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Salmon Photos
What a GREAT way to start the salmon season. Ocean conditions not the best but they pulled it off in short order. We are very excited!!

Here's the gang from today! Jo, on the right got the party started with the first salmon of the year! 5-16-16

Here's Jo...the party starter!! 5-16-16

So, the ocean was supposed to be nice. A little chunky but these guys pulled it off. Great gang. 5-21-16

That's a nice catch!! 5-22-16

Just look at that beautiful ocean..salmon is pretty darn good looking, too! 5-23-16

And another nice Salmon!! 5-23-16

23 lbs...I think she's happy!! 5-30-16

Nice one Shawn! 5-31-16

She's happy with that one! 6-19-16

Salmon fishing with a really great family! 6-24-16

Here's the other half of that great family! 6-24-16

And they were done by 8:00 am!! 7-18-16

Nice grade of fish, too! 7-18-16

Shoot...the salmon cleaned themselves before I could get a picture! Great day with Great people. 7-25-16

The Fish Hawg took a day off and helped score limits! What a great day..7-26-16

Great gang today. They had fun pulling in fish they don't get to see in Kansas! 8-8-16

Just to help celebrate Nick's birthday, Jo thought she'd catch a nice one too!! 8-26-15

Not be be left out..Ryan and Nicole with their salmon..we won't say who caught the biggest or the most. What happens on the boat stays on the boat. 8-26-15

Here's one more picture of the day. Also, a couple under Halibut!! 7-5-14

A few scales on his shirt won't hurt a thing!! Nice one..good job, 7-12-14

Another nice one!! And another job well done. 7-12-14

Nice Fish....Nice Ocean!! 7-11-14

Hey Al...that's a nice salmon and a great smile!! 7-30-14

Here's Dee today...that really is a nice fish. 7-22-13

Come on guys...lift those fish!! 8-5-14

What a fun gang!! They had a great catch plus lots of laughs. 8-8-14

Here's a beautiful fish!! 8-10-14

Lonnie pulled it off..even with a bit of a slop!! 8-10-14

This guys never quits least while he's fishing. 8-21-14

We now call him the Fish Hawg!! 9-1-14

Another great salmon season!! Some longer days but some really nice salmon. Thanks everyone for a great Salmon Season!!