much current which made the crabbing easy-peasy.

11-15-19 The big swell that was in the weather forecast showed up this morning making the surfers happy. There was no wind so we went to take a look and were pleasantly surprised with how good the ocean was in spite of the 10 foot swell. Once we got to where our crab pots should have been we didn't see any buoys. So we slowly made our way down the string until we finally saw a buoy peak up out of the water. The current was ripping which made it hard to get a hold of the buoy. Eventually we got it though and pulled in the pot. The pot had plenty of crab and we started filling everyone's buckets. We repeated the process three more times and had limits for six people.

11-14-19 The fog finally went away today and we enjoyed crabbing on a glass flat ocean. The pots were full so we didn't have to pull too many to get limits.

11-11-19 That darn fog just won't go away. Even so, we made it out to our crab pots and everyone on board got their limit of crab.

11-10-19 We made two crab trips today to get limits for everyone. The ocean was calm but foggy.

11-9-19 We made two runs for crab today. Had some real nice folks on the boat. Limits of crab all around. I guess that the only negative that I can think of is that there is just not enough time on these crab trips to get to know everyone.

11-8-19 Well today we were able to see our way out of the Bay. The fog had lifted and we had OK visibility all the way down to the rockfish grounds. It was fairly breezy when we got to our first spot but the fish were biting pretty good. We moved around some to get some variety but eventually headed inshore when the current and wind conspired to create line tangles. Once everyone had their limit of rockfish we cruised back up to our crab pots. The pots had plenty of crab and we got limits of them to go with the rockfish. Sherry had some tasty cookies waiting for us at the dock so we finished up a good day on a high note.

11-7-19 The fog was still so thick that you could cut it with knife but that didn't stop our intrepid crew from making their way out to the crab grounds. Once there we began to pull in pots with nice, big Dungeness crabs. Soon we were headed back to the dock with limits of crab destined for the dinner table.

11-5-19 We left the dock in dense fog. It made for a slow trip down the Bay. It finally cleared up some about three quarters of the way out. Since the crabbing has not been red hot we dropped off a few more pots so that we could ensure that we get limits for everyone on every trip. Then we made our way out to try for rockfish. We found a spot with some biters and started loading the fish box with big Canary rockfish and some Ling Cod. After getting our limits of Canaries we went looking for some other fish to fill out limits. We found a spot with Yellowtail,Widow and even a wayward Chilipepper rockfish. We didn't find any more Lings but we had a nice box of fish so we headed in to check our crab pots. The pots did pretty well and we got limits of crab for everyone. Plenty of good seafood to keep everyone happy.

11-3-19 We made two crab trips this morning. The crabbing is not red hot but everyone went home with their limits. The quality of the crab is pretty good with most fairly filled out but a few that are not there yet.

11-2-19 Opening day of crab season! The ocean was glass flat all day. We set pots around 8am and let them soak for about five hours before our first pull. The pots averaged about five big keepers per pot. We are having some for dinner so then we will know what condition they are in. They look pretty good to me. Yum, crab!

11-1-19 Today was the first time in about 20 years that we haven't had a depth restriction for rockfish. We took advantage of the opportunity and fished a new area. The fish were big and they were biting. We limited on Ling Cod and had a fishbox full of giant Canary rockfish and Yellowtail rockfish. It's a little trickier fishing the deep water and we had a few tangles but everyone had a great time pulling on big fish. We start our crab season tomorrow.

10-31 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It was the last day of Pacific Halibut season so we went looking for some. We had lots of bites from Sand Dabs and Petrale Sole but only one Pacific Halibut made it into the fish box. It was a great group and everyone was enjoying a whale show with Humpbacks and Blue Whales when we made the decision to try the jetties for some rockfish. They landed limits of Blacks with a smattering of other varieties. The ocean was calm all day and it looks like that is going to be the forecast for a while. We are running crab trips beginning Saturday and are considering some all depth rockfish while the great weather holds. After Saturday we have plenty of spots available so give Sherry a shout and let her know you are ready for some fresh crab!

10-20-19 The halibut fishing in the Bay continues it's hot pace. We only had three on today but they caught their limits before 9:30. The Bay was glass flat with birds and seals all around the boat.

10-18-19 No fishing today or Saturday. If we get enough interest we will do California Halibut in the Bay on Sunday. Conditions look good and the fish have been biting. Give Sherry a call if you want some late season halibut. After that we will be off of for about a week. Sherry is already taking reservations for crab. Crab season begins November 2.

10-17-19 We had some dignitaries on the boat that wanted a shot at some California Halibut. We left the dock in the rain hoping the weather would clear and the fish would bite. Things started out pretty slow until Betty hooked and landed a nice size halibut. We moved again and then picked up a couple more fish. Then the bite turned on and we were filling the fish box at a nice steady pace. Every once in a while a shark would bite and give someone an extra thrill. The weather had turned nice by then so everyone was having a good time.
A couple of the folks were on a schedule so we headed back in a little early but by then we were only one fish short of limits for everyone.

10-15-19 One of the worst things in the charter fishing business is when you have a great group of people that deserve a great day of fishing only to have the fish screw everything up. Today was one of those days with some really nice folks and some poor fishing. Conditions were nearly perfect but we were only able to put one small halibut in the box. Everyone kept up a good attitude and really put in a strong effort but it was just "one of those days".

10-13-19 We tried for halibut again today but the swell came up and we headed back in early to beat the tide. Lots of big Petrale sole around stripping bait off of hooks with a few latching on to the big halibut hooks. They are now destined for the frying pan.

10-12-19 We plodded our way out of the Bay this morning in the dense fog to find a flat calm ocean. The conditions were perfect for Halibut fishing and the fishing was good. It took most of the day but when we were done it was halibut limits all around with the biggest just under 60#.

10-11-19 After a few "weather" days off we were back to the Lost Coast looking for rockfish and Ling Cod. We had an amazing variety of rockfish with thirteen different types coming over the rail. All that added up to rockfish limits for everyone. The highlight of the day was a Pacific Halibut that was well over 50# landed by Archie. He did a great job of getting the big fish to the boat on light tackle. There was not a lot of drift and the little bit of swell died down by mid morning.

10-7-19 The Lost Coast provided some excellent fishing again today.
We had a lot of variety plus a couple of real nice Ling Cod(plus some medium size). It was breezy but the fog stayed away and it was sunny all morning.

10-6-19 It was a little rolly on the rockfish grounds today but that didn't keep the gang from catching fish. It was a nice group and they kept at it until they had limits of rockfish. It was sunny all day with a slight breeze.

10-3-19 We made our first run for Pacific Halibut in quite a while. Without any real solid info we made an educated guess on where to start. Well, that didn't turn out so great so we moved to where we caught our last halibut a couple of weeks ago. We caught a Petrale on that spot which showed that there was some life in the area. Then we missed a good bite. Then Lonnie, (Fishhawg to many) hooked up. After a good battle we slid a 50#er over the rail. A few minutes later another bite, but it didn't stick. Then a hookup that seemed connected but came unbuttoned about half way to the top. One more missed bite and that was our day.

10-2-19 The weather was fantastic on the Lost Coast fishing grounds today. The air was clear and the coastline view was amazing. (and we caught some fish too)

10-1-19 The weather was good enough for us to try a run down to the Lost Coast. There was a little breeze early on but it got nicer as the morning progressed. The fish bit just OK. Good enough that the gang went home with all of the fish that they wanted but not as good as we are used to seeing it. All in all it was a nice day with some nice people.

9-30-19 The last day of September served up some great Halibut fishing in the Bay. Even though the tides aren't "perfect" the fish didn't seem to mind and they bit steady all day. The weather was nice and at times absolutely perfect. It was a fun group that seemed to enjoy every minute.

9-29-19 Today was one of those days where you just have to give in to the weather and go in early. We were putting halibut in the box at a steady rate while fighting a South breeze when the wind really picked up. And then it started to rain. That was enough to convince us to quit early and head for the dock.

9-28-19 It was a fun group on the boat today. Everyone had a good time reeling in California Halibut plus a couple of Leopard sharks, Bat Rays, a salmon and at least one unknown fish (broke off under the boat). The weather did a little bit of everything from cool and breezy to warm and sunny to light rain.

9-27-19 We spent the morning in the Bay fishing for halibut. There was enough action to get limits for the couple of folks that we had on the boat. It was a little chilly and breezy.

9-26-19 With 14 foot seas crashing against the jetties we decided to fish in the Bay today. While not wide open, the California Halibut were biting pretty good. We only had a few short fish and managed to put limits of keepers in the box by noon. We are going to be fishing in the Bay for the next couple of days and we might have a spot available on a couple of those days.

9-25-19 We have been off of the water for a few days due to weather. It looks like the crummy offshore stuff will continue into the weekend before it gets better. The California Halibut bite in the Bay continues to be very good so we are going to do a couple of trips for them while we wait for the weather to settle down. We have some awesome live bait right now which really helps with the Halibut. There is a ton of quota left for Pacific Halibut so we are anxious to get after them. It's been a while since we could chase the big Pacifics in October. In the past that has been a good month for BIG ones. The wind has been messing with the tuna water so we won't know what's going on with them until the weather stabilizes.

9-22-19 It's been a while but we made it down to the Lost Coast for Ling Cod and rock fish. The weather was a little breezy at first but it settled down after a couple of hours. The drift was just about perfect and the fish were biting. We had plenty of big Ling Cod for limits plus limits of rock fish. At the end of the day Lonnie brought one of the biggest Ling Cod that I have seen to the surface but after two big runs back to the bottom it finally broke the line.

9-20-19 The weather offshore continues to keep us inshore for now. We have some good friends from South Carolina visiting and we took them out for some of the outstanding California Halibut action that we have been experiencing lately. Besides limits of Halibut they got to pull on a couple of fairly large Leopard Sharks. It was a clear, calm morning on the Bay and we all enjoyed the natural surroundings as well as the good fishing.

9-18-19 We were hoping to try for tuna today but the weather wouldn't cooperate. The gang decided that fishing in the Bay for California Halibut would be the backup. It was slightly breezy and we got sprinkled on a few times but the fish were biting and everyone went home with a couple of nice Halibut.

9-15-19 After a few days off of the water we were back at it again today. The ocean was fairly nice and we were able to run offshore to try a new area for tuna. All of the conditions were right with blue warm water and birds and bait around. There were some tuna as well but not in the numbers that we have been working with lately. We had a late cancellation so we were one short of our regular five person load. It was just as well since we only boated a half dozen of the silver speedsters. It was a good day, just not a great day. It looks like there is some more crummy weather coming so we probably wont be running every day until things settle back down.

9-11-19 The ocean was a little bumpy all day but was plenty fishable. We never really found the motherload of tuna but we did end up with an OK score. The weather is up and down for the next week so we are playing it day to day. We have cancelled tomorrows trip.

9-10-19 We were back on the tuna chase again today. The ocean was a little swelly in the morning but glassed off nice later. The first thing we saw on the tuna grounds was a pod of Orcas. Good sign or bad, we didn't know. We put out the troll spread and had a couple of fish fairly quickly. The bite was steady until more boats showed up so we went looking around. We picked up a few more fish but it was pretty slow for a while. We ended up back where we started for a pretty good bite that helped us fill the fish box. Another good day tuna fishing.

9-9-19 We had another amazing day out on the tuna grounds. The bite was RED HOT!. At one point we could not get all of our troll gear in the water before we had another fish on. The group on the boat did a good job of bringing their fish to gaff. There was a little bit of swell but no wind. The fish are still very close to port so it is a quick run to the grounds.

9-8-19 If you were to create the perfect fishing day, today would be it. The weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies, calm wind, smooth seas and warm air. The tuna were up and biting in the morning and it was not long before we had a load of longfins on ice. We came in when everyone had all the Albacore they wanted.

9-7-19 The tuna really lit it up today. It started off a little slow but once we got located it was pretty much wide open all morning. The gang on the boat did a great job of landing their fish. It can get hectic when the bite is that good. We did not have any "peanuts" and some fish were around 25#. It's not that easy to reel in a tuna of that size. The fish bit on the troll and on live bait. To me fishing live anchovies for big Albacore is the most fun fishing we have around here. We had over 40 fish by just after noon.

9-6-19 It was a totally different day on the tuna grounds from yesterday. The ocean was calm for one thing. There were a lot of boats out. And the tuna bit a little bit better. In fact, we doubled yesterday's score, and in less time. We saw some jumpers (feeding tuna that come out of the water) and lots of bird life. We got a little action on live bait. It was a good day to be offshore with a great gang.

9-5-19 The weather was pretty tough out on the tuna grounds today. The fishing was tough as well. It was a slow pick with a bite every hour or so and those were mostly singles. It looks like the fish are still there but were not "up" today. We left the lines in for a while on the way back in while filleting the catch and we picked up a nice double that way. We had some fish boil on our chum at one point and we did get a fish on bait. It would have been hard to use bait most of the morning with the wind blowing the way it was. We ended the day in double digits in spite of the slow fishing.

9-4-19 The tuna are close and they're BITING. We caught over 30 tuna today. We had a meeting at the dock and decided to give it a look even though the weather at the buoy was showing wind and big seas. It wasn't the calmest ocean but we were glad we went. The bite started a little slow but then it picked up and we were getting multiple hookups per stop. It's pretty exciting when five reels are all screaming at the same time. It looks like the weather will be good for a few days so we should be back after tuna.

9-3-19 We did a little rock fish fishing on the Lost Coast today. We had a colorful box of rock fish(limits) and just over a Ling Cod per angler. The current was a little better than it has been recently but it still needs to ease up a little more to have perfect fishing conditions.

9-2-19 We finished up the 2019 salmon season in style with limits. It was a little frustrating at times since a lot of fish were short biters and would not stay hooked. Then we lost one to a sea lion. The grade wasn't that great for the most part but we did manage one that went nearly 20#. We were happy to get our fish and now it's on to Halibut, Tuna and Rock fish.

9-1-19 There was a slight breeze most of the day on the tuna grounds and some fog on the ride home but otherwise the weather could not have been nicer. While it was not a wide open bite, the fishing was steady all day. There were some pretty small albacore in the mix but there were a few real nice ones as well. By the end of the day we had a real nice box of fish. It was a great group of regulars and they helped make things go smoothly all day.

8-31-19 We finished off August with a trip to the Lost Coast for rock fish. The fish were biting pretty good but the current was ripping which made it hard to fish. The gang stuck with it though and were rewarded with limits of fat rock fish and some Ling Cod. The tides are very extreme right now and it seems most of the fishing has been somewhat slow. It should turn around once the tides settle down in a few days.

8-30-19 It was another awesome day fishing for Albacore tuna. The fish are close and the run is relatively short. The morning started out a little foggy but then the sun came out and it was a beautiful day on a glass flat ocean. We caught plenty of tuna and everyone went home with big bags of fillets. We got some fish on live bait which is really fun. The highlight of the day was when a big Mako Shark came calling. It took one of our tuna and then half of another before we could bring the fish in. So we made up a quick rig, tied it to a Halibut rod and baited it with a piece of tuna. It was just seconds before the big shark (we estimated at 7 feet in length and several hundred pounds) took the bait. The fight was on....for about 10 seconds and then the shark bit through the rig and casually swam away.

8-29-19 We had a great day on the tuna grounds. We had one old salt plus four anglers that fish a lot but had never caught Albacore before. They got broke in right with some tuna going well over 25#.

8-9-19 It was a beautiful day on the tuna grounds with calm seas and warm temps. The fish started biting right away but slowed down for their afternoon siesta. It was a fun group and everyone had a good time visiting and just relaxing (and snacking). We sure have some wonderful people that come to fish with us. Thank you!

8-8-19 We started out the day fishing for Halibut in a different area from yesterday. We did not get any action so we made the decision early to switch to salmon. The salmon were biting and we finished up just short of limits for everyone. It was a fun group and we were all happy to see the rods bend when the salmon started biting. It sounds like a few halibut are around but the bite has been inconsistent. Tomorrow we are going to look for tuna.

8-7-19 The ocean was great today with flat seas and lots of life. We tried for halibut for most of the day but they just weren't biting for us. We ended up blasting (if you can call 15 knots blasting) to where the salmon bite was just in time for it to slow down there. We did manage a couple and missed a couple more before it was time to head for home.

8-6-19 Every day is different out on the ocean these days. We dropped in on a good looking spot this morning and within 20 minutes we had a nice King Salmon in the net. Then we didn't get another bite until after noon. Everyone stayed in good spirits though and were ready when the fish finally started to bite. It was steady action for a while and when it was time to home we were just two fish short of boat limits. The weather was pretty nice so all in all it was a good day.

8-5-19 Redemption! After the slow fishing yesterday it was great to be slinging fish over the rail again. The Bar crossing was a little bumpy but the ocean was very nice. There was only one other boat out as we began our search for fish. The salmon have been very deep the last few days but they were up today and one of the stern rods was the first to bounce. Then it got good as we had four bites in quick succession but only boated one of those fish. The fish came steady after that and by 10:30 we were fishing for the Captain's fish. It was limits for everyone aboard before noon. The grade was good and the fish ran from 7# up to 16#.

8-4-19 What a difference a day makes. We woke up this morning to an ocean that had come up considerably overnight. We ran to yesterday's halibut spot through sloppy conditions. The drift was not too bad but the fishing (catching) was horrible. We spent quite a bit of time drifting around looking for a biting Halibut to no avail. Eventually, we all cried "uncle" and picked up our gear and made our way to the salmon grounds. The report from there was that the bite was steady but slow. We put in and managed to pick up three King salmon (and a bonus Ling Cod) before it was time to head back in. One of the day's highlights was watching a large Mako shark jumping near the boat.A very rare sight here.

8-3-19 What a great day to be fishing off of Eureka. Besides a little fog the conditions were perfect. Without a lot of info we had to decide which way to turn when we left the Bay. We ran out to our first stop and dropped lines in. After no action for a while we went on the hunt. Spot number two was just like spot number one, no action. On to spot number three with the same results. So we were making the long run to the area where we had caught a small Halibut a couple of days ago when a friend announced a 50# fish in that area. We were on our way when another friend said he caught a 70# Halibut right where we started this morning. So we stopped there dropped in and hoped for the best. After a bit Lonnie hooked and landed our first Halibut of the day, a fat 50# fish. A little bit later he hooked a small fish and passed the rod off to another angler. Soon after that fish another angler hooked a real dandy that made a couple of strong runs back to the bottom but he stuck with it and we put it in the box. Shortly after that we put two more nice fish in the box for limits.

8-2-19 We had the same great group from North Carolina (mostly) that we had on board the day before yesterday. The decision was made to head to the Lost Coast for rockfish. The trip down was made in the fog but the seas were calm. The fish were biting as soon as we got there and the group proceeded to load the fish box. There was a nice variety of the usual suspects with Vermilion, Coppers and Chinas as well as Canary and Quillback rockfish. We did see a large group of whales near the Eel River Canyon but we kept our distance and did not disturb them.

8-1-19 It was another great day on the salmon grounds(unless you were a salmon). We started out with dense fog that would come and go. The ocean was glass flat and the air temp was nice and warm. The fishing started off slow but gradually picked up throughout the morning. Once the fish started to bite it was a fish every 15 minutes or so until we had everyone's limit at 11am. The quality was mixed with a few smaller fish and some real dandies. Big fish was a fat King salmon that tipped the scale at 19 1/2 #'s. There were several in the 15# range as well. Since it was still early and the gang REALLY wanted Pacific Halibut we ran a few miles offshore and gave it a try. There did not seem to be a lot of life out there but we managed to put one small Halibut in the box.

7-31-19 This was the kind of fishing day that we all dream about. The ocean was calm and the sun was up as we headed offshore to look for salmon. The fishing started off slow with a short bite here and then a Coho and then another short bite or Coho about 15 minutes apart. Then we landed a nice King. Soon we had another King and then another. Then we had a triple of Kings and got all three. It was bang, bang, bang and we had 13 fish in the box. We only needed one more to complete the Captains limit. We hooked another nice one that went into the net and so as the rest of the lines were being brought in we hooked one more but since we already had limits we let the nice 15# salmon swim free. A check on the clock showed that the gang had boated 14 salmon by 10:30 in the morning. That's the kind of fishing we dream about.

7-30-19 We started the day in dense fog looking for any kind of salmon sign. We spotted a couple of birds sitting on the water and put our lines in. The fishing started off slow. Luckily, we had a "ringer" on board and she boated the first fish of the day. It was a slow pick for a while and then the fish turned on. We had a hard time keeping up with the bite but managed to put some fish in the box. We released a couple of fish that would have made the minimum but would not have looked good in the fish box next to the bigger fish we were catching. As they say "all good things must come to an end" and so it was with the salmon bite. Our last fish was a little under twenty pounds and was a good one to quit on. We headed for home just one fish short of limits.

7-28-19 After taking a couple of days off we fished in the Bay today for California Halibut. We spent a good portion of our time early on looking for live bait (anchovies). We were unable to find enough to work on so we went prospecting with the bait that we already had. The first area that we tried did not produce anything. We moved to a second spot where Carolyn put the first fish in the box. Then it was a pretty steady pick until we had limits just before the clock struck noon. We heard that the salmon bite is beginning to pick up so we should have a report on that after Tuesday's trip.

7-26 and 7-27-19 We did not fish due to weather and a slow salmon bite. Hopefully, with a couple of days rest the salmon will show up again.

7-25-19 I don't know why but the Halibut bite in the Bay was better today. We fished most of the day but managed to get limits for everyone. The weather was nice and it never got too breezy. It was a great group and there were plenty of stories and good laughs.

7-24-19 We fished in the Bay for California Halibut. While the bite was not as good as last year we still managed to put some fish in the boat. It was a nice day with a great gang.

7-23-19 The salmon bite continues to be somewhat slow with a bright spot every now and then. We never could get them to go today and only had a few fish to show for our efforts. Hopefully, the wind that we should get over the next few days will shuffle the deck and get the salmon to move in where they belong.

7-22-19 We took a chance that the improving conditions yesterday would mean nice conditions at the rockfish grounds today. Well, it didn't work out that way. It was a nice ride most of the way but once we got located the wind was blowing pretty good. The good news was that the fish didn't seem to mind and it was mostly wide open fishing all morning. The grade was excellent with some big Vermilion and Coppers and some of the biggest Yellowtail that I have seen in a while. The Ling Cod were biting as well and it didn't take long before we were heading home with a brimming full fish box.

7-21-19 Things started out a little bumpy on the ocean but then settled down and turned into a nice day. We spent the day searching for salmon. We found an area with a few fish but only managed to pull out two keepers. There was a lot of action with coho and shakers but the bigger fish remained elusive.

7-18-19 No fishing today or tomorrow due to rough ocean conditions.

7-17-19 For once the weatherman was wrong and it worked in our favor. It was bumpy and breezy on the way out to the salmon grounds but as the day progressed the weather just kept getting nicer until it was t-shirt weather. While we enjoyed the calm conditions the salmon were not in much of a biting mood. We stuck it out and released some shorts and silvers and ended up with a little better than a fish a rod. The bright spot was a young lady from Ireland that figured things out quickly and went on to land her limit of keepers.

7-16-19 It was a somewhat arduous day on the salmon grounds for us. We spent most of the morning prospecting and by noon we did not have a keeper size fish to show for it. We finally got located and began to catch some fish. We ended the day only one fish shy of limits.

7-15-19 We made the run to the Lost Coast again for Ling Cod and rockfish. The rockfish were biting all day but it took the Lings a while to warm up to our lures. Once they did the gang boated limits in short order. Most of the Lings were nice, big ones.

7-14-19 What began as a salmon trip ended up as a trip to the Lost Coast for Ling Cod and rockfish. The salmon bite was dead slow this morning . It has been weird this year the way that there is excellent salmon fishing one day and slow fishing the next. The decision to go for rockfish turned out to be the right one. The ocean conditions were a little bumpy but the fishing was good with some big Ling Cod coming over the rail. By the end of the day everyone had limits of rockfish and Ling Cod.

7-13-19 The salmon showed up today. We had a nice family on the boat that got to reel in some nice, big King Salmon. We had some come unbuttoned early on but then we got into the rhythm and began to put some fish in the box. By the end of the day they had a pretty good haul of fillets to take home.

7-12-19 We had the same group today that caught "the skunk" yesterday. After giving it some thought we decided to start right where we started yesterday. (dumb, huh?) We had our first halibut on the line almost immediately. Bingo! Our hunch was right, the fish were here, they just weren't hungry yesterday. After that it was a slow, steady pick all day with a halibut every now and then with some big Petrale Sole in between. These were good fishermen and it showed. By the end of the day we had four halibut for five anglers. We lost three halibut, two came unbuttoned on the way up and the third was a Captains error with an overzealous drag setting. All in all it was much better than yesterday.

7-11-19 It was a long, slow day on the Halibut grounds. We caught some misc. fish but only one "possible" Halibut bite. Conditions were right but the halibut weren't in a biting mood.

7-10-19 It was foggy and the ocean was greasy calm when we arrived at our first fishing spot on the Lost Coast. As soon as baits hit the bottom it was "game on!" First fish was a 20# Ling Cod. The fish kept biting all morning and we only hit three spots to get limits of rockfish. It was a great crew with a couple of fun-loving youngsters that held their own at the rail and caught some really nice fish. They caught 12 different kinds of fish today.

7-9-19 It was very nice on the ocean today with low seas and not much wind. It tried to sprinkle once but that was the extent of it. The salmon fishing was not red hot but good enough with little flurries of action and dry spells in between. We almost had limits at the end of the day when the last fish we needed slipped out of the net and spit the hook. We hooked what we think was a Thresher Shark that caused pandemonium as it ripped from one side of the boat to the other before breaking the line. We never saw it. The fish were the best grade that we have had in two years. Lots of nice big ones.

7-8-19 The Bar was a little bumpy for our crossing this morning and the ocean was choppy and breezy at first but calmed down nicely after a bit. The salmon fishing was steady if not spectacular. We had plenty of opportunities but a lot of fish just refused to join us in the boat and managed to win their freedom. In spite of that we finished up just two fish short of our limits.

7-7-19 We stayed in the Bay today to fish for California Halibut. Whether it's the big tides or just a lack of fish we did not do much with only one short to show for our efforts. We still had some bait that lasted longer than our patience so we used it to catch some Ling Cod and rockfish.

7-6-19 We started off the morning trying for salmon but decided to run to the Rocks to catch some rockfish to at least get some meat on the boat. After getting some rockfish we went back on the hunt for salmon. We moved around a lot while we looked but only had one fish to show for our efforts. Then we stumbled onto a spot that was holding some fish and put a few more nice salmon in the box. We ended up with a fish per rod plus the rockfish so it wasn't too bad of a day at all.

7-5-19 It was a tough day out on the fishing grounds. We started off trying for Pacific Halibut offshore but after about an hour the wind and current were too strong to keep fishing. We pulled in the gear and switched over to salmon. We trolled in from the Halibut grounds and landed a nice King on a current break. We worked that area for a while with no more action other than a couple of Coho and shaker Kings. We ran into where the fleet was fishing and dropped in. We hooked and landed a nice big King. Then it got real slow. We hooked another nice fish that came unbuttoned and then landed one more keeper and called it quits for the day.

7-4-19 !!!HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! It was another great day on the Big Pond. The ocean was nice all day with pleasant temperatures and little wind. The fish were biting a little when we first dropped in but it took us a while to put anything in the fish box. We had three fish in the box when we hit a serious dry spell. We decided to look around some and eventually found some biters. Then it was only a matter of time before everyone had their limit of salmon and we were headed for home.

7-3-19 This morning was pretty much a repeat of yesterday morning. We dropped in on a red-hot salmon bite and started landing fish, singles, doubles.... lost a bunch but who cares? "It's wide open". Then the bite died. We were halfway to limits by then and everyone had lost a fish or two. We worked and worked and picked up a fish here and there but we also continued to lose some as well. We finally pulled the plug and ran in just one fish short of limits for everyone. The ocean was nicer than expected so it was a good day to be on the water.

7-2-19 We started off with a pretty good bite first thing in the morning. The problem was that the fish were just not sticking for us. We lost several fish right at the back of the boat and missed numerous bites. We were going through a tray of bait per fish landed. Then things quieted down and we began to land the fish we hooked. The fish were mostly pretty nice size. We stayed at it and eventually everyone got their limit of beautiful, bright salmon.

7-1-19 We had a small group on the boat today. The fishing started off a little on the slow side but everyone stuck with it and we had salmon limits before noon.

6-30-19 It was another nice day to be out on the ocean. The seas were flat calm and there was very little wind. The salmon fishing was just like the "good old days". We had steady action with a bite every 10 minutes or so. Lonnie caught his limit in five minutes after missing a couple of bites earlier. By 8:30 we were done with limits for everyone. The gang decided that the Captain needed a Birthday fish so after 10 more minutes of trolling they put the last fish in the box and we made our way back to the dock in time for breakfast.

6-29-19 The grade of salmon just keeps getting better and better. Today's catch was the best size that I have seen in the last two years. Beautiful, bright fish with brilliant red flesh. Great for a Fourth of July BBQ.

6-28-19 We were blessed with another flat calm ocean today. It was very foggy in the morning but the fog even