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Halibut Photos
They braved not the best of ocean conditions but they put three halibut in the box. Great way to start off the season!!

Thanks to the crew today for putting three Halibut in the boat. Good job, Lonnie (Fish Hawg), Don, Nick, Jo and Rich!

Really nice to be on the ocean again. With Good weather! This gang did a great job getting their 4 halibut but really wanted to stay and get a Captain's fish. They did. Great day! 5-27-17

Now here's a couple of nice halibut...52 lbs and 36 lbs. Nice ocean too!! 6-1-17

Nice catch everyone! 6-9-17

Dang it!! It wasn't halibut season so he was let go, but we'll be back! 6-25-17

Limits for 6!! But it took two to hold up one! Good job! 7-6-17

Well, who caught the fish! It was Frank..Lonnie helping with the photo! 7-7-17

Here's Nick with the Ice Breaker!! 7-7-17

Here' Frank holding his own fish! It was a nice one. 7-7-17

Lots of smiles today!! Here's Bob with a beauty..I think he's a happy guy! It's almost as tall as him! 9-15-16

Here's the rest of the gang with smiles today! What a catch..good job! 9-15-16

Here's the big fish of the day! You know it's big when they have to have two to hold it up! 9-15-16

Father's and Son's fishing together is a nice thing (even a fish for Captain Tim) 8-5-11

Good job bringing one in all by yourself Tom!! (Love seeing kids fishing) 8-6-11

If you read the can see why the happy faces. Only thing left to be's do it again!! 8-12-11

Lonnie hopes he'll get a couple more chances this month. This one looked bigger than 44# but he's always happy with what he gets. That's also one nice ocean..10-8-11

The firefighters at the dock with a great catch of Halibut 7-16-08

Lucky John caught this nice Pacific Halibut at Cape Mendocino 8-8-08

He was hoping for Halibut...see next photo, they got em! 9-10-08

Nice catch guys!! 9-10-08

Pacific Halibut AND Humboldt Squid 9-28-08 See another squid picture under Misc.

Nice 40# er Dave..We hope not last one of the season!! 10-17-08

Nice Pacific Halibut Lonnie! The last of the 2008 season.

Nice Halibuts!! 30# & 43# 5-10-09

Nice Trio Guys! 5-31-09

Check out these Ocean Conditions plus FISH......can't get much better

Almost Twins! Not the guys...the fish!! Thanks Suzie for getting these guys on the boat 6-3-09

Now that's a Halibut!!! Caught by Fred Kramer from Cloverdale, been a long time since I've seen someone that excited..that's what it's all about!

It's such a nice fish, worthy of a second photo.......98.5# ....6-5-09