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Halibut Photos
It's Halibut time!

Good to see some nice halibut coming over the rails!! 7-7-22

Father and Son catching a couple of nice halibut! 7-28-22

Thanks Cliff for sharing an action picture! Tim really does work hard out there!! 7-31-22

And she got it! Good job! 6-16-21

Her first halibut! I think she looks happy!! 6-24-21 I hope I can rotate the pic but you see she is happy.

Of course Lonnie got a nice one on the last day. He looks surprised! 6-30-21

Captain is probably saying REEL REEL REEL! 6-24-21

Fish is almost as big as he is!! 6-24-21

Good to be back on the Halibut grounds! They did a great job today as you can see by the smiles! 7-5-18

She's been wanting to catch a Pacific's her first! Good job Rusty! 7-6-18

What a great gang and what a great catch! Fish for everyone! 7-7-18

Here's Tom giving Robin some encouragment! Fun day!! 7-7-18

Another great day with kids on the boat. Good job Harper and Delilah! 7-15-18

Every kid needs a nice uncle to take him fishing!! Good going you guys! 7-27-18

Nice to have something fun to do when the ocean is too rough! 7-21-18

Good way to end the August Halibut season!! Great job Van and gang on the 50# and 60#. got rockfish too! Nice job guys. 8-15-18

Nice going guys!! Glad the day worked out! 8-18-18

Good Memories made today! 8-11-18

These two guys had a good time today! 8-19-18

Birthday with friends..that's the best thing! 8-26-18

When the ocean kicks up it's nice to be able to do bay fishing...they agreed! 9-2-18

It's the FISH HAWG!! 9-9-18

Good job today.....Captain gives it 4 thumbs up!! 9-10-18

Nice Halibuts!! 30# & 43# 5-10-09

Nice Trio Guys! 5-31-09

Check out these Ocean Conditions plus FISH......can't get much better

Almost Twins! Not the guys...the fish!! Thanks Suzie for getting these guys on the boat 6-3-09

Now that's a Halibut!!! Caught by Fred Kramer from Cloverdale, been a long time since I've seen someone that excited..that's what it's all about!

It's such a nice fish, worthy of a second photo.......98.5# ....6-5-09