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Big Rockfish sure looks like it's going to be a great season for rockfish!

Thanks Rich for pulling in a nice Vermillion to start the season! 5-15-16

Good job on that Lingcod John plus big smiles from Lonnie!! 6-1-16

This is the first Tiger Rockfish we've caught at the Cape. Pretty Cool!! 6-9-16

Here's another Tiger!! Fun stuff... 6-10-16

Father and son fishing trip! 7-9-16

Looks like a heavy fish! 7-9-16

Great picture.. 7-8-16

Now that's a FISH!! 38# Lingcod.... Good going Frank! 7-9-16

Triplets!! Nice Lingcod plus they got limits of rockfish and some salmon. Good day of fishing!! 7-21-16

Boy, the lings really have been biting! They are kind of ugly but sure good eating!! Great job John, Dee and Lonnie. 8-21-16

Nice one Al. But the next pic shows that they caught up with you. 6-20-15

All worked hard with some tough seas to start with..but it ended well and they scored..big time. Great gang!'s a guy that loves his fish!! Good job Bill on that big ling! 6-27-15

Here's a great shot at the Cape with Nick, Lonnie and Dee. What a pretty place. 6-28-15

There's a pair!! 7-4-15

That's a pretty fish..Ling Cod...I see fish tacos coming! 7-4-15

Now that's a box of fish!! 7-6-15

Ryan and Nicole...nice color on that fish! 8-26-15

Nicole with her "BIG" Ling Cod... 8-26-15

Here's Dee picking up a nice Ling!! 9-17-15

2 of 4 7-5-08

3 of 4 7-5-08 He looks like he's having fishing....isn't it great!

4 of 4 7-5-08 Day ended with a great box of fish....Thanks for visiting Eureka and fishing with us!

8-8-08 Nice Family visiting the USA from Belgium with a big Ling Cod caught at the Cape

8-8-08 At the dock with the Belgium Family and our friends John & John and a beautiful box of fish

8-5-08 And all the way from Texas.... "Laurie"... - First time catching ocean fish (she's hooked)