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Salmon Photos
Finally some salmon. Great to see a family out fishing together. She is one good fisher gal and a pleasure to have on the boat. She left a message for Tim. See the next photo. That's why we love what we do.

Best thank you ever! 7-10-20

Now we're talking salmon..been waiting for this kind of bite! 8-7-18

That's a nice catch!! 5-22-16

Just look at that beautiful ocean..salmon is pretty darn good looking, too! 5-23-16

And another nice Salmon!! 5-23-16

23 lbs...I think she's happy!! 5-30-16

Nice one Shawn! 5-31-16

She's happy with that one! 6-19-16

Salmon fishing with a really great family! 6-24-16

Here's the other half of that great family! 6-24-16

And they were done by 8:00 am!! 7-18-16

Nice grade of fish, too! 7-18-16

Shoot...the salmon cleaned themselves before I could get a picture! Great day with Great people. 7-25-16

The Fish Hawg took a day off and helped score limits! What a great day..7-26-16

Great gang today. They had fun pulling in fish they don't get to see in Kansas! 8-8-16

Just to help celebrate Nick's birthday, Jo thought she'd catch a nice one too!! 8-26-15

Not be be left out..Ryan and Nicole with their salmon..we won't say who caught the biggest or the most. What happens on the boat stays on the boat. 8-26-15

Here's one more picture of the day. Also, a couple under Halibut!! 7-5-14

A few scales on his shirt won't hurt a thing!! Nice one..good job, 7-12-14

Another nice one!! And another job well done. 7-12-14

Nice Fish....Nice Ocean!! 7-11-14

Hey Al...that's a nice salmon and a great smile!! 7-30-14

Here's Dee today...that really is a nice fish. 7-22-13

Come on guys...lift those fish!! 8-5-14

What a fun gang!! They had a great catch plus lots of laughs. 8-8-14

Here's a beautiful fish!! 8-10-14

Lonnie pulled it off..even with a bit of a slop!! 8-10-14

This guys never quits least while he's fishing. 8-21-14

We now call him the Fish Hawg!! 9-1-14

Another great salmon season!! Some longer days but some really nice salmon. Thanks everyone for a great Salmon Season!!