Fishing Reports

9-11-19 The ocean was a little bumpy all day but was plenty fishable. We never really found the motherload of tuna but we did end up with an OK score. The weather is up and down for the next week so we are playing it day to day. We have cancelled tomorrows trip.

9-10-19 We were back on the tuna chase again today. The ocean was a little swelly in the morning but glassed off nice later. The first thing we saw on the tuna grounds was a pod of Orcas. Good sign or bad, we didn't know. We put out the troll spread and had a couple of fish fairly quickly. The bite was steady until more boats showed up so we went looking around. We picked up a few more fish but it was pretty slow for a while. We ended up back where we started for a pretty good bite that helped us fill the fish box. Another good day tuna fishing.

9-9-19 We had another amazing day out on the tuna grounds. The bite was RED HOT!. At one point we could not get all of our troll gear in the water before we had another fish on. The group on the boat did a good job of bringing their fish to gaff. There was a little bit of swell but no wind. The fish are still very close to port so it is a quick run to the grounds.

9-8-19 If you were to create the perfect fishing day, today would be it. The weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies, calm wind, smooth seas and warm air. The tuna were up and biting in the morning and it was not long before we had a load of longfins on ice. We came in when everyone had all the Albacore they wanted.

9-7-19 The tuna really lit it up today. It started off a little slow but once we got located it was pretty much wide open all morning. The gang on the boat did a great job of landing their fish. It can get hectic when the bite is that good. We did not have any "peanuts" and some fish were around 25#. It's not that easy to reel in a tuna of that size. The fish bit on the troll and on live bait. To me fishing live anchovies for big Albacore is the most fun fishing we have around here. We had over 40 fish by just after noon.

9-6-19 It was a totally different day on the tuna grounds from yesterday. The ocean was calm for one thing. There were a lot of boats out. And the tuna bit a little bit better. In fact, we doubled yesterday's score, and in less time. We saw some jumpers (feeding tuna that come out of the water) and lots of bird life. We got a little action on live bait. It was a good day to be offshore with a great gang.

9-5-19 The weather was pretty tough out on the tuna grounds today. The fishing was tough as well. It was a slow pick with a bite every hour or so and those were mostly singles. It looks like the fish are still there but were not "up" today. We left the lines in for a while on the way back in while filleting the catch and we picked up a nice double that way. We had some fish boil on our chum at one point and we did get a fish on bait. It would have been hard to use bait most of the morning with the wind blowing the way it was. We ended the day in double digits in spite of the slow fishing.

9-4-19 The tuna are close and they're BITING. We caught over 30 tuna today. We had a meeting at the dock and decided to give it a look even though the weather at the buoy was showing wind and big seas. It wasn't the calmest ocean but we were glad we went. The bite started a little slow but then it picked up and we were getting multiple hookups per stop. It's pretty exciting when five reels are all screaming at the same time. It looks like the weather will be good for a few days so we should be back after tuna.

9-3-19 We did a little rock fish fishing on the Lost Coast today. We had a colorful box of rock fish(limits) and just over a Ling Cod per angler. The current was a little better than it has been recently but it still needs to ease up a little more to have perfect fishing conditions.

9-2-19 We finished up the 2019 salmon season in style with limits. It was a little frustrating at times since a lot of fish were short biters and would not stay hooked. Then we lost one to a sea lion. The grade wasn't that great for the most part but we did manage one that went nearly 20#. We were happy to get our fish and now it's on to Halibut, Tuna and Rock fish.

9-1-19 There was a slight breeze most of the day on the tuna grounds and some fog on the ride home but otherwise the weather could not have been nicer. While it was not a wide open bite, the fishing was steady all day. There were some pretty small albacore in the mix but there were a few real nice ones as well. By the end of the day we had a real nice box of fish. It was a great group of regulars and they helped make things go smoothly all day.

8-31-19 We finished off August with a trip to the Lost Coast for rock fish. The fish were biting pretty good but the current was ripping which made it hard to fish. The gang stuck with it though and were rewarded with limits of fat rock fish and some Ling Cod. The tides are very extreme right now and it seems most of the fishing has been somewhat slow. It should turn around once the tides settle down in a few days.

8-30-19 It was another awesome day fishing for Albacore tuna. The fish are close and the run is relatively short. The morning started out a little foggy but then the sun came out and it was a beautiful day on a glass flat ocean. We caught plenty of tuna and everyone went home with big bags of fillets. We got some fish on live bait which is really fun. The highlight of the day was when a big Mako Shark came calling. It took one of our tuna and then half of another before we could bring the fish in. So we made up a quick rig, tied it to a Halibut rod and baited it with a piece of tuna. It was just seconds before the big shark (we estimated at 7 feet in length and several hundred pounds) took the bait. The fight was on....for about 10 seconds and then the shark bit through the rig and casually swam away.

8-29-19 We had a great day on the tuna grounds. We had one old salt plus four anglers that fish a lot but had never caught Albacore before. They got broke in right with some tuna going well over 25#. T