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2010 Halibut Season

This is a good sign....should be a great season 5-8-10

Andy with a nice one....This trip was a graduation gift from his Grandparents 5-14-10

Here they are back at the dock with the total catch of the day and some nice memories with the Grandparents 5-14-10

Good Job Fred..not as big as last year but it's still a nice one 5-18-10

Here's a couple of nice ones!! 6-5-10

Halibut and Rockfish...going to be some good eating at your house. 6-24-10

Nice limits of Halibut (and rockfish) 7-8-10

Here's half of the "A" Team (see pic below) Good Job on the Limits 7-25-10

Here's the other half of the "A" Team 7-25-10

Fished for Salmon on 8-26-10 and now they scored on the Pacific Halibut. Thanks for coming up and visiting from So California!! 8-28-10